Siobhan Phillips

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @shivphillips77
Instagram: @shivphillips77
#BGT #BritainsGotTalent #SiobhanPhillips is fab, absolutely love her.. Relatable humour, bubbly personality. Not sure she'll win the show, but I'd like to see more of her on tv @ITV @SimonCowell
#BGTFinal @BGT #BGT Siobhan Phillips (@ShivPhillips77) is one of my favourite acts this year! She is so talented, funny, friendly and amazing - she will be getting some of my votes tonight! LOVE HER! @antanddec @aleshaofficial @simoncowell @davidwalliams @amandaholden
Siobhan? Wonderful. Genuine. Hilarious. Relatable and from Yorkshire. She also made me miss my mum a lot. Good luck! #BGT
I love Siobhan, an actual talent, funny, passionate and seems like a genuinely lovely person #bgt
I really like Siobhan and find her quite funny but I still don't think she's good enough or worthy of winning #bgt
Siobhan Phillips to win and if you don't find her funny you need to lighten up cos she's hilarious #bgt #BGTFinal2019
"(Wakefield) is a great place to come from." Best of luck Siobhan, we're all rooting for you! #BGT
Do you know what? I would really love if Siobhan won because she's so great! She's so creative with her comedy! She failed to make me laugh yet #BGT #BritainsGotTalent #BGTFinal
Brilliant, I would love to Siobhan to win it I really would #bgt
#BGT Siobhan Philips for the win. true, honest and real comedy music. best act. it's what makes Great Britain, Great.
Oh @shivphillips77 you are absolutely hilarious and so deserve to get this break to go far with your career. You make me laugh so much I could relate to so much of that with my darling mum. You are a shining star love you Siobhan #BritainsGotTalent #BGTFinal #BGT
Loved Siobhan! Although funny, her song tonight made me fill up thinking about my mam and how much I'd love for her to ring me about the weather just once more. #BGT
#SiobhanPhillips is brilliant. So relatable and just your normal every day kinda girl. The songs are all our lives She deserves to win shes brilliant. #BGT #BGT2019 #BGTFinal
I do like Siobhan. She's a good kind of funny. And she's a Wakey Lass too. #BGT @bgt
Siobhan is original, funny, and absolutely relatable. She's real and definitely deserves the break. Loved it #BGTFinal #BGT
Siobhan is brilliant. I want her to win #BGT
Oh dear. I wish Siobhan was funnier bless her #BGTFinal #BGT
Love @shivphillips77 All brings a smile to my face Great performance ! #BGT #BGTFinal
Oh I think Siobhan was brilliant. I'm routing for her to win #BGT #BGTFinal
Siobhan Phillips you were great and so relatable! I loved your song....especially the bit about mum offering cake! @shivphillips77 #BGTfinal #BGT
Siobhan Phillips. you're hilarious!!! #BritainsGotTalent #winner
That was bloody brilliant. Love Siobhan #BGT
I love sibohan!! @shivphillips77 she's soooo funny #bgt #bgtfinal
Well as pretty as some of the other acts my five votes have to go to a very talented friend @shivphillips77 . Help give a Wakey lass all her dreams and vote for Shiv xXx #BGT
Siobhan reminds me of #VictoriaWood her songs are amazing i love her #BGTFinal #BGT xx
Despite loads of people saying they're not s fan, I think Siobhan is brilliant! #BGT
#BGT love Siobhan! She's so funny!
Siobhan has really stepped it up for the final and sadly I don't think she'll win but I hope some fringe producers are watching as she'd do a great show! #BGT
I just love Siobhan's humor and this act is a gem to watch #bgt
#BGT I love you, Siobhan, but this wasn't your best performance.
@shivphillips77 your amazing. Hope to see you in Glasgow doing a 1 woman show. #BGT
Pure quality relatable comedy from @shivphillips77 #BGTFinal2019 #bgt
Well done to Siobhan Phillips for doing #Wakey proud... and also for not doing a magic act tonight! #BritainsGotTalent2019 #Wakefield
Well done Siobhan. Redeemed yourself tonight! #BGTFinal #BritainsGotTalent
Siobhan hasn't been funny in any of her auditions. Wonder how she'll do tonight #BGT
She absolutely nailed it! Properly hilarious! #BritainsGotTalent #BGT @shivphillips77
Siobhan needs a better script. Her delivery is good, but I hardly cracked a smile! #bgt
@shivphillips77 I hope you win #bgt and make time to come to grimsby for a gig or maybe my darts presentation night for a few dittys haha
Love Siobhan. Hilarious. #bgt
I bloody love @shivphillips77. That song was so relatable for both me Nan and Mother #BGT
Nice to see Siobhans kids have come to support her tonight #bgt #britainsgottalent
FUCKING YES SIOBHAN ILY #bgt @shivphillips77
I like siobhan but she has not been as funny as she was in her first audition #BGT
Siobhan is hilarious when she's behind the piano. She's in my list of favourites so far #BGT #BGTFinal
#SiobhanPhillips brilliant, defo top 3 for me on tonight's performances #BGT
Siobhan is absolutely fantastic #BGT #BGTFinal2019
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