My BGT Winner's Story: Colin Thackery
And the winner of Britain's Got Talent 2019 is... COLIN THACKERY!
Audition Game
What an incredible Final! Tap to congratulate your 2019 winner Colin Thackery
Percent Score
Love 47.17%90,544
Love 22.09%42,398
love 16.14%30,989
love 14.61%28,041
Total Voters: 10,714
Colin Thackery melts our heart with 'Love Changes Everything'
Comedian Kojo brings ALL the laughs to the BGT stage!
Masked magician X finally reveals their true identity
Mum's the word for Siobhan Phillips
Not a dry eye in the building! Colin's performance was...
Percent Score
Incredibly moving 55.65%19,959
Heartwarming! 44.35%15,908
Total Voters: 35,867
Audition Game
Live Rater: Colin Thackery
Percent Score
Love 78.38%493,139
Lol 6.58%41,431
Shock 3.64%22,931
Cringe 11.39%71,696
Total Voters: 26,348
Which of Kojo's bugbears are you relating to?
Percent Score
I hate untidy mates! 56.60%13,137
Airport pick-ups drive me crazy! 43.40%10,073
Total Voters: 23,210
Audition Game
Live Rater: Kojo Anim
Percent Score
Love 48.22%217,207
Lol 38.15%171,826
Shock 3.07%13,809
Cringe 10.57%47,590
Total Voters: 17,317
Escapologist Jonathan Goodwin is BURIED ALIVE!
OMG! Did you guess the identity of X?
Percent Score
I had no idea! 83.65%2,385
I had a sneaky suspicion 16.35%466
Total Voters: 2,851
Audition Game
Live Rater: X
Percent Score
Love 70.40%220,765
Lol 5.12%16,049
Shock 18.96%59,439
Cringe 5.52%17,320
Total Voters: 13,179
What did Siobhan's mum leave in the bed?
A kebab
Fried chicken
A fish cake butty   
Spag bol
Audition Game
Live Rater: Siobhan Phillips
Percent Score
Love 39.38%113,192
Lol 43.38%124,706
Shock 4.04%11,599
Cringe 13.20%37,946
Total Voters: 10,887
Mark McMullan's sublime performance of 'She Used to be Mine'
Stranger things are happening! 4MG make the right connection
Audition Game
Live Rater: Jonathan Goodwin
Percent Score
Love 49.84%197,032
Lol 4.74%18,731
Shock 31.12%123,032
Cringe 14.31%56,555
Total Voters: 13,837
Tiny dancers Libby and Charlie steal the show!
Ben Hart's INCREDIBLE shrinking card trick!
Audition Game
Live Rater: Mark McMullan
Percent Score
Love 69.51%263,702
Lol 6.89%26,120
Shock 6.57%24,909
Cringe 17.03%64,618
Total Voters: 14,896
Audition Game
Live Rater: 4MG
Percent Score
Love 62.13%221,459
Lol 7.29%25,979
Shock 17.84%63,588
Cringe 12.74%45,426
Total Voters: 16,032
Dare to dream! Flakefleet Primary School rule the world
Best foot forward! Why we love Libby and Charlie...
Percent Score
The jazz hands! 16.35%19,954
The sass! 83.65%102,121
Total Voters: 12,026
Magical police dog Finn is one in million!
Audition Game
Live Rater: Libby and Charlie
Percent Score
Love 63.54%138,845
Lol 6.51%14,222
Shock 6.70%14,644
Cringe 23.26%50,822
Total Voters: 10,449
What did Ben Hart eat before his Final performance?
Percent Score
Marshmallows 9.31%1,842
Popping candy    81.08%16,048
Crisps 6.20%1,227
Cola bottles 3.42%676
Total Voters: 19,793
Audition Game
Live Rater: Ben Hart
Percent Score
Love 69.14%251,057
Lol 5.94%21,581
Shock 17.14%62,223
Cringe 7.78%28,237
Total Voters: 15,286
Just the cutest! What part would you play?
Percent Score
The jelly fish 26.06%5,613
Elliot 22.57%4,861
The moon 16.14%3,476
A star 35.22%7,586
Total Voters: 21,536
Audition Game
Live Rater: Flakefleet Primary School
Percent Score
Love 67.73%288,988
Lol 9.43%40,247
Shock 3.90%16,620
Cringe 18.94%80,832
Total Voters: 16,657
Which Finn stole your heart this series?
Percent Score
Magic Finn 19.56%5,169
Heroic Finn 80.44%21,258
Total Voters: 26,427
Audition Game
Live Rater: Dave and Finn
Percent Score
Love 76.10%324,076
Lol 5.43%23,128
Shock 5.74%24,442
Cringe 12.73%54,224
Total Voters: 15,380