Status: Eliminated
Artist: Intelligent Music Project
Song: Intention
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
#EUROVISION #bbceurovision #bulgaria #bul Excellent guitar intro... high hopes... then the bandy-legged unwashed singer fired up... good for Bulgarian summer fetes whilst the judges decide "Best Marrow"...
Remember when Bulgaria was sending amazing songs that were closing to winning ? #BUL Bulgaria #EUROVISION
Would have been nice to see Bulgaria go through, but beyond that it's not a bad selection with quite a few pleasant surprises. For once! #Eurovision
#EUROVISION Bulgaria bringing in the (soft) rock this year. The beat is great but the singing itself is not enough and sounds more like lower case yelling. Not my cup of tea but has a couple good parts. 4,5/10
Bulgaria and the happy grunge rock and roll feeling from the 90s #EUROVISION Damn it.. i got to drive to work and no longer will be commenting this fabulous event
Bulgaria may not have a good song but that guitar solo is awesome, idgaf #Eurovision
Vote bulgaria for clear skin and better luck #Eurovision @bg_eurovision
we just can appreciate the bulgarian delegation tried their best to save this song at least... #Eurovision
Just tuned into the Eurovision @Mulliganj The Bulgarian band intelligent Music Project were just amazing Love #Belguim #Eurovision
Love Bulgaria! Amazing! #BUL #Eurovision
intelligent music project even looking hot af as projections Love #eurovision
Didn't hate that one tbf nice one Bulgaria #Eurovision
Hi Bulgaria, why did we get Ronnie Romero to be the lead vocalist? #Eurovision anyways, good song, so good luck
Bueno, Bulgaria al menos ha exprimido al maximo lo que podian presentar en el escenario de #Eurovision. Kudos a eso.
#Eurovision #Bulgaria #BUL Every year they are Fav with no doubt! But, why couldn't they become a winner? I didn't like their song, yeah metal is not my type when they pretend they are a pop group. No, a pop song I meant, but a metal group plays.
Mps still debating in the chamber. Don't they know its eurovision week. Queen speech was nice but people should go home. Anyway I hope Bulgaria do well. #Eurovision
Great presentation from Bulgaria. If only they spent the same effort on their song! Still my roughie pick to qualify though. #Eurovision
Bulgaria is maneskin but 40 years later However i like the song, good performance Might qualify who knows #Eurovision
bulgaria: how many iconic rock bands should we get inspiration from? this band: yes #eurovision
#EUROVISION #SemiFinal1 Maneskin Light - but a good song anyway & I love the group name - Intelligent Music Project sounds like a prog-rock group on The Old Grey Whistle Test 40 years ago.
Well there is #bul bulgaria on #Eurovision with a nice song that would fit the #topgun soundtrack just fine!
Bulgaria is fully bringing the 80s hair band rock, and I'm here for it! Super overproduced and amazing!! #Eurovision
Kudos Bulgaria for using live backing vocals. #bul #eurovision
Bulgaria... bueno, el cantante esta "giving face" to el rato y ya es un punto a favor. Del resto... bueno... no digo nada #Eurovision #ESC2022
#Bulgaria flew to #Eurovision straight from the 80s (or is it the 90s?) but not as fabulous. OK.
Bulgaria is the perfect example as to why staging is important #Eurovision
bulgarias lyrics being "im never in the safety zone" is quite funny cause of... yk.... their position in the odds #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Bulgaria Rock is atypical at Eurovision, but it's expected after Maneskin's win. The song is pretty boring. The staging is good. The lights pointing forward give it a good vibe. And the fire is cool. The band does a good job, but they needed a better song.
OKAY ROCK N ROLL. I already love Bulgaria. #Eurovision #BUL.
OH YES BULGARIA Love #Eurovision
Okayyy mixed feelings about Bulgaria but so far its good #Eurovision #BUL
I adoooore this song but sounds like i m the only one #Eurovision #Bulgaria
After Italy's win last year, everyone expected a slew of rock acts, but only really two this year - Finland and this one from Bulgaria #EUROVISION
Bebes show Bulgaria some love and vote #EUROVISION
Bulgaria is giving palatable Bret Michaels and i LOVE a guitar solo and rock entry #Eurovision
Oooh Bulgaria top x ora Love Love #ESCita #EUROVISION
Bulgaria lo ha hecho bastante bien, teniendo en cuenta que estamos hablando de Bulgaria que no siempre pasa a la final. Proud de mis procedencias #Eurovision #Bulgaria
Bulgarije verbaast me echt want ik vind dit nummer en optreden echt best wel priem. #Eurovision #ESC2022 #BUL
Bulgaria's Intelligent Music Project perhaps not so intelligently trying to win last year's contest Bulgaria #12stig #ESC2022 #EUROVISION #Eurovision2022
Bulgaria coming like Bon Jovi #Eurovision Bulgaria (Great solo )
Bulgaria for the win. #Eurovision
SONG 07: BULGARIA Bulgaria Bulgaria's definitely going in a new direction this year, though their staging is as slick as ever. Vote for this if you like pyro and long hair, but not any combination of the two. #Eurovision | #ESC2022 | #Bulgaria
This Bulgarian staging is so good. Qualifier? #Eurovision
OMG 12 POINTS FORM E-SPAIN GO TU BULGARIA Love Love Love Love Love Love United Arab Emirates Bulgaria Bulgaria #Eurovision #ESC2022
ma said your auntys going to love this about bulgaria im not sinking, im sunk #eurovision
Every country on sf1 should be thankful that bulgaria is in this semi, it's like you're competing agains 18 cause they are not even close to qualify (unfortunately) #Eurovision
Fun fact - Bulgaria song's singer is the current Rainbow lead singer #eurovision
bueno bueno bulgaria se viene #Eurovision #BUL
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