Status: Eliminated
Artist: Sheldon Riley
Song: Not The Same
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @SheldRiley
Instagram: @sheldonriley
'Tis the most wonderful night of the year: The #Eurovision FINALE! I'm watching it with my family all the way back in Australia and celebrating the camp glory of this wonderful competition. Good luck to all the amazing singers tonight!
No spoilers, but huge congrats to the winner of #Eurovision 2022. Congrats to @SheldRiley on your amazing performance as acknowledged by the audience in the stadium during the points. So excited to see what you do next!!! #SBSEurovision - Thank you.
#EUROVISION Post! I'm still Team Australia - I love Sheldon. But Spain, France, Armenia and the U.K. brought some brilliant songs. I am so excited to see who wins!
My fav songs: #Eurovision 1. United Kingdom 2. Australia (I would be surprised if #Australia wins though because it's not based in EUR). The following countries have a good chance to win.Ukraine might win with the protest votes, it is not my fav song but had a good energy. Norway Italy S
Wow, Australia!!! What a voice~ I'm usually rooting for them to win tbh, just bc it would be brilliant for them to host it #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Australia What a gorgeous song. We are not the same! It's important to be proud of pointing this out and to celebrate it FABULOUS Australia
slava ukraina ! Ukraine Pebezh genaoueg Bro-C'hall ! France Well done UK ! United Kingdom Muy Bien Espana ! Spain Proficiat Nederland ! The Netherlands Bravo la Belgique francophone ! Belgium Well done Australia ! United Kingdom Til hamingju Island ! Iceland Grattis till Sverige ! Swede
Okay, first why are you giving us a camp, stunning outfit for a sad song, Australia??? If you're gonna join us at least go full camp and give us something to dance over #AUS #Eurovision (nice performance tho, and beautiful voice Love )
#Australia #Eurovision we love self expression. The outfit is incredible. What a performance, I feel the emotion through the screen. Another new favourite. What a voice best vocal performance of the evening so far.
Mika to win #EUROVISION ! Oh wait. No? Okay. Germany then! Or Australia. Doggo approved! He relaxed properly during love!
Norway, Moldova, Belgium are my top 3; Iceland and Serbia are alright; Australia wins "best of the ballads" award, Poland wins "best vocals" #Eurovision
AUSTRALIA! an incredibly powerful song, so amazing and i love it so much this will do amazing, i know sheldon takes the stage and he loves it holy moly I'M NOT THE SAMEEEE #eurovision
Well done regardless to Sheldon, so proud of #AUS - And all the other performers raising their glasses was beautiful. More of that behaviour please, people-in-the-public-eye. #Eurovision Also, GO SERBIA! #SRB
Australia has been SO good every year - an amazing addition and decision back in 2015. Fantastic song, outfit, and performance. #Eurovision
.@SheldRiley you represented Australia so well. Extremely proud of you. You get all 12 points from our house in Brighton. Love you and well done. You smashed it Love #SBSEurovision #Eurovision
#Eurovision Australia was AMAZING. Love the song and the lyrics!!! Well done!!
#Eurovision #aus fml. I listened to the semifinals performance which was stunning. This performance in the final is on a whole other level. Beautiful. I'm blown away! Love
y'all literally treated Australia like shit, Sheldon, you did something absolutely stunning, beautiful and magnificent. Thank you. #Eurovision
Australia wins best outfit, Sheldon is a sweetheart Love #Eurovision
Loving Eurovision. My fav Norway and Netherlands. Australia, iceland and Portugal pretty damn great too ngl. Lotta great songs this year. Can't figure out who would win. #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Esc2022 Mon top ( Hors France Love ) Republique Tcheque Norvege Azerbaijan Australie Pologne Pays-Bas ... Good Luck Vive la France #06 et la Bretagne @alvan_music @ahezmusic
I loved the quote 'good luck to Europe and Australia' yes someone finally looked at a map #Eurovision
This is a good ballad tho. Great voice, Australia, and beautiful costume. #AUS #Eurovision
Dear European (and Australian) friends, please vote for in the Eurovision Song Contest tonight! Vote for Mahmood & Blanco and their , a beautiful song... #Eurovision #ESCita @Eurovision @EurovisionRai
Australia should win because best vocalist and strongest lyrics, but i voted for Ukraine #Eurovision #ESC2022
Parade of flags So excited for Finland #TheRasmus #Eurovision Also love Armenia and Australia Excited to hear the big 5 It's gonna be a good night!
I'm not happy it's another ballad BUT his voice is beautiful! And I do love the costume #aus #Eurovision
Now that voting has opened at @Eurovision, here are my rankings based on my personal favorites and their performances. There is great biasm here because my heart belongs to #Australia! Love #Eurovision #AUS
Oh @SheldRiley you have made me cry proud tears #SBSEurovision #Eurovision @SBSEurovision amazing performance Love Australia
Awesome staging, powerful vocal, nice one #AUS #Eurovision
Done a Eurovision running order winner stats graph: Since 2000 you want to be in the 2nd half of the running order to win. Median winner is 71% through the show (this year: Iceland) but peaks are seen at 45% (this year: Netherlands) and 85% (this year: Australia ) #Eurovision
We all support #Ukraine against war but this win doesn't belong to them and you all know. #Eurovision. Stefania was a good song but UK, Spain, Sweden or Australia has better ones. Someone has to say it.
OH MY GOD AUSTRALIA! Showing why they should stay in #Eurovision I'm loving ALL OF IT! It's like fairytale needs Pans Labyrinth meets Silent Hill. Gorgeous, mystic, powerful. #Aus I'm here for you!
#Eurovision Thank you Australia for this wonderful voice. Love to have you with us
It's @SamRyderMusic next. I love you Australia and that fantastic outfit (proper statement for today's society) but it's SAM next. Whoop! Whoop! #Eurovision
Well, that was great fun. My top 5 (in no particular order): Switzerland , Moldova, UK, Sweden, Australia #Eurovision
#Australia doing #Eurovision better then Europe. Wow! Love Love
Top 5: 1. Nederland The Netherlands Love 2. Spanje 3. Zwitserland 4. Australie 4. Verenigd Koninkrijk #eurovision Maar zoooooo zijn er nog best veel goeie acts!
Avusturalya cok iyi bir sahne sovu yapti. Harika da bir sarki. Australia's show is extremely beautiful. Song is also magnificent. #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
australia Australia , my favourite this song is so beautiful sheldon deserves everything Love #Eurovision
I love how we invited Australia in Eurovision lmao we have favorites in the rest of this world and it's Australia Love #Eurovision
Australia not the same, not the winner, but voice - wow, huge 7/10 #Eurovision
Congratulations @SheldRiley on a stunning performance at #Eurovision You did Australia proud #SBSEurovision
Australia #AUS Australia always bring it. Not as good as Kate Miller-Heidke obviously, but a decent torch song. Great set of lungs. 7/10 #Eurovision
So many great songs but my top 3 1. Greece 2. UK 3. Australia #Eurovision I LOVE MIKA
Vote for Sheldon's amazing performance! Don't make us beg. Please, if you have enjoyed anything we've done, have Aussie friends, have watched Kath and Kim or Neighbours or like Steve Irwin or the Hemsworths.... JUST VOTE AUSTRALIA! #Eurovision #SBSEurovision
Our sofa jury independently marked each act and we came up with the same top five UK Poland Australia Greece Ukraine One of them will win. (Though Portugal was my fave) #Eurovision2022
Wow! Australia's performance was completely different from the semi finals! I didn't like it then but I really enjoyed it tonight. Well done! #Eurovision
Thank you Sheldon Riley Love We are not the same. You are the best! #Australia #Eurovision
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