Status: Eliminated
Artist: Mia Dimsic
Song: Guilty Pleasure
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Twitter: @miadimsic
Instagram: @miadimsic
first impressions: Netherlands, oooUUUooUuu ahhhhAH 4/10, Moldova, fun af, good vibes 7/10 Portugal, moody M83 vibes but not a winner 6/10 Croatia, uplifting and lovely! 8/10 Denmark, generic good vibes 6/10 #Eurovision
Ukraine Norway Albania Latvia The Netherlands Moldova Croatia Denmark Austria Lithuania Portugal Greece Armenia Iceland Switzerland Slovenia Bulgaria My guess for Semi Final 1. Good luck to all. It was brilliant United Kingdom #EUROVISION #Eurovision20
Cowboy or cowgirl romance is one of my most favourite novels to read as a guilty pleasure, so I'm really feeling Iceland, love how relaxed it is. #Eurovision
It's a sweet performance, love the touch of Croatian at the end, she had a few mishaps during her rehearsals so it's great to see her enjoying this time. #Eurovision - Nigel
Croatia I love this th lyrics the lady singing her voice the beat its her language with some English in aswell its brill well Don hope she goes through #EUROVISION #ESC2022 #CRO
Yes, this is my #guiltypleasure of this year's #eurovision I will try my best to enjoy the performance as it will most likely be the only performance #croatia will have in this contest. Love
Croatia: Wow!! What a grab for Croatia!! Taylor Swift with dark hair and some dancers in the background. Add Croatian and there we go. It's a good song but the similarities are just there to be seen #eurovision #sbseurovision
i thought i was the only one who got some taylor vibes here, i'm glad i'm not alone Love this song is so sweet, good for croatia #Eurovision
Okay. The #Armenia song is great. Better than the Croatian Taylor swift. Ima say she's the Armenian KT Tunstall #Eurovision
Croatia is nice Taylor inspired Love #Eurovision
croatia gives me big t swift folklore vibes, not the best but it's pretty cute actually #Eurovision
My list of qualifiers which is a mixture of popular opinion & realistic optimism, meaning I may like it but the rest of Europe may not & hence it doesn't make the top 10. Bulgaria Croatia Greece Latvia Lithuania Moldova Netherlands Norway Slovenia Ukraine #Eurovision #ESC2022
Petit coup de coeur pour la #Croatie avec ce titre tres inspire de Taylor Swift. Peu original mais ca fonctionne a 100% sur moi Love #Eurovision
#Eurovision for me the best Iceland,Ukraine, Lithuania and Croatia for my wife, Latvia, Iceland, Greece and Norway both of us like Portugal's entry this time around. It sounded much better and the new chorus works great now
Croatia to win beautiful song #EUROVISION
Lots of good songs today especially love Armenia, Croatia, Denmark, Bulgaria and Iceland my favs tonight but I like others too there who I can remember #Eurovision #ESC2022
Croatia one of the best I heard tonight and I love her dress so true queen! Croatia #ESCita #ESC2022
At least we're gonna win the best dressed of the night! #Croatia #Eurovision #elfs
Pretty much exactly what I expected, delighted almost all my faves got through!! Thanks #SBSEurovision see you 3am Friday morning! Will have to play Croatia's song more since they didn't make it through #EUROVISION
croatia Croatia next, but first this lovely song from portugal, her voice is amazing #eurovision
I love her voice! I really hope croatia will qualify. #Eurovision
The winner of the Barbara Dex Award #croatia #Eurovision
#EUROVISION Croatia you better save that tax money because this ain't good. Who let Rapunzel out that damn tower
croatia and denmark not qualifying is a joke , they were so good #Eurovision
This surprised me with how beautiful it was Love #cro #Eurovision
Another enjoyable song to listen to! Not a favorite but a good song! #CRO #Eurovision
Croatian singer's inspiration is Taylor Swift and you can hear that, I love it! #Eurovision
Oooh, ik ben fan van Kroatie Love #Eurovision #CRO
Croatia is my favourite so far tonight!! But that amazing dress might influence me #Eurovision #Cro
The First Semi-Final starts NOW! Good luck to all the 17 competing countries Albania Latvia Lithuania Switzerland Slovenia Ukraine Bulgaria The Netherlands Moldova Portugal Croatia Denmark Austria Iceland Greece Norway Armenia #Eurovision | #TheSoundOfBeauty
I love Croatia's song it's gorgeous #EUROVISION #Croatia #ESC2022
Mia was so good and her dress was too pretty!!! And the croatian part of the song was the best #Eurovision
#Croatia #COR ~ I love her dress! She has a lovely voice! I enjoyed this performance! #Eurovision @Eurovision @bbceurovision
Sretno Mia ! Good luck Croatia! #Eurovision
Finally a good song #CROATIA Love #Eurovision
Good luck Croatia #CRO #EUROVISION
I would like to thank Croatia for the sexy barefoot male dancers #eurovision
ok i love croatia , best one so far #Eurovision @bbceurovision
This Moldova song is the best!!!! Its made perfectly to the Croatian Kolo!! #Eurovision
bravo taylor swift #Eurovision #cro
Done watching all 17 performances tonight. I love all the songs but here is my TOP 10 qualifiers (without anyone asking) Ukraine Norway Denmark Croatia Austria Moldova Slovenia Iceland The Netherlands Armenia #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022 #Eurovision
LMAOOOOO pero si esta cancion es del evermore de taylor swift que me estais contando hahjsgdvghsdfhksdfh #Eurovision #ESC2022 #cro
croatia armenia and ukraine please make it to the grand final that's all i care about #Eurovision
#Eurovision Croatia is a really good song Im surprised people think albania should qualify over this.
There have been some surprisingly sensible and sturdy examples of footwear so far. Would contemplate running away with #Croatia #Eurovision and her nice boots. Quite like the song too.
I love the storytelling. I love her dress. The lyrics really come in and touch me. Relatable feelings. #CRO #Eurovision #TheSoundOfBeauty
hold on this performance is kinda cute and mia sounds so good, also croatian part!!! #Eurovision
YAAAAAAAY!!! SHE'S SINGING IN CROATIAN!!! Love I thought it was going to be the entirely English version! Croatia #Eurovision
Croatia #CRO improved a lot from DORA 2022. Singing in Croatian is a clever move. And the Croatian dancer OMG SO HOT. Border qualifier? #Eurovision
Actual genuine lovely more extra points to Croatia to switching to Croatian at the end. Eurovision is saturated enough with constant entries in English. #CRO #eurovision
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