Cillian O’Connor

Status: In
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: ---
Latest Odds: 150.00
Implied Chances: 1%
Twitter: @CilliansMagic
Instagram: @cilliansmagic
Positive affirmation BGT and we loved @CilliansMagic winning hearts and minds “autism is not a disability but my ability” . What a super talented young man you are #Autism #BGT
Still thinking about how good Cillian the magician was on last night's #BGT he was so brave and in his element!! Looking forward to seeing what he brings next… more of that cheeky humour too please 🤪 🪄
Best magic show I have ever seen! @CilliansMagic brought tears to my eyes. Very entertaining. @BGT #bgt #BGT2023
Think Cillian will win final ? #BGT
I'm so happy for cillian that he went through. Cillian has autism as I do meself. I can't explain how nervous he would of been before going on to the stage infront of thousands could be months or weeks of worry never mind worrying about doing his act on the stage. Well done #BGT
Aww Cillian is a sweet magician #BGT
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