Status: Eliminated
Artist: Andromache
Song: Ela
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 2
CYPRUS! AMAZING SONG OMGGGG please qualify, this is so powerful and amazing and aaaaaaaa great singing, great staging, great backing dancers omggggggggggg #eurovision
Perfection! Nice song, great singer and really beautiful concept! Go #cyprus #Eurovision
Observing diplomatic etiquette we are rooting for our home country Cyprus & our two countries of accreditation Finland Estonia in tonight's #Eurovision semifinal. We are cheering for #Cyprus, #Finland & #Estonia! Good luck to all contestants Enjoy the show! @Eurovision #Eurovision2
I LOVED that performance omg the visuals were so beautifulll Love #CYP #Eurovision
#eurovision #cyp beautiful performance which compliments the song, hoping it qualifies
Ok. Cyprus should win and that's it. Best song so far. Performance, strong beats and they got a THEME. #CYP #Eurovision
My Eurovision 2022 Semi-Final 2 Top 10 Australia Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Finland Ireland Poland Romania San Marino Good luck to everyone #Eurovision
malta - i am what i am cyprus - ela czech republic - lights off ireland - that's rich please qualify for the final and i'm happy #Eurovision
My top ten, in no particular order: San Marino Estonia Romania Poland Serbia Sweden Israel Cyprus Georgia Australia Good luck! #Eurovision
Enjoying #CYP, #AUS and the other super acts on tonight's #Eurovision2022 semi final? Share your favourite songs and predictions with us for our big 'Countdown to Eurovision' live show on Saturday. We'd really appreciate your entries
Andromache from Cyprus is so beautiful!!!! But her vocals were not good tonight still like the song though #EUROVISION #ESC2022 Cyprus
Love Cyprus's Botticelli staging but the vocals here are less than a masterpiece #Eurovision
not a big fan of the song but both the stage and she herself looks SO gorgeous! #cyp #Eurovision
Loved that Cyprus slightly deviated from their usual formula and sent this subdued but still sexy number. Go, Cyprus Love #Eurovision #ESC2022
The nice thing about performing for #CYP must be knowing that, whilst Greece can vote, you'll never get 'nul points'. Perfectly innocuous song. Next. #Eurovision
CYPRUS: Good to see Cyprus trying something other than a dance banger. The fountain at the front of the stage definitely helps the beach vibes of the rest of the staging. #Eurovision #ESC2022
Vas-y Jeremie!! Belgium Love My other favourites in this 2nd half final are: Finland, Serbia, Cyprus, North-Macedonia and Czech Republic. Who are you rooting for? #Eurovision #ESC2022
Que cuqui Love Love Love que bonito le ha quedado a Chipre Bravo!!!! Bravisimo esos efectos al final le quedo increible #Eurovision
#Eurovision Cyprus: Is she out of tune too? Is it something up with the sound desk? Nice dresses and lights; not amazing tune.
#Cyp totally having that Mother Earth, Mother Mary rise to the top, Divine feminine, I'm feminine vibe, pretty charming #eurovision #eurovision2022 #evrovizija #cyprus
My Top 5: 1. Ivory Coast Ireland (That's Rich - Brooke) 2. Cyprus (Ela - Andromache) 3. North Macedonia (Circles - Andrea) 4. Malta (I Am What I Am - Emma Muscat) 5. Czech Republic (Lights off - We Are Domi) (i'm a brooke defender/simp and a chanel simp) #EUROVISION
Good luck #Cyprus Cyprus #Eurovision
! Good Luck Cyprus! #EUROVISION #Foustanela #CYR
Sweden and Serbia are definitely my clear top 2. Ireland and Cyprus getting through would be nice too #Eurovision
Haven't seen them all, so going by the clips, here's five: Georgia sounds great San Marino for the bucking bronco Australia for the great headgear Ireland, obvs Sweden is pretty good Cyprus' entry should have been a Stath Lets Flats song. #EUROVISION
Starting my second viewing of the #Eurovision 2nd Semi-Final today, after watching the full show this afternoon! Go Ireland Malta Good luck all Finland Israel Serbia Azerbaijan Georgia Malta San Marino Australia Cyprus Ireland North Macedonia Estonia Romania Poland Montenegro Belgium Sweden Czech Re
#CYP Cyprus with the right mix of folk and pop + Greek is one of the most musically pleasant languages in Europe Love #Eurovision
#Eurovision #bbcEurovision #cyprus #cyp The set looks like that dancing clock in "Beauty & The Beast"? "Be My Guest" was a better song as well
Good Luck Andromachi Go Cyprus #eurovisiongr #eurovisioncy #Eurovision Cyprus
Cyprus a rare above mid tempo female Solo for this contest. A combination of English and Greek vocal with a pleasing flow and rise to a relatively big finish. Would hope to see it qualify for the final #Eurovision #cyp
Good luck Cyprus #Eurovision #EUROVISION #eurovisiongr #ESC2022 #Foustanela
Cyprus Quite a good song, I like it. Staging isn't the best though #CYP #Eurovision
#Eurovision Cyprus good although not very catchy
#Eurovision #ESC2022 #Cyprus: Andromache - Ela Oh dear, vocally... that was not a good start all. The song still rocks for me, but in such a strong line up, I am fearful of its chances. The birth of Aphrodite may only last one night, I fear...
Good luck Cyprus Cyprus #Eurovision #ESC2022 #eurovisioncy #Andromache #Cyprus
Cyprus is good at making catchy choruses. #Eurovision
Second Semi Final! Good luck Cyprus! Cyprus #Eurovision #eurovisiongr #ESC2022
Good Luck #CYP Cyprus #Eurovision #ESC22 #eurovisioncy
#Eurovision #eurovisiongr #EUROVISIONGR # Go #Cyprus good luck
In no particular order #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 Sweden Poland Romania Estonia Serbia Malta Ireland Czech R Czech Republic Azerbaijan Cyprus Good luck!
Chipre sentimientos encontrados : puesta en escena genial ( el agua le da el toque Love ) pero la voz #Eurovision
Bueno, mi top de la 2 semi de #ESC2022: 1. Suecia 2. Serbia 3. Australia 4. Rumania 5. Chipre 6. Irlanda 7. Republica Checa 8. Finlandia 9. Georgia 10. Malta 11. Azerbaiyan 12. Israel 13. Montenegro 14. Polonia 15. Estonia 16. Belgica 17. San Marino 18. Macedonia
Good evening Europe ! My top 10 for @Eurovision Second Semi-Final (in running order): Finland Israel Malta Australia Cyprus North Macedonia Estonia Poland Montenegro Sweden #ESC2022
I liked last years Cyprus song way more, El Diablo was my life last year so maybe thats why this year I'm not that impressed I guess #Eurovision
And who I think will actually qualify lol: Finland Serbia Azerbaijan San Marino Australia Cyprus Ireland Romania Poland Sweden #eurovision
Edward maya mood #cyprus my favourite Love #ESC2022 #EscIta #Eurovision
#Eurovision oye pues Chipre me ha encantado. Muy bien aprovechado el escenario con la puesta en escena y ella genial.
boootiful song and extremely well staged, love Cyprus this year, pls qualify #eurovision
La ragazza di Cipro e stra figa ma non ha preso mezza nota, la amo. #Eurovision
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