Sign Along With Us

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Yay! I'm so happy it was between them both. Both deserved to win. I'm so emotional that Sign Along With Me got to second place. They should be so proud of themselves getting this far. Well done to @antanddec too for their golden buzzer act winning the show #BGT
I love @signalongwithus . Very heartwarming emotional and cute. Very relevent during these times as well. We need something like this to cheer us all up at this time. They are so refreshing. I don't think they will win though #BGT
WOW performance of the night for me so far from Sign Along With Us. The best song choice, so moving and emotional. I think they will win they are the perfect winners for 2020. And them winning would annoy so many people, the perfect end to this #BGT if they do it.
Argh Jade! What an absolutely beautiful performance, brought tears to my eyes, again! Love You should all be very proud of yourselves .@signalongwithus just stunning .@BGT #BGT2020
That sign along with us performance was just so beautiful I felt every word sang with passion & pride these guys have to win Love Love Love #BGT #bgtfinal
So so so proud of @signalongwithus even if you don't watch the show please download the BGT app and use the 5 free votes to vote for them to win they 1000000% deserve the win & no matter what they've won in my eyes #BGT #BritainsGotTalent please vote they are incredible
Amazing performance from @signalongwithus and as we say in @Girlguiding Well done, well done, well done #BGT
Oh wow was really expecting sign with us to win. Well done John you have amazing talent too. #BGT
Sign Along With Us are by far the best #BGT act this year, thank you @signalongwithus for promoting inclusivity & just genuinely being so amazing & talented If you see this on your timeline make sure you vote for them, you get 5 free votes via the BGT app please vote for them
This is making me emotional @signalongwithus you were my winners but you should be so proud of coming 2nd!! So amazing! Love #BGT
I actually adore @signalongwithus Amazing and the songs they've chosen have been perfect Love #BGT
Aww loved that performance from @signalongwithus highlight of the final really want them to win now Love #BGT #bgtfinal United Kingdom
#BritainsGotTalent #Signalongwithus my heart goes with you all. Brilliant energy and passion. Second isn't a loss, it's a huge achievement. Well done
The winner I wanted! But not who I thought would win. Honestly thought Sign Along With Us would win. Well done John! #BGT #bgtfinal #BritainsGotTalent
You don't have long left to VOTE on #BGT United Kingdom Make every vote count, VOTE @signalongwithus Love Bring JOY and HOPE to all tonight #signalongwithus #bgtfinal You get 5 free votes on 6 devices on the Britain's Got Talent app OR CALL 6442406 on Or 09020442406 on #BGT2020
I can't even say how happy I am that @signalongwithus are in the finale. They are incredible. I use makaton and sign language at work every day and the impact it has for some of my residents is amazing to see. #BGT #bgtfinal #BGT2020
#BGT2020 #Signalongwithus well done you are my winner Love Love Love Love Love
Right.... There's an act on #bgtfinal from Heywood Don't normally do this, but my really good mate @alexduncan7 daughter is part of the group, and they are AMAZING Do me a favour, and VOTE NOW for #signalongwithus #BGT #bgt
Super excited to see @signalongwithus tonight on #bgt #bgtfinal . Brill performance and we have loved watching and supporting you all @RochdaleMusic @RochdaleCouncil
Another fantastic act. Let's normalise sign language on television. I loved going to sign & sing groups as a kid. Awesome work @signalongwithus #BGT #BGTFinal
Well done @signalongwithus you did amazing Love #bgtfinal #bgt
Absolutely brilliant !! Thankyou for sharing your joy with us all #signalongwithus #bgt
VOTE VOTE VOTE Easiest way to vote download the app, get 5 free votes and you can register on 6 devices!! You can also ring from a landline 09020 44 24 06 or for a mobile ring 6 44 24 06. BEST OF LUCK @signalongwithus #ThisIsMe #bgtfinal #bgt2020
Omg I'm an emotional wreck! Tears of joy at #Signalongwithus Love #bgt great performance
Good luck Sign Along with Us Love Love . A very heart warming act #BGT
I just adore @signalongwithus Love haveing a child with special needs myself they just show u can achieve anything if u try xx @BGT #bgt
Love to see sign along win great personalities #BGT
Not many would claim they are the most talented but in these dark times it's wonderful to see such a joyous performance. There going to be a lot of the public right behind them. #BGT #britainsgottalent #bgtfinal #signalongwithus
#bgt Better than ALL the magicans put together Sign along with us - just fabulous and the Quen would love you xx
That little boy signing thank you in Makaton was so beautiful! Made me well up. Love #BGT2020 #bgtfinal #Signalongwithus
Amazing to see Sign with me in top 3 Heart warming and so much joy for them #autism #BGT2020
I don't think Sign Along With Us are the best singers, but they are still endearing, and it would be a fitting winner for this difficult year. #BGT
Well done to this young lady, who did incredible as part of @signalongwithus on #BritainsGotTalent the final 2020, coming 2nd
Sign along with us are fantastic! Nearly in tears here So inspiring! Well done all! #BGT #bgtfinal
I'm a massive fan of Sign Along With Us... Another fantastic and incredibly moving performance. They're definitely in contention tonight #BGT #BGTFinal
#bgtfinal #bgt Let's reward that inspirational performance tonight of #theclimb by the amazing #Signalongwithus - Such a deserving performance for your votes!
"A sign of hope" fabulous @signalongwithus on @BGT tonight #hope #love #bgt
#BGT you should change your name to blm got talent absolute sham, @SimonCowell be interesting to see who wins... C'mon sign along with us, well deserve to win
Sign language needs more scope this is what this act proves. Sign language is not recognised enough. I'm pleased that they have given this a platform and they are not letting their deafness and disabilities define them . Amazing and inspirational @signalongwithus #BGT
Used all my votes on sign along with us hope they win @BGT #BGT2020 Love Love Love
Thank the nation John won well done to Sign along though. #BritainsGotTalent
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