St Anne's Gospel Choir

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Auditions 1
Twitter: @StAnnes_N13
Instagram: @stannesgospelchoir
St Anne's Gospel Choir was a great way to open the show! Uplifting, Joyous and togetherness. Exactly what we need at this time. Well done #BGT
Congratulations @StAnnes_N13 Absolutely nailed it! Stunning performance & well deserved to go through. Enjoy #BGT
Uplifting and so passionate. Thank you @StAnnes_N13! Just what the doctor ordered, bringing the smiles. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Fantastic to see St Anne's Gospel Choir on #BGT tonight. School choirs bring music to life and develop unbounded confidence. Amazing.
WoW!! What an honour for #StAnnesGospelChoir to open tonight's @BGT show and season! WE GOT 4 YESES #BGT We are all beaming with such pride and thank everyone for their support!! @antanddec @emelisande #YouGottaLetLoveShineThrough
Congratulations to @StAnnes_N13 for an amazing audition on @BGT #BGT #singingoutloud #inspirational
St Anne's Gospel Choir were incredible but I'm bias given I love the @emelisande track 'Shine'. #BGT
Well done to @StAnnes_N13 gospel choir on #BGT tonight. Of course they got 4 yeses - they were brilliant!
Great to see Miss Geraci of @StAnnes_N13 doing high fives with Ant & Dec!! Well done St Anne's. So proud! #BGT
I'm literally balling my eyes out for St Anne's Gospel Choir @BGT #StAnnesGospelChoir Hope through music Love Love #BGT
Well done @StAnnes_N13 we loved that #BGT
so proud of my old secondary school doing brilliantly on #BGT tonight @StAnnes_N13
Amazing start to #BGT St Anne's Gospel Choir Can you sing jingles too ?
The DAZZLING St Anne's Gospel Choir take their moment to SHINE! | BGT 2020 via @YouTube #BGT New choir
#Enfield kicked off @BGT #BritainsGotTalent tonight with a fantastic performance by the @StAnnes_N13 Choir. #SoProud of our young people. #CultureInEnfield
me right now watching St Anne's Gospel Choir on #BritainsGotTalent So happy that this show is back on my Saturnday Night TV
Strong start from the St Anne's gospel choir #BGT
Proud mum moment. Whether you love or loathe #BGT these ladies shone tonight #StAnnesGospelChoir a light in the darkness
It's a YES for St Anne's Gospel Choir Aaron #BGT
#BritainsGotTalent st Anne's choir were really good, but wasn't me or did the camera only pick out the non white singers ? Couldn't help but notice it tbh . . .
First up tonight are St Anne's Gospel Choir, how well do you think they'll do? - Aaron #BGT
As if St Anne's are on #BGT reminds me of my school days not talking to any of their students on the 329 bus to Enfield Town!
St Anne's School in #BGT
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