Status: Eliminated
Artist: Rosa Linn
Song: Snap
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
This is clearly not the best performance from Armenia its still a good performance And we stan rosa linn she was amazing #eurovision
Armenia, I love this song. Very beautiful and another song with a lovely story! I feel the set is distracting away from the song but it's very clever. I like the movement of the stage! #Eurovision
lovely song, very nice voice, bravo Armenia #Eurovision
She is soooo good and the song is beautiful Love #Eurovision #ESC2022 #ARM
Kinda loved Armenia, very sweet with epic staging #Eurovision
Armenia has a good song. I love folk rock sounds so this is an instant favorite. #ARM #Eurovision #ESC2022
I liked Armenia. They won't win, but I really enjoyed it. #EUROVISION
I love Rosa linn so much honestly so incredibly talented! @rosalinnmusic #Eurovision #Armenia #rosalinn
Armenia has a great song, it's like X Ambassadors meets Lumineers meets Mumford & Sons. It's one of my favorites of the whole competition. Really creative staging too! #Eurovision
She's lovely. Nice song. Cool stage. #ARM #Eurovision
Really beautiful and good song ARMENIA #ESC2022 #Eurovision #EUROVISION
Loving the #MentalHealthAwareness vibes coming from some of the #Eurovision contenders! Especially #Armenia! Great mid song reveal and key change. Lovely song
This is a nice one. Well done, Armenia #Eurovision
Armenia #ARM Sweet lil tune w/ one of the most innovative stagings this year: a bedroom full of sticky notes for Rosa to write her thoughts on The moment when she came out of the room through the hole perfectly set up the song's climax! #Eurovision
Help me out here, the backing tune to the Armenian entry sounds incredibly like another song but it escapes me...anyone else getting similar vibes from it? #Eurovision
I love the Armenian song. It's right up my street. It's one of those fun car ride songs. #Eurovision
Rosa Linn for Armenia - love this 7.5 out of 10 - great staging #ARM #Eurovision @bbceurovision
#moot #Eurovision #arm 8/10. Catchy as a song should be. I'm also impressed that she pulls off the correct bits of the walls on the first attempt.
#Armenia was so beautiful! Thank you Rosa Linn! #Eurovision
Whilst it looks great. The audience must have loved the first two minutes. Not seeing anything then BAM! Here I am! #andrewlive #Eurovision #arm
Mag #arm so gerne aber COME ON BESTIE A LITTLE BIT MORE SPICE CANT HURT #esc2022
If Armenia's entry was released in 2016 it would handily win. #Eurovision
Joining the #Eurovision fun late and Armenia's effort looked like it was on the set of In The Night Garden.
Good job Armenia. Very nice song #Eurovision
Armenia's got the best staging and I love Rosa Linn #Eurovision
Fair enough we're in our pj's too #Eurovision #Armenia also sounded very much like The Lumineers ' you belong with me you're my sweet heart' @thelumineers
Nice voice, reminds me of that ho hey song that was big a few years back v clever staging though #arm #Eurovision
La puesta en escena de Armenia es quizas la mas original de este festival con esos posits. La cancion tambien es buena. Yo creo que les va a ir bien este #Eurovision. Se lo merecen. incluso igualar su mejor posicion historica (4)
Love this song but not for Eurovision #Eurovision #ARM It's a great radio song tho
Armenia entry a completely neutral soft moody song will do okay but can't see it winning, solid middle table. #Eurovision
Okay, Armenia, looks like you're getting the prize for original staging. #Eurovision2022.
#Eurovision Armenia's set and song is nice. She looks really comfy too
Pues Armenia es tan sweet Love #Eurovision
Okay Armenia! This is such a great song in general. It has an almost Lunineers-like vibe Kinda feels like something I'd hear on wxpn or in an indie movie #Eurovision #ARM
Armenia got post-it pranked just before their set but made the best of it. Fair play to you, Armenia. #eurovision
Buena tecnica eso de tirarse media cancion en tu cuarto para evitar los nervios. Bien jugando Armenia #Eurovision
Another vocals major, but i feel this will do better than many others. Good set #Eurovision #arm
i really like #ARM. she is beautiful #Eurovision
I love snap, cute little bop #Eurovision
#Eurovision La cancion de Armenia, es la mejor. Al menos para mi gusto. Es bonita, su representante tiene muy buena voz, y ademas la cancion tiene ritmo. El estribillo es super bonito.
it just occurred to me the audience couldn't see her for most of the performance who approved of that stage design im crying #ARM #Eurovision
A ver, Rosa de Armenia, bueno tanto posit blanco me pone nerviosa, pero la muchacha canta bien #Eurovision
I think Armenia has my favourite staging of the contest this year. Gorg #Eurovision
Armenia's song was all right and the staging was pretty good, but it felt like a middling Jewel video from the 90s. #Eurovision
Armenia is the clear winner in my books. #Eurovision #ESC2022
THANK YOU ARMENIA Love #Eurovision
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