Diana Vedyashkina

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Auditions 1
Instagram: @dianavedyashkina
Really liked that act, and I promise I was watching the dogs and not Diana's legs haha just joking I loved the way the dogs moved in unison. This reminded me of Alexa who was on #bgtchampions we've not seen an act with lots of dogs as good as this on #BGT
Diana's dogs are so cute. I could fit them in my pocket. I love them #BGT
Diana Wow a dog act. So amazing! Never seen a dog act before on #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
It's a YES for Diana Vedyashinka tonight, do you agree with the Judges? - Aaron #BGT
Doggies' Got Talent! Diana Vedyashinka and her DANCING dogs! | BGT 2020 via @YouTube #BGT #doglovers
"My name's Diana and my talent is fitting a double decker bus through the gap in my teeth" #BGT
How cute are Diana and her dachshunds? Not an easy breed to train to this standard. Will Rocky be joining them in the semi's Dec? @antanddec #BGT
Next up tonight is Diana Vedyashinka, How well do you think she'll do? - Aaron #BGT
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