Status: Eliminated
Artist: Blind Channel
Song: Dark Side
Started: Semi-Final 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @BlindChannelFIN
Instagram: @blindchannel
#Eurovision Italy was awesome beyond words! I hope they win and that Switzerland goes second Love Love Love Love France was awesome too, and Finland. Germany and Iceland the funniest and cutest Love
ooof it's so hard to choose only one favorite but I really loved Lithuania, Cyprus, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Finland, San Marino and Azerbaijan everyone really did a great job with their performances tho, good luck to everyone Love #Eurovision
My #Eurovision top 5: 1) Iceland (obvs) 2) Switzerland (he's just so cute) 3) Finland (don't @ me) 4) France (the things I'd let that woman do to me) 5) Norway (the cheese we needed) Bonus shoutout to The Netherlands for an epic entry, great show, & making me miss the NL
Beautiful performance from Victoria always liked this song and hers last year but knowing the message adds so much more. What a wonderful young lady. Hope she does well. Finland I liked again too. #Eurovision
Well for me it's either #Iceland or #Finland for the win! Enjoyed this years show was very entertaining thanks @grahnort Looking forward to the voting part now always great entertainment! #ice #den #Eurovision
im the farthest thing from being a heavy metal fan but...i hope finland wins lol #Eurovision
Liked Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, France. If any of them win I'll be happy. Couldn't bare Malta or Italy to win. Pure hype! #Eurovision2021
I( Italy ) voted for these wonderful countries Azerbaijan Ukraine Finland Lithuania good luck everyone. #Eurovision
Sidebar, (and my TV/sound geeks will like this) I am LOVING the big points music/soundbite whenever its announced (as seen with Finland and Lithuania) Infact, this year's sound design is sensational! someone please rip these sounds for future enjoyment! #Eurovision
Let's do this then. I really like Finland, Iceland, Greece, and Sweden entrys. Also Nikkie Tutorials looks STUNNING. Beautiful dress Love #Eurovision
Never in my life have I ever wanted to vote during #EUROVISION but #FIN and #ITA are the two acts I hope will win and I voted for the first ever time, if either one win I will be extremely happy
I also LOVE this. My musical taste is all over the place! Come on Finland, this is what you do best and this is excellent!!!! I hope this does really well tonight #Eurovision
I love Germany, Italy, Finland, Iceland and Lithuania's entries, but want Germany, Iceland or Italy to win. Germany and Iceland for sheer camp joy, and Italy because Bi Panic: Goth Edition #Eurovision2021 #eurovision
Outside of Ireland's victories, Lordi is probably my favourite Eurovision winner. They represented #Finland back in 2006. Fingers crossed #FIN win tonight Finland Finland Finland #Eurovision
Ok here's my Top 3 #Eurovision 1. Italy Italy #ITA 2. Finland Finland #FIN 3. Malta Malta #MLT Love some good rock music and appreciate people singing in their country's language. And Malta's song honestly was a bop, even though I usually don't like pop music
Finland were amazing I really hope they win! #Eurovision
It's a good thing I can't vote. I can't choose between Ukraine Italy Germany and Finland It's been a great #Eurovision this year! So happy we got to watch from Canada
it's one of the best Grand Finale, I must admit. So many great songs that went straight to my spotify playlist. Very tough competition. But so far my faves must be Lithuania, Ukraine, Iceland, Serbia and Finland. #Eurovision #Eurovision2021
I'm so glad there's a limit to the votes one can give lol #Eurovision #ESC2021 Sent 10 votes to FIN, two to ITA, and one each to Albania, Russia, Island, Moldova, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Sweden and San Marino XD Absolutely couldn't decide despite knowing I really wanna see FIN win!
Good evening Europe, this is London calling! Thank you for a beautiful night, and here are the points that matter from the UK jury: 12: Cyprus #CYP 10: Finland #FIN 8: Ukraine #UKR #Eurovision
faves: #Eurovision iceland (no. 1 it's the best) finland ITALYY france russia (underrated af besties) if u disagree then gain taste
I still cannot believe I liked Russia's song as much as I did. Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Finland and that one with El Diablo were really good. Enjoyed Ukraine somehow but yeah, Italy for the win. Don't be tasteless, Europe #eurovision
In no particular order: Malta, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Norway and Sweden are the ones I liked most. I will be happy with any of them to win although there are a couple of others as well. #Eurovision
I love how Finland always wins happiest country polls and always sends death metallers to #Eurovision
Okay here's my top 5 Finland Finland Italy Italy Netherlands The Netherlands Malta Malta Germany Germany But I think Malta is more likely to win so I'm rooting for Malta Malta #Eurovision
In our #Eurovision lucky dip, my Neil Diamond, Westlife and Take That loving mother picked Finland. She's still can't quite believe what she heard. I thought it was great
I'm so glad that Finland performed right after Germany so I can think of better things real quick during the recaps lmao #Eurovision
No matter what happens, I'm still so proud of @BlindChannelFIN and @thisismaneskin tonight and forever! Congrats on everything tonight, you did a fantastic job representing rock and metal! Joint tour together pls? #Eurovision
Ugh loved Iceland, Russia, Italy and Finland ... never liked more than one act so I'm kinda surprised. #Eurovision got better kinda? There's an act for every taste lmao
#esc2021 Russia, Portugal, Germany, Finland, Netherlands.... All my favorites... But my winner is ITALY !!! So good!!
I still adore #FIN. They still have zero chance of winning. #Eurovision
My post-screamo heart is with #Finland, but I'm rooting for #Switzerland anyway bc this guy really hit my heart. Both and many more definetly deserve the win, this year was finally great again! #esc #Eurovision #schweiz
I'm watching @Eurovision there's a#so many great songs! Some of my favs Switzerland, Spain, Finland, France,The Netherlands, Sweden. By everyone's a winner! I'll be downloading the album #Eurovision2021
#Eurovision2021 Best vocalist: Malta Best piece of music: France Best song: Finland Who my house wants to win so they get to see the attractive singer on stage again: Azerbaijan
Love Finland or Italy to win Reckon Iceland or Lithuania will win I'd buy the French entry UK ... No chance #Eurovision2021
Well #Eurovision #Eurovision2021 #Finland #fin What an incredible song.... They just win?!?!?
Countries I think will do well tonight: Cyprus , Iceland , Azerbaijan and San Marino Really hoping Finland will win. Less likely to win but oddly catchy: Russia , Malta , Lithuania , Ukraine and Sweden I don't think United Kingdom will end up at the bottom spot this year, my gue
Okay going for Finland to win, but I also put £2.50 each way on Switzerland at 16/1. If it goes on much longer I'll probably have backed them all. Love #Eurovision
I've gone into the grand final completely blind which is quite fun #RUS definitely my favourite so far! #Eurovision
I swear the voting in 2016 is more exciting since you can really give the spotlight to the televote winner. I mean, we don't know if Finland or Ukraine won the televote. #EUROVISION
Just started watching #Eurovision2021 and I don't care what anyone else sounded like, #Finland's #HeavyMetal entry with @BlindChannelFIN is the winner for me. Great song! #Eurovision #BlindChannelFIN
OK, so after the recap: Finland ACTUALLY good, Lithuania better on second listen France unapologetically and wonderfully, French Bulgaria, beautiful And ALL winners #Eurovision
What a great contest this year, some really amazing performances! I hope Finland or Iceland take the crown #Eurovision
Fun fact: Lordi is the only Eurovision act I actually went to see live afterwards. And yes, they were awesome. #FIN #Eurovision
#eurovision shortlist: Cyprus Russia Finland Bulgaria Lithuania Ukraine Norway Doubt any of these will win but I enjoyed them! Soooo glad it's back this year Love Love Love
16 Finland Finland - THAT WAS FANTASTIC- I actually love the song!! Limp Biscuit and Linkin Park eat their hearts out - I actually loved this #Eurovision #Eurovision2021 #finland
My top choices tonight: Ukraine, Finland, Iceland. Memorable and fun. Maybe also Germany for making me actually laugh out loud #Eurovision
I'm just wondering if these guys are the kids of any of the lovely, warm and friendly, soft-spoken Finns I work with!? #Finland Love #Eurovision #OpenUp
Let's do this! Could Dadi from Iceland win? I'll also accept Finland or Ukraine winning. #Eurovision #euroviisut
These are the top 10. Might not necessarily be in the right order. But that's your bangers. Now the voting! Good luck all. Iceland Italy Sui Portugal Finland Greece Lithuania Malta France Norway #Eurovision
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