Status: Eliminated
Artist: Mia Dimsic
Song: Guilty Pleasure
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Twitter: @miadimsic
Instagram: @miadimsic
i thought i was the only one who got some taylor vibes here, i'm glad i'm not alone Love this song is so sweet, good for croatia #Eurovision
Croatia I love this th lyrics the lady singing her voice the beat its her language with some English in aswell its brill well Don hope she goes through #EUROVISION #ESC2022 #CRO
Yes, this is my #guiltypleasure of this year's #eurovision I will try my best to enjoy the performance as it will most likely be the only performance #croatia will have in this contest. Love
Croatia is nice Taylor inspired Love #Eurovision
croatia gives me big t swift folklore vibes, not the best but it's pretty cute actually #Eurovision
#Croatia #COR ~ I love her dress! She has a lovely voice! I enjoyed this performance! #Eurovision @Eurovision @bbceurovision
Petit coup de coeur pour la #Croatie avec ce titre tres inspire de Taylor Swift. Peu original mais ca fonctionne a 100% sur moi Love #Eurovision
It's a sweet performance, love the touch of Croatian at the end, she had a few mishaps during her rehearsals so it's great to see her enjoying this time. #Eurovision - Nigel
Croatia to win beautiful song #EUROVISION
Croatia_hr: Mia Dimsic: Kulen is my Guilty pleasure"! Have you triedKulen? This Slavonian delicacy is enjoyed across Croatia and is a favourite food ofMia Dimsic! Don't forget to vote for Mia and Croatia in tonight's Eurovision semi-final! #EUROVISION
Croatia one of the best I heard tonight and I love her dress so true queen! Croatia #ESCita #ESC2022
At least we're gonna win the best dressed of the night! #Croatia #Eurovision #elfs
There have been some surprisingly sensible and sturdy examples of footwear so far. Would contemplate running away with #Croatia #Eurovision and her nice boots. Quite like the song too.
Pretty much exactly what I expected, delighted almost all my faves got through!! Thanks #SBSEurovision see you 3am Friday morning! Will have to play Croatia's song more since they didn't make it through #EUROVISION
Croatia: Wow!! What a grab for Croatia!! Taylor Swift with dark hair and some dancers in the background. Add Croatian and there we go. It's a good song but the similarities are just there to be seen #eurovision #sbseurovision
I would like to thank Croatia for the sexy barefoot male dancers #eurovision
I love her voice! I really hope croatia will qualify. #Eurovision
The winner of the Barbara Dex Award #croatia #Eurovision
This surprised me with how beautiful it was Love #cro #Eurovision
Croatia this song is nothing to be a guilty pleasure about as it's a fine one in its own right. It's flows pleasingly, with a lovely vocal, and one which deserves to reach the final, but possibly won't Feel like the singer is also overdressed #Eurovision #cro
Croatian singer's inspiration is Taylor Swift and you can hear that, I love it! #Eurovision
#Eurovision Croatia 8/10. I like how sweet but not too sugary this song is. It's just quite cheery but subtle with it. Definitely is a guilty pleasure
Oooh, ik ben fan van Kroatie Love #Eurovision #CRO
Croatia is my favourite so far tonight!! But that amazing dress might influence me #Eurovision #Cro
I love Croatia's song it's gorgeous #EUROVISION #Croatia #ESC2022
Mia was so good and her dress was too pretty!!! And the croatian part of the song was the best #Eurovision
#EUROVISION Croatia's song is very good. I understand the Taylor Swift comparison but plagiarism seems far fetched (in my opinion). I like it and she has a good voice, so! 7/10
Sretno Mia ! Good luck Croatia! #Eurovision
Finally a good song #CROATIA Love #Eurovision
Good luck Croatia #CRO #EUROVISION
ok i love croatia , best one so far #Eurovision @bbceurovision
bravo taylor swift #Eurovision #cro
croatia is giving rejected taylor swift song rn, which is to say i don't hate it but it could be better and more complex #Eurovision
#EUROVISION my Guilty Pleasure has always been you. Keep the fun and music alive!!
Croatia - Lovely voice, sweet song and she is rocking that outfit. #Eurovision
Croatia out yesssssss!!!!! Brilliant news x #Eurovision
Yay Croatian Love #CRO #Eurovision
Really liking this. Just not sure about the dancing to it. On the other hand, nice to see Joe Lycett feature as a dancer for Croatia. #Eurovision #Cro #bbceurovision
Chorwacja cute mega i fajna spokojna muzyczka Love 3 #Eurovision
Cmon Croatia, love this song. Europe's Taylor Swift #Eurovision
Do you reckon she's a fan of Taylor Swift? #Eurovision #Croatia #CRO
It's like Avril Lavigne infiltrated #Croatia - fabulous dress/boots combo though. #Eurovision
Croatia's song. her dress. I feel like I am in Euphoria in front of Fez trying to protect someone. i like the vibes of this song. #Eurovision
Not the winner but I like this vibe #CRO #EUROVISION
croatia is sooo taylor swift vibes jsjsjsjs i love it #Eurovision
I love the storytelling. I love her dress. The lyrics really come in and touch me. Relatable feelings. #CRO #Eurovision #TheSoundOfBeauty
hold on this performance is kinda cute and mia sounds so good, also croatian part!!! #Eurovision
please vote for Croatia tonight vote song 11 Love #EUROVISION
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