Jon Courtenay

Status: Winner
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @joncourtenay
Instagram: @joncourtenay
Congratulations @joncourtenay fantastic throughout an absolute joy and brilliant winner of @BGT nicely picked too @antanddec . Great #bgtfinal #BGT thank you so much for an incredible series we got there eventually eh.
. @joncourtenay for the win, Jon had me laughing and crying at every performance. Another great meaningful, powerful song beautifully and brilliantly performed. Best of luck and keeping my you have all my votes. #BGT #BGTFinal #JonCourtenay
YESSS !! So so glad @joncourtenay won, loved every single one of his performances but the one he did for the final was something special . Well done Jon and well done @antanddec on a brill golden buzzer #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
YAAAAAS!! Well done Britain @joncourtenay was the best most deserving winner for 2020! He sums up the year as a whole! He was absolutely amazing! Already excited to see him on the #royalvarietyperformance @BGT #BGT #bgtfinal #BGT2020
Yessssss @joncourtenay absolutely brilliant! Best golden buzzer in years! #bgtfinal #BGT @antanddec @BGT Really really hope he wins. Such an amazing talent.
Thoroughly deserved @joncourtenay - top talent, lovely bloke & a perfect example of an accomplished, perfected delivery of a variety act. Relevant & relatable, too. Love to see it. #BGT
I've found my winner. @joncourtenay is just absolutely brilliant at what he does. Every time he's been on his songs have made me both laugh out loud and well-up. Absolutely fantastic man and I hope he wins #BGT #bgtfinal
MY HEART IS MELTING AND I CAN'T STOP SMILING. Omg I absolutely love Jon Courtenay. He's bloody brilliant. The most lovable person ever. He could easily win. Just brilliant. #BGT
First time ever the person I have want to win #BGT has actually won Love Love Absolutely buzzing for @joncourtenay He so deserves to, has been amazing all the way through
GOOD LUCK to Mossley's Jon Courtenay who will appear in the final of Britain's Got Talent this evening. A £250,000 winners' prize and the chance to appear at the Royal Variety Show would top off an unbelievable experience which has surpassed every dream. #BGT
Jon Love Love Love Love Love that was sooo good, so uplifting, so positive. really want him to win. #BritainsGotTalent #bgt
All fab acts on @BGT tonight but only one winner for me @joncourtenay - so bang on the money for 2020! #BritainsGotTalent #WeWillCarryOn
The correct top 3 and a well deserved winner! Well done @joncourtenay absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! @BGT #BritainsGotTalent
That was brilliant Jon. I absolutely loved it! It had everything in that performance! Laughter, uplifting, emotion. You're a deserving winner tonight! Fingers crossed #BGT #bgtfinal @BGT
Okay, tonight's winner HAS to be either Jon Courtney or Steve Royale tonight. Both had me absolutely crying with laughter, and Jon Courtney is EXACTLY what BGT is all about. We need that kind of old-fashioned entertainment. Absolutely outstanding! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Woop woop well done #BGT Jon courtney well deserved winner!! Perfect for Royal variety!!
Wow that was so emotional. Brilliantly funny and so moving at the same time. Perfect as always! #BGT #BGTFinal #JonCourtenay
Wow just wow @joncourtenay you are a superstar. Your act was so current so real so relatable. No matter what you are my winner. I think tonight Jon you made the whole country smile, even more special as its #mentalhealthday. We all need a Jon in our lives!! #BGT
Well done Jon Courtenay for actually being a funny comedian on tonight's #BGT #BGTFinal no childish gags, no racism, just humour that brings us all together.
So happy Jon won, lovely guy and deserving winner #bgt
#BGT: I've got to say it... @joncourtenay has literally captured every single moment of 2020, and thrown it into a song that was clever, emotional and really made me think. What a year. Well done Jon. I truly hope that you win! L
WINNER Huge congratulations to Mossley's Jon Courtenay who has won the Britain's Got Talent Final. Absolutely amazing!! #BGT
Seeing @RealMattLucas on the stage for the Les Miserables ensemble during the final of @BGT made me and the people I'm watching with just smile in joy! Sometimes this show gives us the happiness we all need, let's hope Jon Courtenay wins the whole thing! #BGT2020
How amazing is that though, @antanddec are celebrating 30 years in showbiz and their golden buzzer act @joncourtenay wins! So proud of all them #BGT
Genuinely best line up of finalists in years - all three deserved it! Well done @joncourtenay though, you put a smile on the nations face when we most needed it United Kingdom #BGT #BGTFinal
I think my ultimate #BGT winner is #JonCourtenay, different, talented & funny. Just great #BGTFinal
Yay!!!!! Well done @joncourtenay , a worthy Britain's Got Talent winner!! #BGT #BGTfinal
WOW! What a brilliant, brilliant last act! You were amazing, @joncourtenay! You moved me to tears #BGT
I voted Good luck, Jon. I really hope he wins! #BGT
Well done @joncourtenay on another great performance! You've done all you can now, best of luck!! #BritainsGotTalent
5 votes for the brilliant @joncourtenay on BGT! Had the pleasure to be on cruises with him throughout the years and he was as amazing then as he is now! Thoroughly deserved mate!!!#BGT2020
Such a deserving winner, huge congratulations @joncourtenay!! Loved every moment of his performance and so happy! #BGT
#BritainsGotTalent #BGT I have my hopes high that comedy singer Jon Courtenay will be the winner. He is a breath of fresh air, a genuinely enjoyable act, and a really nice guy
Definitely saved the best till last, that really touched me that did. Well done @joncourtenay #BGT2020 #BGTFINAL My winner whatever the results!! @BGT
Well done @joncourtenay you are amazing, well deserved winner #BGT2020
I am absolutely chuffed. Loved Jon Courtenay so much every single time he was on stage. He always had me smiling and laughing and crying. Such a deserved winner. I'm absolutely so happy #BGT
Jon Courtenay is my winner! Amazing. Made me laugh and cry. Fantastic summary of the year so far. Fantastic act right through #BGT #BGT2020
Most deserved winner of BGT since day one. Superb @joncourtenay Congratulations #BGT
#BGT fully deserved!! Well done Jon!! Couldn't happen to a more genuine person!! Superb!!
Absolutely awesome to see local talent win Britain's Got Talent. Nice one Jon. #BritainsGotTalent
Best #BGT2020 final I think we've had! So many deserved winners but for me it's #joncourtenay Perfection in every way!
i remember seeing @joncourtenay on QV . watching him on #bgt reminds me of why i love him, amazing every time. he deserves to win! @antanddec golden buzzer for a reason! @BGT
If only I could vote in #BGT finals Jon Courtenay 100% winner he was amazing Love #BGT2020 #Winner
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