Status: Eliminated
Artist: Dadi and Gagnamagnid
Song: 10 Years
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @dadimakesmusic
Instagram: @dadimakesmusic
Mentions ... To Win Sentiment 3-Day Avg Sentiment
Semi-Final 2 3,437 207 4,126 4,126
Grand Final 3,819 391 6,053 5,090
The Iceland guy looks like he's been fishing lmao #Eurovision
Iceland Love Love Love Love xDDDDDDDDDDDDD #Eurovision
ICELAND LMAO #eurovision
Iceland won the show with their host! #Eurovision
"Play Jaja Ding Dong". Gotta love Iceland #Eurovision
I love the outfit Iceland! #Eurovision
Just how good would it be to see Iceland win it with two of the band dialled in remotely on a zoom call given the year we've had #Eurovision
My #EurovisionTop 10: 1. Ukraine Ukraine 2. Malta Malta 3. France France 4. Switzerland Switzerland 5. Lithuania Lithuania 6. Finland Finland 7. Italy Italy 8. Iceland Iceland 9. Russia Russia 10. Belgium Belgium
Mi porra de resultados: Malta 4 Ukraine 5 Switzerland 6 Iceland 7 Russia 8 Sweden 9 Serbia 10 Lithuania 12 San Marino 12 Azerbaijan 13 Finland 14 Cyprus 15 Belgium 16 Bulgaria 1718 Portugal 19 Greece 20 Albania 21 Moldova 22 Israel 23 The Netherlands 2425 United Kingdom 26 Germany #Eurovision
1. Frankrijk, 2.Oekraine (wordt waarschijnlijk Engeland), 3. Engeland, 4. IJsland, 5. Malta (dochter zegt 4), 6. Israel, 7. Azerbeidzjan. Laatste ... @sanderlantinga #Eurovision
I simply love Iceland's entry and am completely routing for them #Eurovision2021 #Eurovision
My final top 10 after the final: #Eurovision 1. Ukraine 2. Switzerland 3. Italy 4. Russia 5. Iceland 6. France 7. Moldova 8. Serbia 9. Spain 10. Cyprus
Vote ! Lithuania Switzerland Iceland #Eurovision
So clearly Iceland were the best and should win, Ukraine close second. Malta, Moldova, Lithuania and Azerbaijan also some good tunes. Honorary points to Germany for the weird hand and Sweden for the cute singer. #Eurovision
1. Francia France 2. Malta Malta 3. Italia Italy 4. Lituania Lithuania 5. Suiza Switzerland 6. Islandia Iceland 7. Espana Spain 8. Alemania Germany 9. Chipre Cyprus 10. Portugal Portugal #Eurovision
Ich seh schon die ganzen TikTok's vom Tanz, von #iceland. #Eurovision
I don't think anyone can have any doubt that Iceland are the clear winners. #Eurovision2021
My Top 3 : Iceland Switzerland Finland #Eurovision
1 Iceland. 2 Sweden 3 malta #Eurovision
1. Iceland Iceland 2. Finland Finland 3. Portugal Portugal #Eurovision
Top 3 once the votes are in 1. Iceland 2. Lithuania 3. France #Eurovision
It's gotta be #iceland Iceland #eurovisiesongfestival #Eurovision
I think everyone should vote for #Iceland #Eurovision2021
iceland >> #Eurovision
C'est fait ! 12- Ukraine 10- Lithuania 8- Malta 7- Switzerland 6- Russia 5- Iceland 4- Bulgaria 3- Moldova 2- San Marino 1- Belgium #Eurovision
Right: #Malta or #Iceland for me I think. #UK might scrape a few points but nothing spectacular. Bedtime for me. I cba with watching the votes come in. #Eurovision it's been a blast.
Lithuanian entry channels Bronski Beat Love it but not quite got the sheer goofyness of Iceland #Eurovision
Malta and Iceland are my favourites at the moment #Eurovision
If Iceland don't win we riot at dawn #Eurovision
Iceland Iceland #Eurovision
10 Years di @dadimakesmusic e la versione islsndese di Dieci di @NaliOfficial? #Eurovision #Eurovision2021 #ISL #ESCita #ESCitalia
I don't care what #isl do, I always love them. Nerds rule #Eurovision
Thank you Iceland for bringing the weird to Eurovision. Face sweaters and wiggling bums: that's how it's done!! #Eurovision
#Eurovision #iceland @dadimakesmusic amazing! Couldn't tweet cause i too busy enjoying it
Im obsessed with iceland man #Eurovision
Iceland! Love it! I want one of those sweaters. #Eurovision2021 #Eurovision
Matt riddle #Eurovision sang for Iceland
ICELAND!!! #Eurovision2021
Voglio fare parte del giro di amici di Dadi Freyr. Secondo me si divertono un sacco tra coretti e coreografie cosi #Eurovision #escita #esc2021
#ISL LOVE everything about this song . I would love this to win @bbceurovision #OpenUp #Eurovision pure fun
Definitivamente voy con #ICE. Despues de Lordi, lo mejor. #Eurovision
#ISL #Eurovision
Go Iceland #Eurovision
#Eurovision ISL . :D :D :D Funky AF. How can you not love it?
Really disappointed that Iceland aren't singing JaJa ding dong #Eurovision
#Eurovision #Eurovision2021 Waiting for Iceland to sing Volcano Man!
Meine Favs vorab (snippets gehoert): 1. ISL 2. UK 3. MLT 4. FIN 5. SWE #Eurovision
So sorry that the winners of #Eurovision 2020 can't be there in person to defend their title. Love you, Dadi Freyr
Woooooo Iceland Iceland #Eurovision
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