Status: Eliminated
Artist: Dadi and Gagnamagnid
Song: 10 Years
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @dadimakesmusic
Instagram: @dadimakesmusic
Iceland deserve to win just for this spectacular finish. And also because their song is a banger and last year's song was a banger that would have won and @dadimakesmusic is amazing. #Eurovision
#Eurovision Italy was awesome beyond words! I hope they win and that Switzerland goes second Love Love Love Love France was awesome too, and Finland. Germany and Iceland the funniest and cutest Love
My faves were Albania, Malta, Iceland (loved their song but still not as good as last years) Germany and kinda liked Azerbaijan too. UK entry was great, deserves a top 10 finish imo but I won't hold my breath (c'mon Ireland Ireland pls vote!) #Eurovision
Whoever wins (still hoping it's Iceland Iceland ) tonight has been an amazing show, and one that I sorely missed last year and I've utterly loved this year Love Eurovision is easily my favourite event of the year, and this one has not disappointed #Eurovision
Awh damn. I love @dadimakesmusic and 10 Years. Glad we got to see this masterpiece in the #Eurovision Grand Final. Hope #Iceland does well
This is one of the few years where I don't really have a standout favorite to win. But if I had to choose, just based on quality of performance, I'd be happy with Iceland, Ukraine, Switzerland, France, or Italy winning. #Eurovision
#Eurovision is, as always, fantastic, I have had wine, and I have voted 20 times for @dadimakesmusic and will be v happy if he wins Love Love Love
#Eurovision iceland: 10 years - 10/10 perfect song. catchy. awesome. iceland deserves to win.
My top 4 #Eurovision Iceland, Germany, Malta and Portugal. Good luck everyone what a great show. Thank you we missed you so glad to have you back
Music is not fireworks and is not noise!! The best song is the French. Switzerland is great; Iceland is good; Portugal is great; Norway is also beautiful; Spain is good; Sweden is good. Ukraine, be different is not enough!! #Eurovision #Eurovision2021 #eurovisiongr
OKAY MY TOP FIVE. 5. The Serbian Cock Destroyers Serbia 4. San Marino and Somehow Flo Rida San Marino 3. Maltese Lizzo Malta 2. Iceland's Absolute Best Of Us Iceland And so help me, I loved it, I'm voting for Italy and his lovely fishing waders. Italy Italy Italy #Eurovision
Iceland's act manages to perfectly recreate the atmosphere of walking into a room of incredibly supportive and vaguely queer friends. I love them. I want to drink tea and cuddle cats with them #Eurovision
Genuinely a really decent show tonight. Portugal and France were superb but not camp enough to win. Lithuania & Iceland couldn't be any more camp European. & if anyone has access to Azerbaijan's iCloud please share. #Eurovision.
My #Eurovision top 5: 1) Iceland (obvs) 2) Switzerland (he's just so cute) 3) Finland (don't @ me) 4) France (the things I'd let that woman do to me) 5) Norway (the cheese we needed) Bonus shoutout to The Netherlands for an epic entry, great show, & making me miss the NL
I would be tremendously happy if Iceland win #Eurovision but wouldn't it be funny if everyone voted for UK so we had to host it in 2022 !!
#ISL LOVE everything about this song . I would love this to win @bbceurovision #OpenUp #Eurovision pure fun
Well for me it's either #Iceland or #Finland for the win! Enjoyed this years show was very entertaining thanks @grahnort Looking forward to the voting part now always great entertainment! #ice #den #Eurovision
All of the members of Gagnamagnid are just having so much fun with this. I don't know if it will win under the circumstances, but their recording is SO strong, and they're SO likeable. 9/10. #Eurovision
Iceland for the win (and kudos for the woman dressed as peace and love defending the German song) #Eurovision
Iceland or Lithuania should win, but Italy seems weirdly liked and already apparently popular in Europe. Good show this year! #Eurovision
This is one of the best #Eurovision in years. It was worth canceling all of 2020 so we could have Russia, Iceland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Switzerland and even Malta hone their numbers. #Glory #Joy #Covid19 saved the #Eurovision
Liked Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, France. If any of them win I'll be happy. Couldn't bare Malta or Italy to win. Pure hype! #Eurovision2021
Iceland. I absolutely loved last year's denied entry. And I'm loving this too. Eccentric, tuneful, witty. They really have got a good thing going. I'd be very happy if that won. #Eurovision
#iceland you funny lovely beautiful people. Play Ja Ja Ding Dong #Eurovision !
Oh I really want #Iceland to win, they're just lovely, and what a great song! #Eurovision
Let's do this then. I really like Finland, Iceland, Greece, and Sweden entrys. Also Nikkie Tutorials looks STUNNING. Beautiful dress Love #Eurovision
Not surprised by the huge vote for Iceland. The group are adorable and generally fun. And I wonder whether the movie being set there may have been a factor too. #Eurovision
Hi my dear friends from Europe, what about voting for maneskin? As a gift I could offer you an ice cream or a pizza. As you prefer Lots of love #Eurovision
The best song from #Eurovision of the last 10 years is Norway's entry from 2013, I Feed You My Love by Margaret Berger. Didn't win because it was too cool. Could have been a Bond theme.
Fantastic Love Love Love #ISL to win #Eurovision2021
Iceland was amazing! I loved it. so much fun. #Eurovision
My top 3- Iceland, Norway, Malta. @Eurovision great show and really excited with the feeling we can get back to living and enjoying live music #Eurovision
We are witnessing a great final! P.S. Enough beautiful stage performances. Unfortunately, #Iceland could not perform live in the final. It would be great if he did! Love Please, vote 21 for #Azerbaijan! #Eurovision #OpenUp
So clearly Iceland were the best and should win, Ukraine close second. Malta, Moldova, Lithuania and Azerbaijan also some good tunes. Honorary points to Germany for the weird hand and Sweden for the cute singer. #Eurovision
I love Germany, Italy, Finland, Iceland and Lithuania's entries, but want Germany, Iceland or Italy to win. Germany and Iceland for sheer camp joy, and Italy because Bi Panic: Goth Edition #Eurovision2021 #eurovision
Iceland will win on the sympathy vote but they deserve it! I'm calling it now. Good evening Europe. #Eurovision
So I've voted for Malta Malta , Iceland Iceland , Switzerland Switzerland and France France . All such great songs, I'd be happy if any of these won. #eurovision
Well #Eurovision was fun! Now if everyone could just vote for Iceland so they walk away with ALL the points that would be great, thanks.
Well #Eurovision was fun! Now if everyone could just vote for Iceland so they walk away with ALL the points that would be great, thanks.
it's one of the best Grand Finale, I must admit. So many great songs that went straight to my spotify playlist. Very tough competition. But so far my faves must be Lithuania, Ukraine, Iceland, Serbia and Finland. #Eurovision #Eurovision2021
Enchanted by Iceland's performance for #Eurovision It was so fun! I was excited to get to vote for them
One of my favourite events of the year #eurovision so glad its back this year, its completely bonkers but I love it! Azerbaijan, Sweden and Iceland my top 3
Well #Eurovision was fun! Now if everyone could just vote for Iceland so they walk away with ALL the points that would be great, thanks.
I want #ISL to win SO BADLY. They're amazing and the song is SUCH a tune Love #Eurovision
Iceland should win purely for their jumpers. Now, if anyone could point me in the direction of a curved keytar, that would be amazing thanks #ISL #Eurovision
#Eurovision is always my favourite night of the year but this year it's made me so so so happy. Also my daughter is now my little Eurovision buddy and it's the best (Russia for her, Iceland for me)
Good luck #Iceland #ICE #Eurovision2021 fantastic sweaters
faves: #Eurovision iceland (no. 1 it's the best) finland ITALYY france russia (underrated af besties) if u disagree then gain taste
Presumably this is the point where Duncan COVID was meant to come out but he's virus positive so they've had to rejig the show. Heaven help us if Iceland COVID band win. #Eurovision
#Eurovision Dadi is probably one of the most genuinely musically interesting people that Eurovision has thrown up but this is not the song that going to win. Still love them though
La primera actuacion grabada de la historia del festival por culpa de la COVID #ISL Iceland #Eurovision
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