Britain's Got Talent announces 2023 winner
DigitalSpy Sun 4th Jun 2023 22:45
VOTE for your BGT 2023 WINNER!
ITV Sun 4th Jun 2023 21:31
Magician Cillian O'Connor makes Ant disappear!
ITV Sun 4th Jun 2023 20:56
It's the SUPERHERO we all need: Tonikaku!
ITV Sun 4th Jun 2023 20:18
BGT announces wildcard pick for 2023 final
DigitalSpy Sun 4th Jun 2023 20:15
Inside the Britain's Got Talent judges' luxurious houses
MailOnline Sun 4th Jun 2023 15:20
Your BGT 2023 FINALIST line-up!
ITV Sat 3rd Jun 2023 12:00
Simon Cowell puffs on a vape as he leaves BGT filming
MailOnline Sat 3rd Jun 2023 09:14
Britain's Got Talent chooses its last finalists
DigitalSpy Fri 2nd Jun 2023 22:30
The vote is now CLOSED
ITV Fri 2nd Jun 2023 21:31
Don't worry... Tonikaku's STILL WEARING!
ITV Fri 2nd Jun 2023 21:28
A FIN-TASTIC performance by The Pixiebelles!
ITV Fri 2nd Jun 2023 21:05
Semi-Finalists REVEALED: Live Show 5
ITV Fri 2nd Jun 2023 12:00
Amanda Holden appears to go NAKED as she takes a dip
MailOnline Fri 2nd Jun 2023 11:22
BGT's Simon Cowell and Ant McPartlin hit with pies
DigitalSpy Fri 2nd Jun 2023 00:45
Britain's Got Talent 2023 confirms next finalists
DigitalSpy Thu 1st Jun 2023 23:00
2022 WINNER Axel Blake is back… IN STYLE!
ITV Thu 1st Jun 2023 21:51
BGT's Noodle revealed to be former finalist
DigitalSpy Thu 1st Jun 2023 21:30
Vote for your favourite Act from Semi-Final 4!
ITV Thu 1st Jun 2023 21:28
SPARKS FLY when Duo Odyssey take to the sky!
ITV Thu 1st Jun 2023 21:15
Cheeky schoolboys Boycanto PIE SIMON COWELL!
ITV Thu 1st Jun 2023 21:00
ITV Thu 1st Jun 2023 20:50
The voice of NOODLE is REVEALED!
ITV Thu 1st Jun 2023 20:15
Mr Blobby GATECRASHES the Semi-Finals!
ITV Thu 1st Jun 2023 20:10
Semi-Finalists REVEALED: Live Show 4
ITV Thu 1st Jun 2023 12:00
BGT star Bruno Tonioli swears again on live TV
DigitalSpy Thu 1st Jun 2023 02:00
Vote for your favourite Act from Semi-Final 3!
ITV Wed 31st May 2023 21:28
Toy Toy Toy's AMAZING YO-YO stunts!
ITV Wed 31st May 2023 21:23
Ghetto Kids' MOVES and ENERGY are off the scale!
ITV Wed 31st May 2023 21:15
Dance group Notorious are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL!
ITV Wed 31st May 2023 20:52
Miki Dark brings a SLICE of DANGER!
ITV Wed 31st May 2023 20:28
Semi-Finalists REVEALED: Live Show 3
ITV Wed 31st May 2023 12:00
BGT judge Bruno swears during live semi-final
DigitalSpy Wed 31st May 2023 09:00
BGT reveals more live finalists for finale
DigitalSpy Tue 30th May 2023 22:15
ITV Tue 30th May 2023 21:48
ITV Tue 30th May 2023 21:33
Vote for your favourite Act from Semi-Final 2!
ITV Tue 30th May 2023 21:29
BGT's Ant McPartlin updates fans on back injury
DigitalSpy Tue 30th May 2023 21:15
You CAN'T STOP Nathan and Joanne!
ITV Tue 30th May 2023 20:36
Semi-Finalists REVEALED: Live Show 2
ITV Tue 30th May 2023 12:00
Britain's Got Talent reveals first finalists
DigitalSpy Mon 29th May 2023 22:45
The vote is now CLOSED!
ITV Mon 29th May 2023 21:39
Incredible UPLIFTING dance by Musa Motha
ITV Mon 29th May 2023 21:30
BGT's Ant McPartlin takes a tumble in live show
DigitalSpy Mon 29th May 2023 21:30
POWERHOUSE Amy Lou covers a Dreamgirls CLASSIC!
ITV Mon 29th May 2023 21:23
Abi Carter-Simpson's modern day FAIRY TALES!
ITV Mon 29th May 2023 21:15
Illusionist Enzo Weyne makes Dec DISAPPEAR!
ITV Mon 29th May 2023 20:50
Ichikawa Koikuchi's sym-FART-ny of Canon in D
ITV Mon 29th May 2023 20:40
Gamal John's got us dancin' 'til September!
ITV Mon 29th May 2023 20:38
Semi-Finalists REVEALED: Live Show 1
ITV Mon 29th May 2023 13:00
BGT judges hit Golden Buzzer after crowd chanting
DigitalSpy Sat 27th May 2023 22:15
Are you ready for the LIVE FINALS!?
ITV Sat 27th May 2023 21:00
HIGH-FLYING couple soar through the air!
ITV Sat 27th May 2023 20:42
ITV Sat 27th May 2023 20:34
HILARIOUS Nurse has everyone in STITCHES!
ITV Sat 27th May 2023 20:24
ROBOTIC routine pushes the Judges' buttons!
ITV Sat 27th May 2023 20:19
SINGING DOG covers Alesha Dixon's 'Breathe Slow'
ITV Sat 27th May 2023 20:07
BGTeaser: A singing dog? NO WAY!
ITV Fri 26th May 2023 17:00
ITV Thu 25th May 2023 10:00
Simon Cowell makes joke about his own face on BGT
DigitalSpy Sat 20th May 2023 22:00
Apply now for Britain's Got Talent 2024!
ITV Sat 20th May 2023 21:40
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS C Lights bring the energy!
ITV Sat 20th May 2023 20:52
Rubik's Cube WHIZZ creates portrait of BRUNO!
ITV Sat 20th May 2023 20:37
Lilliana is a POWERHOUSE of drama!
ITV Sat 20th May 2023 20:15
Got talent? WhatsApp us!
ITV Sat 20th May 2023 11:04
BGT sees Bruno press his Golden Buzzer again
DigitalSpy Sun 14th May 2023 22:15
Gamal gets Bruno's SECOND GOLDEN BUZZER!!??
ITV Sun 14th May 2023 20:56
YEE-HAW! The crowd go BANANAS for The Queens!
ITV Sun 14th May 2023 20:20
Orchestra play music with TOYS!
ITV Sun 14th May 2023 20:00
It's Opera as you've NEVER seen it before!
ITV Sat 13th May 2023 15:00
BGT fans think they have figured out Mr Blobby's identity
MailOnline Sun 7th May 2023 13:44
BGT plunged into chaos with Mr Blobby contestant
DigitalSpy Sat 6th May 2023 22:45
ITV Sat 6th May 2023 21:15
Mr Blobby SLIMES Simon Cowell!!
ITV Sat 6th May 2023 21:00
Comedian's CHEEKY dig at Amanda Holden!
ITV Sat 6th May 2023 20:55
BGTeaser: Mr Blobby's CHAOTIC magic show!
ITV Fri 5th May 2023 12:00
BGT judge responds to 'fix' claims
DigitalSpy Tue 2nd May 2023 17:15
Britain's Got Talent fans have been left in shock
MailOnline Sun 30th Apr 2023 16:50
BGT's Amanda finds her Golden Buzzer act
DigitalSpy Sat 29th Apr 2023 22:45
SINGING CAT Noodle has us fee-line good!
ITV Sat 29th Apr 2023 20:45
SENSATIONAL Ruby Sinclair is a dancing QUEEN!
ITV Sat 29th Apr 2023 20:28
Dogs SCOOT onto the stage!
ITV Sat 29th Apr 2023 20:23
Bruno's in TEARS over HEAVENLY vocals!
ITV Sat 29th Apr 2023 20:12
ITV Sat 29th Apr 2023 13:00
Romeo & Icy's SLICK MOVES are smooth as SILK!
ITV Fri 28th Apr 2023 12:00
Britain's most complained about broadcasts
MailOnline Thu 27th Apr 2023 10:11
BGT judges stunned by 'naked' model
DigitalSpy Sat 22nd Apr 2023 23:15
EMOTIONAL Mum gives up audition for daughter!
ITV Sat 22nd Apr 2023 21:17
The Mona Lisa comes ALIVE on stage!
ITV Sat 22nd Apr 2023 20:23
ITV Sat 22nd Apr 2023 20:20
Ashley Banjo breaks silence after wife split
DigitalSpy Sat 22nd Apr 2023 18:15
BGTeaser: Male STRIPPERS surprise The Judges!
ITV Fri 21st Apr 2023 16:00
BGTeaser: Don't worry, he's wearing... PANTS!
ITV Fri 21st Apr 2023 16:00
Magician REVEALS his trick with HUGE plot twist!
ITV Fri 21st Apr 2023 14:00
BGT hit with hundreds of complaints for fire stunt
DigitalSpy Thu 20th Apr 2023 17:00
Bake Offa€tms Matt Lucas reunites with David Walliams
DigitalSpy Wed 19th Apr 2023 12:15
Why Bruno Tonioli is the change BGT needed
DigitalSpy Wed 19th Apr 2023 11:00
BGT's Simon Cowell opens up on David Walliams exit
DigitalSpy Tue 18th Apr 2023 13:30
BGT star gives birth after incredible audition
DigitalSpy Mon 17th Apr 2023 11:45
Alesha Dixon looks incredible in a sheer red corset
MailOnline Mon 17th Apr 2023 00:49
BGT's Simon Cowell hits his Golden Buzzer
DigitalSpy Sun 16th Apr 2023 22:45
The most DANGEROUS way to solve a Rubik's Cube!
ITV Sun 16th Apr 2023 20:57
Contestant uses Bruno as HUMAN OBSTACLE COURSE!
ITV Sun 16th Apr 2023 20:51
ITV Sun 16th Apr 2023 20:10
ADORABLE dance group light up the stage!
ITV Sun 16th Apr 2023 19:55
The Nation's favourite dish: PASTY and PEAS!
ITV Sun 16th Apr 2023 19:48
INCREDIBLE Yo-Yo artists perform in SYNC!
ITV Sun 16th Apr 2023 14:00
BGT's Simon Cowell teases Golden Buzzer changes
DigitalSpy Sun 16th Apr 2023 10:30