Johannes Stoetter

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Auditions 8
Johannes was brilliant an Attraction style act I really liked it just like the earlier climate choir such a great and powerful message #BGT
That was an amazing act with an important message! Well done Johannes Stoetter - we loved that! #bgt
FIRST LOOK: With an incredibly powerful performance, Johannes Stoetter is here to remind everyone that our planet is precious and to highlight that the future of the oceans depends on us - Aaron #BGT
This was amazing to watch. Hope Johannes will be in the Live semi finals #BGT
Johannes Stoetter visually sending out such an important message to save our oceans. The most original thing we have seen on the show this year - Simon Cowell #BGT
Strong message to save our oceans from #bgt #johannes stoetter via @Metro
Timely message and great artwork from @Johannes Stoetter #bgt
#BGT 'Johannes Stoetter' cowell 'the most original thing we've seen on the show this year' - golden buzzer? Don't be silly! #whydoibother
Next up it's Johannes - ruth #BgT
Four yeses for Johannes - ruth #BGT
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