Status: Eliminated
Artist: Rosa Linn
Song: Snap
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Favourite was Mika tbh. Loved the sweetness of Armenia, the elegance and singalongability of the Netherlands. Really proud a Celtic language was sung by FRA, and UKR was haunting. Have fallen in love with Lithuania. Unashamed that I loved UK. Moldova was fun #Eurovision
#EUROVISION Post! I'm still Team Australia - I love Sheldon. But Spain, France, Armenia and the U.K. brought some brilliant songs. I am so excited to see who wins!
Ok if Poland win I just want to dob @Carlystar1 who is repeatedly clicking vote vote vote for Poland guy with sexy voice Come on #Poland #Eurovision All the best Spain. Norway Armenia and Lithuania Ps @Carlystar1 is now just voting for loads of other artists
Armenia, Spain, Moldova (for the upbeat song), Iceland and Sweden are my favourites. And I am pretty sure none of them will win #EUROVISION . I've not picked the winner for at least 5 - 6 years.
meine #esc2022 votes: Norwegen (weil funny) Armenien (weil catchy), Niederlande (weil nice auch wenn depri), Ukraine (weil perfekte mischung aus kultur und modern), Litauen (weil iconic), Moldawien (weil sehr funny), GB (weil sympathisch)
#ESC2022 Personal faves: France ( Love ), Spain Also really liked (hoping for them to be high): Ukraine, Serbia, Romania Several nice songs I also enjoyed: Portugal, Norway, Italy, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Okay Euro peeps our time has come who are we rooting for? I like Beligum, Armenia, Ukraine, Sweden, UK Switzerland and Spain but I love Italy's song the most wish they could win again. #Eurovision
Spain or Armenia better win lmao United Arab Emirates Colombia #Eurovision
My favourite performances are always the middle favourites, because they're there, perform their best, and have the bestest fun... Case in point are Romania, Serbia, Estonia, Armenia. #esc2022 #eurovision #sbseurovision
Armenia, I love this song. Very beautiful and another song with a lovely story! I feel the set is distracting away from the song but it's very clever. I like the movement of the stage! #Eurovision
Parade of flags So excited for Finland #TheRasmus #Eurovision Also love Armenia and Australia Excited to hear the big 5 It's gonna be a good night!
lovely song, very nice voice, bravo Armenia #Eurovision
Sweden and Armenia are still my winners of the night. I would've loved for Sweden to win because they always do the best Eurovision shows #Eurovision2022
She is soooo good and the song is beautiful Love #Eurovision #ESC2022 #ARM
This is clearly not the best performance from Armenia its still a good performance And we stan rosa linn she was amazing #eurovision
Kinda loved Armenia, very sweet with epic staging #Eurovision
#Armenia June 22? Quite like this one, chorus catchy, nice voice. Tied with #Portugal for my fave so far. #Eurovision #ARM
Armenia has a good song. I love folk rock sounds so this is an instant favorite. #ARM #Eurovision #ESC2022
Don't judge me for this tweet Norway, Spain, Armenia, Moldova and Sweden were all great on #EUROVISION Also, Mika's performance was phenomenal!
I WANT SPAIN OR UK TO WIN! Would also be happy with France, Italy, Armenia! #Eurovision2022
UK top of the leaderboard?? We normally get 3 points!#Eurovision Great show - loved Ukraine, Norway ( give the wolf a banana!!), Switzerland, Armenia and Belgium.
Finland, Spain, Norway and Moldova were my faves. UK were good too and I liked Armenia #Eurovision
Good song but not a winner #ARM #Eurovision
She's lovely. Nice song. Cool stage. #ARM #Eurovision
Really beautiful and good song ARMENIA #ESC2022 #Eurovision #EUROVISION
Loving the #MentalHealthAwareness vibes coming from some of the #Eurovision contenders! Especially #Armenia! Great mid song reveal and key change. Lovely song
Sweden to win #Eurovision #ESC2022 loved Greece and Armenia too and Italy and Iceland and Australia hope uk United Kingdom do well
#moot #Eurovision #arm 8/10. Catchy as a song should be. I'm also impressed that she pulls off the correct bits of the walls on the first attempt.
Armenia #ARM Sweet lil tune w/ one of the most innovative stagings this year: a bedroom full of sticky notes for Rosa to write her thoughts on The moment when she came out of the room through the hole perfectly set up the song's climax! #Eurovision
#Eurovision 4 I've got high hopes for Norway. Surely this is Ylvis in disguise. Big fan of them and the Norwegian Taskmaster. As I think I'll be saying all night it is no Czech Republic but it is a fucking banger and a dance floor filler. Now what will Armenia bring?
OK, my fave songs are Armenia Germany Portugal Portugal and Lithuania but I want Ukraine to win #Eurovision #ESC2022
I love the Armenian song. It's right up my street. It's one of those fun car ride songs. #Eurovision
Armenia has a great song, it's like X Ambassadors meets Lumineers meets Mumford & Sons. It's one of my favorites of the whole competition. Really creative staging too! #Eurovision
Rosa Linn for Armenia - love this 7.5 out of 10 - great staging #ARM #Eurovision @bbceurovision
I'm not a great fan of the song but she put my wedding anniversary on her wall so she can have a point for that #Eurovision #ARM
#Armenia was so beautiful! Thank you Rosa Linn! #Eurovision
I liked Armenia. They won't win, but I really enjoyed it. #EUROVISION
Whilst it looks great. The audience must have loved the first two minutes. Not seeing anything then BAM! Here I am! #andrewlive #Eurovision #arm
Norway. Ukraine. Moldova .Portugal. Armenia. Netherlands. These are my favourites, which means none of them will win anything. #Eurovision
idc if she wins rosa is my highlight of this year. will for sure follow her career afterwards #Eurovision
Hi Graham @grahnort As a collective bunch of TV Twitter Vote we have voted and the top ten are: 1. Ukraine 2. Moldova 3. Norway 4. Sweden 5. Serbia 6. Spain 7. France 8. Australia 9. Lithuania 10. Armenia Thanks for all your votes, we can't vote for Sam #EUROVISION
Good job Armenia. Very nice song #Eurovision
Armenia's got the best staging and I love Rosa Linn #Eurovision
Nice voice, reminds me of that ho hey song that was big a few years back v clever staging though #arm #Eurovision
La puesta en escena de Armenia es quizas la mas original de este festival con esos posits. La cancion tambien es buena. Yo creo que les va a ir bien este #Eurovision. Se lo merecen. incluso igualar su mejor posicion historica (4)
Love this song but not for Eurovision #Eurovision #ARM It's a great radio song tho
Actually really liked Armenia and Germanys entries for eurovision... but is it going to be the obvious winner? #EUROVISION
Another vocals major, but i feel this will do better than many others. Good set #Eurovision #arm
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