Steve Royle

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @steveroylecomic
Instagram: @steveroylecomic
Vote! Vote! Vote! #BGT One of the nicest, funniest people I have ever worked with, he's a real genuine guy and so talented. Good luck @steveroylecomic
If you have a spare moment please download the #bgt app and vote for Steve Royle tonight. He's not only a naturally very funny and talented artist but he's a top bloke as well. He helped us with a fundraiser a few years ago - a very genuine chap - please help him win tonight !
I had the pleasure of working with @steveroylecomic when I was at @BBCLancashire. He deserves to win the #BGT final so much. What a great performance that was - good luck Steve!
Please let @steveroylecomic win I proper lol 3 times, especially when he referenced #rishisunak 'this bloke cannot be retrained' Perfect time for funny folk to rise to the top #BGT
What a laugh @steveroylecomic is. Good fun. Lovely to see the family :-) Well done #BGT
#BritainsGotTalent #BGT My second choice for the winner would be comedy entertainer Steve Royl. He's opened for the #RoyalVarietyPerformance, but it would be fantastic for him to be a main act. He's really funny and likeable
Voting for Steve Royle for BGT winner! A brilliant funny man and even came to @BurscoughPriory back in the day when I organised the comedy nights! He deserves it! Go Steve!! #BGT #SteveRoyle
Absolutely fantastic @steveroylecomic - you're amazing and I so hope you win. #BGT #gotmyvote
Love Steve Royal , I'm hoping he wins tonight, all acts are fab but he reminds me of #normanwisdon #bgt
Good luck @steveroylecomic smash it tonight. All the best. Enjoy your special night #BGT #mywinner
I cannot say how much I love @steveroylecomic and really hope he wins #BGT, proper daft, old-fashioned fun.
VOTE STEVE ROYLE @steveroylecomic proper old school! Hilarious, brilliant and gotta win! #BGT @bgt #BritainsGotTalent
My boys absolutely loved @steveroylecomic laughing their heads off! I find funny blokes like Steve pretty attractive. A man can laugh you into bed. #bgt
So far I think Steve Royle has had the most consistently polished act. I would dearly love an act of colour to win though: it'd be the cherry on top of a series that has stood up against racism throughout. #bgt
Steve is my winner. He made me laugh & I actually enjoyed his performance. He is the perfect act for the Royal Variety because he has variety. Laughter is just what we need in our lives right now. #BGT #bgtfinal
Brilliant @steveroylecomic . Laugh out loud funny. Well done!! #BGT #BGTfinal
Brilliant top three well done Steve come on John #BGT2020 #BGT
That was fantastic. Laughing so much right now . Really hope you win the Final. #BGT @steveroylecomic
That was brilliant Well done Steve! #BGT #bgtfinal Best act so far tonight by miles.
Download the BGT app and vote for @steveroylecomic later. He's gigged for us at CAN Comedy several times... he's a lovely bloke and ridiculously talented and funny. He's getting all my votes. #BGT
Steve royal on #bgt winning it so far not only had me in fits of giggles but sticking two finger up to #sunak and I could hear #itv saying shut him up as any and dec spoke to him and he said he was going to come on and wallpaper ... legend
Well done @steveroylecomic local Lancashire comedian. Was a pleasure to do your nose years ago for red nose day. I hope being 3rd in #BritainsGotTalent gives you the boost you so deserve x
Crying laughing at @steveroylecomic. Easy winner for me. Naturally funny man #BGT
Steve Royle should be the winner, classic comedy and naturally funny #BGT
Brilliant!! Love @steveroylecomic so much energy!! @RishiSunak this man cannot re train!! Comedians deserve the support of the @GOVUK #BGT #votesteve
Steve Royle #BGT amazing fantastic wow!
Oh god, I love Steve! He's incredibly funny! #BGT
Vote for my mate @steveroylecomic #BGT let variety win xxx use the 5 app votes come on xxx
Got to be Steve Royle to win. Something new and refreshing for once and an ultra talented guy. Just what we need more of. THE stand out act this year. #BGT #bgtfinal
All 5 votes for the lovely @steveroylecomic .. absolute legend and all round love guy! #BritainsGotTalent
Steve Royle to win !!!! He was amazing !!!! Everyone vote for him #BGT
Brilliant performance from Steve royle laughing all the way through #BGT #bgtfinal #funny
Steve would be absolutely brilliant on the royal variety, such a genuinely funny guy #BGT
Brilliant performance from Steve Royle laughing all the way through #BGT #bgtfinal #funny
Really hope @steveroylecomic wins #bgtfinal #BGT tonight. Guy who has genuinely worked hard for years, actually funny with no agenda
Steve has such a good chance at winning this though #BGT
I worked with Steve Royle at a variety show for charity several years ago. He's a lovely bloke and naturally funny too. #BGT
That was funny well done Steve #BGT
Ok after this I want now Steve as a winner lol #BGT
Steve royle is my fave tonight Good luck @steveroylecomic @BGT #bgtfinal #bgt2020 #bgt
Steve Royle has GOT to win. Amazing act. #BGT
Oh gosh @steveroylecomic is utterly wonderful. So glad I got to see his first audition back in February. Well deserved place in the final. #BGT
I absolutely loved @steveroylecomic and I am gutted he didn't win. He was silly and funny and just what we all need at the moment! #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
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