Status: Eliminated
Artist: LUM!X ft. Pia Maria
Song: Halo
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Instagram: @lumix_music
Does anyone else think that #Eurovision is becoming too good. There is a lot of quality radio friendly songs which is good but I enjoy the likes of Norway, Austria, Moldova & Latvia more. They're so much fun. They're fun but not trolls
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Austria following Amen with Halo is already amazing, but following an introspective ballad with happy hardcore is fucking fabulous #EUROVISION
Ukraine Norway Albania Latvia The Netherlands Moldova Croatia Denmark Austria Lithuania Portugal Greece Armenia Iceland Switzerland Slovenia Bulgaria My guess for Semi Final 1. Good luck to all. It was brilliant United Kingdom #EUROVISION #Eurovision20
Okay the fashion is great but can we get to my winner, Halo, pls and thank you it is time to dance #Eurovision
Would love to see Lithuania get through but I feel that Austria deserves it the most. That performance was miles better than any of their previous performance. Amazing #EUROVISION
Ok. Pia had A LOT of help with the backing vocals. But I don't care!! I still love the song. I also wish Pia was dancing outside of the circle, she looked stuck there. She needed to be among the crowd partying! Was worried about this qualifying, not anymore. #Austria #Eurovision
Austria Austria : always love a good Euro dance beat. this is probably a banger recorded but the live vocals are pitchy #EUROVISION #Eurovision2022
Austria and Albania aka my favorites didn't qualify lmao #EUROVISION
Is this performance amazing . No. Do I still love this song Yes #eurovision #aut
My Eurovision 2022 Semi-Final 2 Top 10 Albania Armenia Austria Denmark Greece Norway Portugal Switzerland The Netherlands Ukraine Good luck to everyone #Eurovision
My Eurovision 2022 Semi-Final 1 Top 10 Albania Armenia Austria Denmark Greece Norway Portugal Switzerland The Netherlands Ukraine Good luck to everyone #Eurovision
AUSTRIA but I'm so happy with Iceland and Moldova's qualifying , congrats!!! #Eurovision
Loved Austria too, was fun #Eurovision
UK can't vote tonight, so if you're voting, please get Ukraine, Moldova and Norway through to the finals, and ideally Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Austria too thank you! #Eurovision
Austria sound good too !! I love their energy #Eurovision
#Eurovision Austria 5/10. The song was good. Not fantastic. Not awful. Good. She's a great voice too
Strong "'a DJ who pretends to scratch' from Love Love Peace Peace" energy. #Eurovision #AUT
This is fun and I legit enjoy it. #AUT #Eurovision
With so many low energy vibes going on this year please for the love of all that's Jon Ola Sand... AUSTRIA NEEDS TO QUALIFY! #Eurovision
#Eurovision #aut on est sur le l'electro, et je surkiff, energie top. Dans mon top 10 large ! une chanson sur laquelle danser a bloc. J'adore sa voix, refrain catchy et le public est a fond !
#AUT #Eurovision Nice Good Omens reference
I'm happy since 6 of my favs qualified, but Halo... #Eurovision
Austria thank GOD! We've found a beat Love #EUROVISION
Pia has really improved, amazing performance! :D #Eurovision #AUT
Right. So out of all of that I only liked three songs - Latvia, Lithuania, and Moldova. Ukraine's okay, but of course they'll go through. And Austria couldn't hold a note to save their life but I want them through just for shits and giggles. #Eurovision #SBSEurovision
Austria better thank those backing vocalists #Eurovision
Wow. Did not expect these kinda results tbh! Austria, Latvia, Albania did not qualify. Howw!? #ESC2022 #Eurovision
The First Semi-Final starts NOW! Good luck to all the 17 competing countries Albania Latvia Lithuania Switzerland Slovenia Ukraine Bulgaria The Netherlands Moldova Portugal Croatia Denmark Austria Iceland Greece Norway Armenia #Eurovision | #TheSoundOfBeauty
Lithuania Slovenia Norway Denmark Austria At least these should qualify for the final! #esc22 #EUROVISION I believe you can vote for the good ones!
I don't know about her strained vocals but I do love this song so I prefer to sing and dance in my living room without caring much lol #Eurovision #AUT
so so so excited for austria, the song is so good #Eurovision
Austria, bueno una fantasia Love #Eurovision #EuroSemi1
Oh dear. #AUT have a great song but yikes that is out of tune. Suspect this is better in the official video #Eurovision
Bueno pues 6/10 LOL Flipo con que Albania y Austria no hayan pasado #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #EurovisionRTVE #EuroSemi1
Really wanted to love #AUT but no amount of backup singers could save a song someone wasn't able to sing. Shame, I loved the studio version! #EUROVISION
THANK YOU #AUT, thank you Pia Maria, was amazing! #Eurovision
Systur changed nothing from Soengvakeppnin. Don't mind that. I like the delicate, retro and almost hypnotic vibe. I am not convinced it will make a big enough impact. BUT it has been given the best chance being after such a big song like Austria. #Iceland #Eurovision
#AUT is amazing! It's a big yes from me! #sbseurovision #Eurovision
Good luck Austria #Eurovision #ESC2022
Oh thats good austria Love #Eurovision
Best song tonight. They did good! #AUT Austria #Eurovision
Omg im so excited for "halo" and as I am in Germany, I am not allowed to vote today. Hope, halo makes it into the final! @SophieTSimmons #Eurovision
Done watching all 17 performances tonight. I love all the songs but here is my TOP 10 qualifiers (without anyone asking) Ukraine Norway Denmark Croatia Austria Moldova Slovenia Iceland The Netherlands Armenia #Eurovision2022 #ESC2022 #Eurovision
My Semi-Final 1 Favourites (I hope 10 of these progress) Albania Latvia Switzerland Ukraine Bulgaria Moldova Denmark Austria Iceland Greece Armenia #EUROVISION#ESC2022
So I liked Denmark and Austria. I also liked Ukraine, who I think could win #EUROVISION @bbceurovision
#AUT #EUROVISION TUUNE!! Now we are finally getting to the good songs! Love love love this!!
Austria next! Whipping through them! Halo and a fan favourite aged 18 and 19 years old. #Eurovision
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