Magical Bones

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @MagicalBones
Instagram: @magicalbones
Magic Bones has me on the edge on my seat. His magic is so well polished and executed I love the story and the dance and magic fusion once again was sublime . This would be perfect for the royal variety show and this guy would be incredible on tour #BGT @MagicalBones
Ahhh he was fab!! I'd love a magician to win magical bones another good one #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
Magical Bones was amazing , that's my winner tonight- The most entertaining One Man Magic Show!! He gets my vote!! #bgt #BritainsGotTalent #magicalbones
It's TIIIIIIIIME! Magical Bones is on Britain's Got Talent RIGHT NOW!!!! Let's see if he can win #BritainsGotTalent We're very excited to welcome the #BGT finalist to The Core Theatre Solihull on Friday 9 April 2021! Book now AT
Wow Magical Bones was incredible he has to win, everyone needs to vote for him tonight #bgt
Absolutely love @MagicalBones Not only is his magic is amazing but he seems like an amazing guy! My fingers are crossed that he wins#bgt
I enjoyed that. Magical Bones is an incredible magician and dancer. I do think I preferred his semi final performance though. But still love him. Such a likeable guy. #BGT
I just love #MagicalBones, such a soothing voice, great talent & great theme / story telling. Definitely one of my favourites #BGT #BGTFinal
I liked Magical Bones again a very powerful message. Brought the entire message of his #BGT journey and tied it up nicely. I think he could win it too
Magical Bones was incredible!!!! he has to win, vote for him tonight #bgt
Cracking magic on @BGT this evening. #bgtfinal #bgt The performance of Magical Bones was great. Dancing The music choice was fabulous
Magical Bones was incredible he has to win, everyone needs to vote for him tonight" #bones #magicalbones #BGT2020 #BGT
Man like @MagicalBones smashing BGT. I remember those days down southbank where you'd try and teach me some tricks ... everyone give a vote for him tonight, this guy is the definition of hard work and deserves it! Good luck bro #BGT #bgtfinal
Good luck to @MagicalBones for tonight's @BGT final starting in 10 minutes! We were totally wowed by his illusions at our 2019 gala event & can't wait to have him perform at our Big Night In event this year too! #BigNightIn #magic #BritainsGotTalent
Magical Bones was incredible he has to win, everyone needs to vote for him tonight #bgt #magic #magicalbones #bgtfinale #bones
So who's watching the @BGT final right now? So excited that @MagicalBones is coming to us on 11 March! Go go go #magicalbones best of luck! #bgtfinal #BGT2020
Even though there's been a lot of magic so far, the standard has got better each time and Magical Bones is truly an amazing act, I hope he goes far after the competition. #bgtfinal #BritainsGotTalent
I love how @MagicalBones is always pushing the envelope by using a dance element and personal touch to his performances. I really hope Magical bones makes the top 3. He is one of 3 really good magicians in this final #BGT
MAGICAL BONES! Love Love He's so talented!! Brilliant! #BGT #bgtfinal
Magical bones had better be in the winning 4 coz that was amazing honestly still confused how he and the box disappeared!! #BritainsGotTalent
It's #BritainsGotTalent final night and we are delighted to announce that 2020 finalist @MagicalBones will be appearing on our Great Hall stage in 2021. Tickets on sale below.
Magical bones was amazing, that's my winner tonight- He's got all my votes #BGT
Did not like his first audition but everything since then has been amazing from magical bones. The production values on his act is spot on. Would love to see a full show of his @bgt #BGT
People saying that they want John to win. I don't think he will. Magical bones is better then him. I don't understand John's act. It's not my thing #BGT
One of my favourite magician acts #MagicalBones #BGT #bgtfinal he's outstanding
I would love Magical bones to win. It's something unique and totally different. @MagicalBones #BGT
Good for someone so young. I'm not keen on the honour though. Can't he just do the magic rather then comedy. It seemed basic to me. Magical bones is better then him #BGT
Good luck @MagicalBones #BGT
I think this guy has it! I hope he wins. #MagicalBones #BGT #BGTfinal
Enough with the magic acts. Where is the actual talent? Techno wizard for the win! Or Magical Bones, I like his storytelling #BGT
Would love to see him LIVE...great magician #BGT #Magicalbones @MagicalBones
Magical Bones you are indeed so magical! Love it! #BGT
Omg Magical Bones is insane. The dancing and Magic blend once again is sublime and effortless @MagicalBones #BGT
So far @MagicalBones has been my favourite by far tonight! Hope everyone will be voting for him! #BGT
#BGT I love how Magical Bones only does very little tricks but adds an important theme to it.
Magical Bones was really good... Strong performance #BGT #BGTFinal
People did their thing but to me its @magicalbones 4 the win #bgt
Here comes finalist number 5. It's time to welcome Magical Bones. #BGT #semifinal
Next up tonight is Magical Bones, is he Your Winner? - Aaron #BGT
Fuming @MagicalBones isn't in the top 3 he deserved to win!! #BGT
JUSTICE 4 MAGICAL BONES #BGT @MagicalBones - my favourite from his audition.
Magic dance And a powerful message are not easy 2 all combine but he does it and makes it look effortless Definitely see magical bones having a big career #BGT
Who's excited to see @MagicalBones on #BritainsGotTalent tonight?! He's got our vote #BGT
Magical Bones is the whole package of magic, dance and entertainment. Not small and fiddly but big and filling the whole stage. It's beautiful how he presents it all too. #BGT #bgtfinal #BritainsGotTalent
Magical Bones to win for me #BGT
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