Katherine And Joe O'Malley

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final 4
The winners of @BGT 2020 are.... KATHERINE AND JOE THE SNOWMAN!!! #BGT
Britain's Got Talent #BGT Katherine and Joe as #Elsa and #Olaf singing #IntoTheUnknown from #Frozen2 She has quite a good voice!
I laughed so much at Katherine and Joe - think I love them so much coz they're the last fragment of BGMT remaining #BGT
Will Katherine and Joe finally get their happy ever after? No, but hopefully this will lance the fucking boil and we'll never see them again. #BGT
Shall we all just completely mess up the competition and vote through Katherine and Joe (Olaf and Elsa) in the public vote and then vote for them to win in the final #BGT
Katherine and Joe - proving the applause is automated and not real. #BGT
Feel like the judges just humiliated that couple Katherine and Joe on stage laughing at them. Might of not been the best act but you as judges did put them through and they didn't deserve to be treated like that #BGT
WHY are Katherine and Joe in the semi final? Three years in a row and they finally make it to the semi final... Why? And they're butchering my favourite Frozen 2 song.... Great #BGT
I just think in the year of #Covid we should vote for Katherine and Joe. #BGT Nothing sums it up for than voting for tap dancing Olaf.
I can't wait to see what Katherine and Joe do #BGT @BGT
the only thing i can think of when watching katherine and Joe is what @StephenMulhern reaction will be whilst watching it at home #BGT
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