Status: Eliminated
Artist: Go_A
Song: Shum
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @_Go_A_
Instagram: @go_a_band
Ok moment of truth... my top 3 #Eurovision #Malta #Ukraine #Serbia let the best one wins good luck loved it today thank you
Absolutely love this. Kind of hope Ukraine win just because this song is such an amazing 'winner' #Eurovision
#UKR AYYY my other fav, once again slavs supporting slavs, can the @BBC stop being mean to my favs, I love their staging, she can step on me, this would not work in eng, I want her too win too, @Sousagge liked this one and that should say something, I love her thank #Eurovision
This is one of the few years where I don't really have a standout favorite to win. But if I had to choose, just based on quality of performance, I'd be happy with Iceland, Ukraine, Switzerland, France, or Italy winning. #Eurovision
Top 5 from an excellent #Eurovision Russia France Ukraine, Germany, Azerbaijan So many amazing acts, so much fun
Music is not fireworks and is not noise!! The best song is the French. Switzerland is great; Iceland is good; Portugal is great; Norway is also beautiful; Spain is good; Sweden is good. Ukraine, be different is not enough!! #Eurovision #Eurovision2021 #eurovisiongr
This is one of the best #Eurovision in years. It was worth canceling all of 2020 so we could have Russia, Iceland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Switzerland and even Malta hone their numbers. #Glory #Joy #Covid19 saved the #Eurovision
I( Italy ) voted for these wonderful countries Azerbaijan Ukraine Finland Lithuania good luck everyone. #Eurovision
#Eurovision damn, this year had a bunch of cool jams! Think some of my favorites would be Belgium, Malta, Moldova, Ukraina, Aserbajian, Italy and San Marino Would be fun to see who wins
#Eurovision2021 FWIW I think that France France will win. I want Ukraine Ukraine to win and am glad that this competition introduced me to the magnificent @_Go_A_. The entry from the The Netherlands Netherlands will live long after this competition even though it will score poorly tonight. #Eu
#Eurovision #Ukraine I adore this, the style, the edge, her voice, the folk rhythms combined so beautifully with that driving bass line... I'm on my feet of my favourites this she's gorgeous in a way that's nigh on Trinity-esque (Matrix...) Dobridien kk?
So, my TOP 5 today is: Ukraine Ukraine France France Switzerland Switzerland Serbia Serbia Russia Russia Good luck to everyone Love #Eurovision
So clearly Iceland were the best and should win, Ukraine close second. Malta, Moldova, Lithuania and Azerbaijan also some good tunes. Honorary points to Germany for the weird hand and Sweden for the cute singer. #Eurovision
Shum is just absolutely incredible literally couldn't ask for anything more Europe make this a surprise winner please #Eurovision
I wonder if the public vote will change Ukraine's position :( I hope they go up! But I do want #SUI or #MLT to win #Eurovision
It's a good thing I can't vote. I can't choose between Ukraine Italy Germany and Finland It's been a great #Eurovision this year! So happy we got to watch from Canada
it's one of the best Grand Finale, I must admit. So many great songs that went straight to my spotify playlist. Very tough competition. But so far my faves must be Lithuania, Ukraine, Iceland, Serbia and Finland. #Eurovision #Eurovision2021
Good evening Europe, this is London calling! Thank you for a beautiful night, and here are the points that matter from the UK jury: 12: Cyprus #CYP 10: Finland #FIN 8: Ukraine #UKR #Eurovision
I still cannot believe I liked Russia's song as much as I did. Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Finland and that one with El Diablo were really good. Enjoyed Ukraine somehow but yeah, Italy for the win. Don't be tasteless, Europe #eurovision
Just watched my first Eurovision and it did not disappoint! I've never been so happy lol. Iceland, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, France, you were all amazing!!! #Eurovision
Ok top 3 #Eurovision 1. Iceland Love 2. Italy 3. Ukraine This is so fun ahhhh
Would love the #Eurovision top 3 to be Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine but I suspect I'll be in the minority :o). Either way I thought it was a cracking year, even the rocky stuff that I generally dislike was very amicable, good tunes all round!
Lithuania, Malta, Ukraine, Sweden & the OOWA OOWA bit from Moldova win the I'd actually download that category Bulgaria, France, Netherlands win the that was lovely and should get votes Iceland & Azerbaijan on the strength of last years songs #Eurovision
The eurovision song contest is pretty awesome this year. #Ukraine were a blast #france brought some tears in my eyes #Switzerland were also amazing and #Portugal gave me goosebumps #Eurovision
I *think* Ukraine is my favourite but there's at least 5 songs I'd be happy to see win #Eurovision
Just voted for Ukraine, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, France and San Marino. Quite a lot but I enjoy so many songs. Personally I'm hoping for Ukraine, Italy, Iceland or Switzerland to win this year's contest! #Eurovision
Without a doubt one of THE BEST Eurovisions EVER! Thank you @grahnort #Eurovision I want the wings and headdress for my next assembly! As for my winner....can't decide! Iceland, Sweden, San Morino, Ukraine, Lithuania!
Iceland, France, Ukraine, Lithuania, Malta, Italy, Switzerland. I mean.... I'd be happy for any of these to win. Been a long time since I've had multiple favourites at #Eurovision
So a really strong final. For me it's Switzerland for the win but also a lot of love for Malta Iceland Ukraine Lithuania #Eurovision
Countries I think will do well tonight: Cyprus , Iceland , Azerbaijan and San Marino Really hoping Finland will win. Less likely to win but oddly catchy: Russia , Malta , Lithuania , Ukraine and Sweden I don't think United Kingdom will end up at the bottom spot this year, my gue
I swear the voting in 2016 is more exciting since you can really give the spotlight to the televote winner. I mean, we don't know if Finland or Ukraine won the televote. #EUROVISION
Ukraine is the biggest banger, I'd love Iceland to win, but France are going to win and I can live with that #eurovision
#eurovision shortlist: Cyprus Russia Finland Bulgaria Lithuania Ukraine Norway Doubt any of these will win but I enjoyed them! Soooo glad it's back this year Love Love Love
My top choices tonight: Ukraine, Finland, Iceland. Memorable and fun. Maybe also Germany for making me actually laugh out loud #Eurovision
Let's do this! Could Dadi from Iceland win? I'll also accept Finland or Ukraine winning. #Eurovision #euroviisut
Not even going to try calling this voting thingy, so close. Iceland/France/Malta/ Lithuania/SanMarino would all be lovely. Italy are the bookies faves. Lots of Twitter love for Ukraine. So, in short, #Eurovision2021 The Netherlands
Such a strong year! Vibing to almost every song! I'm in love with Italy, Ukraine, but also Switzerland, and many others! Oh god, I'm so stressed already! This is an iconic year and show, and I don't want it to end! #Eurovision
Faves Portugal Ukraine Finland Italy Switzerland Lithuania is the most fun tho and it's on my fave list. Azerbaijan #Eurovision
I'll be ecstatic if one of Italy, cyprus, Ukraine or malta win xx #Eurovision
Just in case, even tho I never guess them right lol (no order in here, just the list of my favs): Norway Norway Iceland Iceland Portugal Portugal Russia Russia Ukraine Ukraine Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Israel Israel IMO main prize shall go to the organizers, the visuals,creativity -
Probably neither Italy nor Finland will win #Eurovision because people can't figure out who to vote for between those two. Lucky for the Ukraine?
Ukraine for the win. Dance trad is always a winner. #Eurovision
Good luck to my favourites in #Eurovision2021 Song Contest: #DadiFreyr representing Iceland #maneskin representing Italy #Go_A representing Ukraine And here is a remix i've done of Dadi Freyrs "10 Years"
Yeaaaah. Italy. Ukraine and Iceland. My three favs on top Love Love Love Love Love Love #Eurovision
shvejcarija, finljandija, litva i italija prosto good luck ale vzagali #Go_A v top 5-7 chi bunt #Eurovision
Oh wow! Can both of them win please? My heart is being torn two ways. #Eurovision #Italy #Ukraine
I loved Russia & Iceland, but Lithuania were also amazing as were Ukraine! I #Eurovision who are you voting for?????
Ok. Tonight I'm voting France, Bulgaria and Iceland. I love Ukraine but I actually don't want them to host I'm sorry lmao #Eurovision
For the 25th year in a row, France puts forward a stereotypical Edith Piaf style song that's very beautiful but will only get 12 points from Belgium and Monaco while Finland and Ukraine win it all. #Eurovision
I'd be happy if Ukraine, France or Malta get the win. Russia also v. strong but unlikely to win. And I'm totally behind Italy's inducement to bi panic! #Eurovision
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