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WELL DONE MEGS!! >> You just opened & smashed the UK's biggest talent show! WOW And front centre! Great job from you and all the other D Day Juniors!!! Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love #bgt #goldenbuzzer #amazing #proud
D day Juniors: Wow I loved these guys. Everyone within future generations needs to know what the War was like. The song was lovely and will be used for future generations. They kept the spirit alive which is what I loved. Well done guys #BGT
Awww that was BEAUTIFUL!!! So powerful and love the diversity in @ddayjuniors Definitely #passiton! Generations to come need to know as well what was done for the freedom of this nation United Kingdom . #BGT #VEDay #WWII
Oh wow! Great way to start. D day juniors. They genuinely understand the history and that's admirable for their ages. Enjoyed it! Inspire the future generations #bgt
The D day Juniors What a fantastic bunch of Youngsters with a great attitude, making sure the events of the past are never forgotten! Great song They are amazing! #BGT
OMG! Those D-Day Juniors from tonight's @BGT had me in TEARS! They were absolutely AMAZING! Well done guys #BGT2020 #bgt #itv
Watching Britain's Got Talent Love the VE Day titles and D Day Juniors fantastic They will do well #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
I love everything that the D Day Juniors represent. What a wonderful example they're setting! Love United Kingdom #thankyouforourfreedom #BGT
Sobbing at the d day juniors what a wonderful bunch of kids #BGT
Watching the D Day Juniors on #BritainsGotTalent was amazing. The generation that protected our country 75 years ago...they will never be forgotten. They protected us. Now we must return the favour and protect them in this dark time with the coronavirus...
The far left must be spewing into their Moet watching this, nice to see youngsters taking pride in what older generations gave to give us the freedoms we take for granted now. #BGT #ddayjuniors
Based on the backlash I got for praising the climate choir's message last week I have a feeling people won't like the The D-Day Juniors, so I won't use any outlandish adjectives I will just say I enjoyed them and I like what they are doing. #bgt
When a act could not be any more poignant after we celebrated VE Day 75th yesterday #DDayjuniors #BGT
Not normally keen on stuff like that by D-day juniors were excellent #BritainsGotTalent
The D-Day Juniors performance wouldn't be out of place in the West end. Superb. #BGT
The lyrics that the D-Day Juniors are singing are getting me pretty emotional, I love them #BGT
#BritainsGotTalent Why do the D-Day Juniors give me J-pop idol group vibes? I kind of love it.
The @ddayjuniors were SO brilliant on @bgt! @TheDDayDarlings #BGT
D Day Juniors were average at best #BGT if it wasn't for all the VE stuff they wouldn't have been on telly! Super marketing and production effort
Thank you for our freedom. Woah. D-Day Juniors #BGT
The @ddayjuniors were SO brilliant on @bgt! @TheDDayDarlings @RevivalLiveUK #BGT
VE Day celebrations were magnificent yesterday & so so many emotional memories but let's not kid ourselves the D Day Juniors on #BGT were awful!
Omg the D Day juniors are brilliant #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
First up it's D-Day Juniors, the junior version of 2018 @BGT finalists The D-Day Darlings!!! #BGT
Posted withregram @gottalent Flying the flag beautifully - The D-Day Juniors! United Kingdom #LestWeForget #VE75 #BGT
the D day Juniors what a perfect way to start tonight's show after VE Day yesterday! United Kingdom #BGT
Who thinks that the D-Day Juniors are going to win #BGT this year, just because they're using military imagery??? #UsualWorkingStrategy.
#BGT literal goosebumps with the d day juniors
D day juniors had me tear up a little #bgt
This is a lovely song #BGT #ddayjuniors
Much better original song about Simon Cowell than the D-Day Juniors was. #BritainsGotTalent #BGT
"Pass it on to everyone" wasn't the best line for the D-Day Juniors to end their song with, given we are in the middle of a pandemic... #BGT
The D-Day Juniors Love #BritainsGotTalent
Unfortunately, during our current climate, I don't think the hashtag for The D Day Juniors will catch on - #PassItOn However, they were fantastic, very polished and well directed #BritainsGotTalent @BGT @ITV #awkward
What inspiration these D-day juniors are, what a powerful message. The ones who are flouting the rules currently and can't stay at home at the moment should seriously look at themselves and count how lucky they are they aren't being asked to fight a war! #BGT #DDay75
How cute were the D-Day Juniors #BGT
D Day Juniors with that message wasn't half powerful. Definitely hit the heart strings #BGT
Woah the D Day juniors that was emotional #BGT
Couldn't think of a better audition #bgt #ddayjuniors #VEDay75
Ooh, I wonder if this D-Day Juniors choir will get through. #BGT
She sounded better than the D-Day Juniors #BGT
It's a YES for the D-Day Juniors, do you agree with the Judges? - Aaron #BGT
Was the d day juniors mother in the d day darlings in 2018 #BGT
Alice and Olivia and the @ddayjuniors are on @BGT tonight at 8pm. Don't forget to vote #BritainsGotTalent #VEDay75 @WakeyExpress
Oh wow D day juniors #BritainsGotTalent
Anyone want a £1m bet the D day juniors will go through!?! #BritainsGotTalent
Oooh, my friend's niece is in this! #DDayJuniors #BrummieTalent #YorkshireTalent #BGT
Same people that was criticising the D-Day Juniors probably loving watching a Dinosaur play the Keyboard #NutJobs #BGT
The d-day juniors?? This ain't s club darlins, we don't need a juniors #bgt
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