Nabil Abdulrashid

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @Nabilu
Instagram: @manlikenabz
That final performance was brilliant @Nabilu I love you! You say what you want to say. It's always on point, always utterly hilarious! I hope you win because no one deserves it more than you #BGT #bgtfinal
Incredibly refreshing to see a comedian like @Nabilu on a show like #BGT and manage to touch on so many personal experiences of BAME people and important social issues whilst having you bursting out in laughter... a funny black muslim comedian in #bgtfinal in 2020, progressive
Wow. Nabil is pushing boundaries and taking risks like no comedian I've ever seen before. His act is hilarious but so exciting as well. It'd be brilliant to see him win tonight. #BGT
Nabilu has me in stitches brilliant stuff loving the Muslim jokes, it's good to laugh and joke about yourself. Boom shacka lacka #BGT
Please vote for @Nabilu to win! He really is unapologetic and I love that! Those jokes were so accurate I couldn't stop laughing #BGT #bgtfinal
Nabil to win #BGT. That is one of the best BGT acts and one of the funniest standup performances I have seen. Pushing boundaries. Hilarious.
Many worthy winners tonight but I would love to see @Nabilu win #bgt tonight #bgtfinal
#nabil is my #bgt winner. Man has got balls to go out on of the most popular shows in the UK and make jokes like that. Hilarious! I hope he wins. Ps if that made you uncomfortable/angry, you've got some things to learn.
#BGT genuinely thought Nabil was funny hope he wins, great personality
Well fucking done, Nabil. Absolutely amazing comedy, funny, hits hard, hits the truth. #bgtfinal #BritainsGotTalent
He didn't win but he said what he had to and he made people listen, that's a winner already if you ask me. Well done @Nabilu #bgt
Haven't watched #BGT for a few years but nothing else on! Wow Nabil Abdulrashid was amazing. I'm sure many many people will disagree with me. But he was amazing. I'd love to see him at the Royal Variety show. Can you imagine? #bgtfinal He was funny. Just what I needed.
Great set from @Nabilu . He's a really funny guy, a career in comedy beckons !!! Could well be tonight's winner. #BGT #bgtfinal
Nabil HAD won it for me... But then the piano guy came on Love tearjerker, clear winner for me so very british and topical United Kingdom @BGT #bgtfinal #BGT2020 #BGT
Absolutely brilliant tonight @Nabilu Well done, hilarious but also very poignant on today's issues in society and the stereotyping of people because of their colour, religion etc #BGT #BGTFinal #BritainsGotTalent
Oh, @Nabilu is just hilarious and I really hope he wins. By far the best act of the final. #BGT #BGTFinal
Got the app and voted. #BGT @Nabilu to win. Hope you have better luck than Jezza
Honestly love @Nabilu so much, he's so funny and I swear if he doesn't win he needs a stand up or something, all 5 vote for him #bgt #bgtfinal
Good Luck @Nabilu in the Final of @BGT hope you Smash it and win #BGT
I can't believe I've just downloaded the #bgt app just so I can vote for @Nabilu to win the #bgtfinal I've got you good luck!!
Nabil nabil nabil... BRILLIANT COMEDY honestly I couldn't stop laughing This guy is up there with Michael McIntyre and could even be... funnier. THAT is something I never thought I'd say #BritainsGotTalent #BGTFinal #StillLoveYouMcIntyreDW
Hahahaha @Nabilu was phenomenal. He has gotta win but man every damn racist is up in arms right now thst is what I love to see. He is just awesome. F**k you if you are offended #bgt
Given he is going to win it's a shame Nabil didn't have better material. Some of his semi material was pretty good, but how can they possibly say he won on talent with this material? #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
Absolutely love @Nabilu, he needs to win, I'm crying laughing!! #BGTFinal #NabilToWin #BGT2020
I find @Nabilu absolutely hilarious Twitter snowflakes will be all over him for touching on fundamental issues & displaying a new risque type of comedy but I sincerely hope he wins this year. #BGT2020
nabil was WONDERFUL. i screamed all the way through it. he literally went on there to rant and i am so proud and need to be best friends with him asap. especially finished with the jeremy corbyn voting joke. OBSESSED #bgt
I feel sorry for the ITV complaints staff this evening. @Nabilu, cracking set mate! Funny and powerful. #BritainsGotTalent
'Don't do me like you did Jeremy Corbyn'....yes @Nabilu So funny! Vote for Nabil to win #BritainsGotTalent
Nabil Abdulrashid is outstanding. I loved it. Man I miss seeing live comedy. Deffo hoping to get to a gig once I'm all healed up. #BGT #bgtfinal
Nabil SMASHED it. He's got to take the winner's trophy. Funniest comedian in Got Talent history. #BGTFinal #britainsgottalent
Omg @Nabilu hilaaaaarious!!!!! Absolutely smashed it - rooting for you to win!! #BritainsGotTalent
#nabilabdulrashid must win #bgtfinal #bgt #itv because he is simply, well not simply, but just, piss funny he deffo has a #lennyhenry side about him good luck lad, my vote is on you, belly laughed out loud so much
#BGT2020 Too controversial for the Royal variety.. Should have won it. I rarely watch bgt these days but @Nabilu Was a breath of fresh air. Hope something amazing comes your way mate
If @Nabilu released a stand up dvd right now I'd buy it. All three of his performances have been hilarious and even the VT was great. I know who I'm voting to win! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
How clever & funny is he @Nabilu #bgt to win.
Nabilu was just unapologetically funny what's the agenda ??? That's what comedians do make you laugh 80s jokes we're always about pakistanis it's refreshing to we're moving with the times !!! #BGT
I have, have you? @Nabilu really hoping you win. Hoping all my votes count lol as I may have voted more than once #Nabilmustwin #BritainsGotTalent @BGT
I love that all the Karen's are losing their shit over Nabil on twitter tonight. You're clever, brave and very funny mate, well done! #bgtfinal #BGT2020 @ITV #BlackLivesMatter
Nabil could genuinely have a proper standup career. I hope he wins. He deserves greatness! Not surprised there's people crying on Twitter about him. You're the butt of the jokes. Big up @Nabilu!! #BGT
Nice to see you can un roll the British flag and win @BGT. If @Nabilu had won it would have meant so much more than ANOTHER white male. Another win for the OFCOM Voters #bgt #BGT2020
when you're laughing so much at @Nabilu on #BGT that you order the wrong pizza online, wanted a Turkish veggie pizza but clicked on the one below with ham & pepperoni on it if you win you owe me a veggie pizza with extra mushrooms , good luck !! #Nabil #BGT
Ay that was brilliant @Nabilu very close to the line but that's what makes you brilliant. Great performance buddy #bgtfinal #BGT @BGT
Should have seen @Nabilu in the final of #bgt he was hilarious tonight. Well done, you did us all proud
Just goes to show BGT is an absolute fix!!! How nabil or the son & dad didn't get through to the top three is beyond me and John courtney won lol a joke #BritainsGotTalent
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