Status: Eliminated
Artist: Ronela Hajati
Song: Sekret
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Semi-Final 1
Albania #ALB Ronela's best vocal performance so far. LOVED the high note! Camera angles have been perfected, overall performance looks really clean. A solid qualifier for sure! Love #Eurovision
Eurovision so far - Albania: yes love, your bum does look big in that, Latvia: far too happy for their own good, Lithuania: interesting first 10 seconds then you know it's going to be boring dross, Switzerland: can't sing, slow song, perfect storm really. #Eurovision
I see it's that time of the year to say good evening, bonsoir and guten abend to all the #Eurovision fans on my timeline Suddenly seeing tweet after tweet in praise of Albania or disappointed in Latvia Enjoy! No idea about this but Ukraine are surely winning aren't they?
Ukraine Norway Albania Latvia The Netherlands Moldova Croatia Denmark Austria Lithuania Portugal Greece Armenia Iceland Switzerland Slovenia Bulgaria My guess for Semi Final 1. Good luck to all. It was brilliant United Kingdom #EUROVISION #Eurovision20
#Eurovision2022 Yes, Albania, yes, Latvia! Eat Your Salad, I hope you get through and Albania, loved your performance, breathless as it was. Hairology was fab!
I'm happy so long as Bulgaria, Ukraine and Albania go through. Moldova and Norway would be good cos they're funny #EUROVISION
Wow Albania! @RonelaHajati just absolutely blew me away in the arena! What a star! Incredible performance #albania Albania #ESC2022 #Eurovision
GOOD LUCK ALBANIA Love Love Love Albania Albania #Eurovision
okay let's catch up. #esc2022 #ALB it wasn't the type of performance i was hoping for, but still loved the energy she gave! hopefully she'll qualify for finale!
I don't care for the song, but Albania with a great start to #esc #eurovision Love #Alb Albania
Performances from #Eurovision 1st semi I liked for very different reasons: #Albania (camp/hot), #Switzerland (classy), #Ukraine (good bizarre), and #Armenia (quality storyline)
Austria and Albania aka my favorites didn't qualify lmao #EUROVISION
SONG 01: ALBANIA Albania After being one of the first songs selected for this year, Ronela kicks things off with a huge bang. Vote for this if you enjoy the biggest Eurovision standards - dancing, booming bass, and tremendous horniness. #Eurovision | #ESC2022 | #Albania
My Eurovision 2022 Semi-Final 2 Top 10 Albania Armenia Austria Denmark Greece Norway Portugal Switzerland The Netherlands Ukraine Good luck to everyone #Eurovision
My Eurovision 2022 Semi-Final 1 Top 10 Albania Armenia Austria Denmark Greece Norway Portugal Switzerland The Netherlands Ukraine Good luck to everyone #Eurovision
Bravo mi Ronela! Love Love #Eurovision #EurovisionRTVE
UK can't vote tonight, so if you're voting, please get Ukraine, Moldova and Norway through to the finals, and ideally Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Austria too thank you! #Eurovision
ALBANIA Love just WOW #Eurovision #Eurovision2022
Wow #ALB is so so so good live #Eurovision @Eurovision @NRKmgp
No but I am so proud, so happy and it's so important to me and to my island that before Albania's song they showed the nuragic site of Barumini COME TO SARDINIA (contact my travel agency Sulcis in primis xx) #Eurovision
Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Lithuania, Bulgaria (?!), Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Iceland, Albania. The rest, thank you for playing. Please collect your consolation prize, a Eurovision board game from our friends at Crown & Andrews, on the way out. #SBSEurovision #Eurovision
Albania Sappho shouty Barbie. Camp. Latvia Something about salad in bright suits. Camp. Lithuania Seductive Liza, smashing frock. Camp. Switzerland Ballad by a drag king in a leather bomber. Camp. Slovenia Chic lite in velvet suits. Not camp. #Eurovision
#Eurovision My country win the Eurovision finally #Albania Love Love Love Love
Ahhh! What an opening! Albania rough but brought energy Latvia was amazing! Love Monika of Lithuania Switzerland also performed As did Slovenia Ukraine felt like a real moment #Eurovision
Im in for Ronela Love Albania . Great energy although I preferred her FIK outfit. One of her dancers looked like Mahmood #Eurovision
Albania with a great performance to kick off the night! So much energy and camp yessss Love #Eurovision
I'd be really happy for these nine to qualify, but they're my favourites, not my predictions. I'm not bothered about any of the others and I would ditch NL The Netherlands , GR Greece and IS Iceland in a heartbeat. AL Albania LT Lithuania SI Slovenia UA Ukraine MD Moldova PT Portu
I hope that dancer's top is well secured #Eurovision #ALB
Favorites from #Eurovision semi-final 1: Albania #ALB, Latvia #LAT, and Moldova #MDA. I'll throw Norway a banana as well. I know Ukraine is the favorite but I liked their 2021 entry much more
Love Ronela, and it's not easy going first, but the energy seemed low? #Eurovision
Albania is definitely one of my favourites for the win. Goodluck to them! #Eurovision #albania #ESC2022 #sekret
Wow. Did not expect these kinda results tbh! Austria, Latvia, Albania did not qualify. Howw!? #ESC2022 #Eurovision
SF1: Ukraine Armenia Moldova Norway Albania Latvia The Netherlands Portugal Greece I only got 9. Maybe Lithuania too? Not an amazing semi-final, to be fair #EUROVISION
The First Semi-Final starts NOW! Good luck to all the 17 competing countries Albania Latvia Lithuania Switzerland Slovenia Ukraine Bulgaria The Netherlands Moldova Portugal Croatia Denmark Austria Iceland Greece Norway Armenia #Eurovision | #TheSoundOfBeauty
Is it good? Do i enjoy ot? Yes #EUROVISION #ALB
#ALB Albania, perfect Opening! Love Damn #Eurovision
Mi nina lo siento @RonelaHajati Love te amamos y lo has hecho GENIAL. #Eurovision
#ALB looks great and brought a ton of energy, but the song was not my favorite #Eurovision2022
Bueno pues 6/10 LOL Flipo con que Albania y Austria no hayan pasado #Eurovision #Eurovision2022 #EurovisionRTVE #EuroSemi1
The Albanian girl was gorgeous and the dancers were good but I just couldn't get into her song idk #Eurovision
Not crazy about the pink bathrobe but loving the hot dancers & the powerful performance of this amazing song! #Albania #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Albania That melody is interesting. Hot shirtless dancers, I like it. Men with skirts is cool. I like how the song changes a lot for the chorus. She has a powerful voice. Damn, that high note. But I'm not really feeling the verses.
Nu al fan van Albanie Love #songfestival #Eurovision2022
There were rumours that the host broadcaster RAI/The EBU got iffy about Ronela's choreo as it was reportedly too sexy. I say it's fine. If anything MAKE IT MORE SEXY!! IT'LL BE FINE!! #Eurovision @EuroDivision
God I love #EUROVISION !!!!! #Albania 8/10 Jaunty little number!!!
My Semi-Final 1 Favourites (I hope 10 of these progress) Albania Latvia Switzerland Ukraine Bulgaria Moldova Denmark Austria Iceland Greece Armenia #EUROVISION#ESC2022
Pues no se si me ha gustado Albania, canta bien, tiene una buena puesta en escena... pero no se, me falta algo. #Eurovision #EuroSemi1 #EurovisionRTVE
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