Status: Eliminated
Artist: Nadir Rustemli
Song: Fade To Black
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Well hello there Azerbaijan #AZE This has strong 'High School Football Jock explores existential crisis through singing and interpretive dance' energy. Oh wow that really built. What an incredible voice! Not sure it's a winner but wowsers - that was a cracker! #Eurovision
#ESC2022 Personal faves: France ( Love ), Spain Also really liked (hoping for them to be high): Ukraine, Serbia, Romania Several nice songs I also enjoyed: Portugal, Norway, Italy, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Well Ukraine (obviously!) Norway (Grandmas, bananas and wolves - what's not to like?) Switzerland, Germany and Azerbaijan (great talented boys with nice songs) Moldova (utter madness and catchy and kids will love it) #Eurovision
#Eurovision time . Can't wait to see The Rasmus play live - love their mystic . Good luck to #SamRyder tonight . I'm also liking the Sweden song Hold Me Closer and Azerbaijan song Fade to black
#Eurovision #Esc2022 Mon top ( Hors France Love ) Republique Tcheque Norvege Azerbaijan Australie Pologne Pays-Bas ... Good Luck Vive la France #06 et la Bretagne @alvan_music @ahezmusic
#Eurovision Grand Final 15. Azerbaijan #Azerbaijan @NadirRustamli Fade To Black About the country Participations 14 Victories 1 Last year 20th Best ranking Winner 2011 EBU/Jordy Brada (Maroccanoil)
Nadir's vocals are so fucking incredible though and his staging elevated the song as well. Really starting to love it #Eurovision
There are some very beautiful VOCAL TALENTS at #esc2022 - the singer of AZERBAIJAN is amazing!
It's amazing to see so many Azerbaijani people support Israel's entry especially as LGBT+ rights are far and few between over there Love #Eurovision #Israel
Azerbaijan's #Eurovision entry this year is just breathtaking Love Love
#Eurovision This is my top 5: 1. Spain 2. UK - finally we get a good one 3. Sweden 4. Poland 5. Azerbaijan Bonus pick - Romania What's yours?
Wow such a beautiful voice! #Eurovision #AZE
Vote for #Azerbaijan Stunning performance from Nadir in the #Eurovision Grand Final in Turin. #ESC2022 #VoteForAzerbaijan #VoteForNadirRustamli
#Eurovision Azerbaijan Bravo Azerbaijan Love Love
Sexy hobbit, great vocals. 10/10 #Azerbaijan #Eurovision
Average song elevated by an incredible performance! 3/5 #Azerbaijan #Eurovision
Wow! Love this singer's voice #AZE #Eurovision
The winner of #Eurovision is #Ukraine Love Love Love Ukraine Azerbaijan Turkey
Send a jury bait ballad to #Eurovision, that's what you get, I guess...? Sheldon was excellent though. He should be proud, and he was much better than Azerbaijan and Poland.
My Top 10 without United Kingdom (Obvs I want Sam to win): 12 Sweden 10 Italy 8 Ukraine 7 Spain 6 Australia 5 Greece 4 Poland 3 Azerbaijan 2 The Netherlands 1 Estonia #Eurovision
Azerbaijan's performance is good wowwwwwwow #Eurovision
Instantly I'm attracted we love a good beard #AZE #Eurovision
#Azerbaijan , very good singing my dude, beautiful voice and show #Eurovision
Top night of fun telly with #EUROVISION We kept score: partner left, me right. Zzz's mean partner fell asleep According to my wine fuelled scoring I have Iceland, France, Azerbaijan as my top 3. My taste never relates to the general voting however
Azerbaijan has a good voice wow #Eurovision
#Aze beautiful Song, Great performance #ESC2022 #Eurovision #ESCITA
Best high notes of the nigh goes to this guy. He has a good voice. #AZE #Eurovision
Right, favourites here are Greece Italy United Kingdom Sweden Moldova Azerbaijan but Ukraine will win. #EUROVISION
OMG totally loved that Azerbaijan entry! What a voice Love #Eurovision
Kinda liked that Azerbaijan, very teen-angst. Great facial expressions. Felt things tighten when you hit that high note. Solid 6.5/ for me #Eurovision
Good luck #Azerbaijan #Eurovision2022
Loving #EUROVISION Norway, Azerbaijan and Poland for the win!!
15. Azerbaijan. Good voice! Nice lyrics too. 8/10 #AZE #Eurovision
Ooooh I get it, if you want your country to win you vote for Azerbaijan huh #eurovision
#Azerbaijan #AZE ~ I like the song! He has a stunning voice & it is very clever with the shadow dancer! They were so in sync with each other! #Eurovision @Eurovision @bbceurovision Azerbaijan
#aze Fade to Black; A competitive performance to be challenged by another good talent from #BEL #Eurovision
Denmark being represented here with having a Danish dancer. #Aze #Eurovision Love his vocals! This is a good ballad
Ukraine Germany Lithuania Azerbaijan Belgium Greece Iceland Moldova Sweden Australia United Kingdom Poland Serbia Estonia #UKR for the Win. #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #Peace
I want the friendship they have Love #Eurovision #JeremieMakiese #nadirrustamli Belgium Love Azerbaijan
-Romania - Portugal - Sweden - Azerbaijan - Estonia My top5 #eurovision songs this year. Good luck #theRasmus #Finland
Pues #Chanel Love tiene dura competencia esta noche, porque despues de ella han venido actuaciones fabulosas. Mi top ten: Suecia Sweden Espana Spain United Kingdom Belgica Belgium Moldavia Moldova Noruega Norway Grecia Greece Lituania Lithuania Azerbaiyan Azerbaijan Polonia Poland #Eurovis
My #Eurovision top 5 is Love Serbia Norway Norway France Belgium Azerbaijan
#LTU was quirky but rather enjoyed it. #AZE was a good vocal performance. #BEL a solid entry. #Eurovision2022
Not enough people wear Puttees these days, bold choice. Your drill sergeant will be so happy #AZE #Eurovision
Ok so I think I'm going with France France Spain Spain Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Moldova Moldova Poland Poland Definitely want Spain to win, if it's not the UK! #Eurovision
My country doesn't participate in #ESC2022, and I can't even vote! I don't really care about the 1st fact, but the second is quite excrementitious. Well, at least, I'd like to express my support to the next countries: 5. Azerbaijan 4. Sweden 3. France 2. Czech Republic 1. Norway
Hmmm sounds nice and his sweater looks cozy. #Eurovision #AZE
i love the staging on this, and the high note was solidddd #Eurovision #AZE
Azerbaijan's staging feels like someone said "There are no bad ideas" n a meeting and then used everything everyone suggested. Moon Knight Leggings? Love it. Bleachers? Awesome. Blue lightning face projections? Oh absolutely! #Eurovision2022
Azerbaijan giving me a college production of Jesus Christ Superstar vibes.. #Eurovision
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