Jonathan Goodwin

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
@TheDaredevil 100% deserves to win. The fact that he's had a TV series in the past shouldn't be held against him. In fact, it's even more evidence that he is a fantastic entertainer and incredibly talented. I hope tonight gives him the proper break he deserves. #BGT
Jonathan Goodwin wins #BGT for me. Unreal, thrilling, edge of seat, brilliant!
Jonathan Goodwin this good is such a good showman and tonight didn't disappoint that was breathtaking massive well done sir! #BGT
#BritainsGotTalent2019 wow thank goodness Jonathan got out oh my gosh well done! Simon Cowell said it right He's Nuts! Lol my heart
That was amazing! Jonathan Goodwin has to win this. He got the act spot on so that it did genuinely seem like he was in danger. Its really well done! #bgt
just tuned in to #BGTFinal to see Jonathan Goodwin on stage?! Why is he on #BGT he's been in the industry for years and is so much better than this! Monkey Magic was an amazing show back in the day. Haven't seen who he's up against in the final but hope he wins
I've only seen his semi final performance, but Jonathan Goodwin should win #bgt. He was entertaining and the act was fun and seemed dangerous enough.
Wow wow wow #BGT2019 final is unreal this year defo my favorite of all time #jonathangoodwin was amazing #BGT #BGTFinal
Jonathan Goodwin did an outstanding performance on #bgt Lucky he didn't buy the locks from #AuthorizedAccess because he would have never escaped as all of our #chains and #padlocks are insurance approved.
Wow that was brilliant literally on the edge of my seat watching @TheDaredevil well done #bgt
That was just incredible, Jonathan needs to win #bgt #BGTFinal
Now Jonathan is entertaining and a worthy winner of #BGT
If you're watching #britainsgottalent , you should know that the incredible Jonathan Goodwin is a man of impeccable taste.
Wow ! That was amazing Jonathan Goodwin he's very good and certainly not scared I thought he was stuck or something when he stopped amazing job #BGT
@TheDaredevil is beautifully intense. Good to see acts like this on here, along side magicians #BGT #BGTFinal
@TheDaredevil was brilliant on #bgt - best act tonight
#BGT throwing the 3rd favourites under the bus by putting them on first is good news. I'm surprised by the price of Jonathon Goodwin. I guess it is because there is no EW betting. I fancy him for a top three spot.
Jonathan's daughter is a criminal mastermind hope he wins tonight, the best act in #BGT in a long time
@TheDaredevil best thing ever, he deserves to win #BGT
Jonathan Goodwin is brilliant how does he manage to do this daring #bgt
Jonothan Goodwin aka @TheDaredevil is AMAZING! That was terrifying, but also brilliant #BGT #BGTFinal
Jonathan Goodwin, superb act and talent. #BGT
The guns have won it! HUBBA HUBBA Jonathan Goodwin #BGT winner #BritainsGotTalent
Now this I can't wait for Jonathan Goodwin always has me watching through my fingers. Good luck #BGT
@TheDaredevil on #BGT hr should be the next Bond.... so dam handsome and thrilling to watch
this Jonathan Goodwin guy has been doing these tricks on tv for the past 12 years He better not win #BGTFinal #BGT
Best of luck Jonathan! #BGT
I really enjoyed Jonathan Goodwin's act. For me it's one of the best so far. #BGT
#BGT Jonathan, very good, enjoyed the act the most so far.
Omg jonathan goodwin... never been so on edge before but INCREDIBLE #bgt
This Is Mind-Blowing!! Jonathan Goodwin will give you goosebumps with this escape stunt. #BGT #BGTFinal2019
#BGT2019 Utterly brilliant escapologist Jonathan Goodwin. Never seen anything like this before.
Definitely think Jonathan would be brilliant on the royal variety performance #BGT
I love #JonathanGoodwin but I really prefer my acts without a side of #fearvomit for his safety #BGT #BGTFinal
That was incredible #JonathanGoodwin #BGTFinal #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Sheeeesh, he's alive... well done Jonathan... #BGTFinal #BGT
Does anyone else think Jonathan kind of likes like Jason Statham? #BGT #BritainsGotTalent #BGTFinal
does no one else know that Jonathan Goodwin had his own show called "The Incredible Mr Goodwin"??? #bgt
Holy moly Jonathon Goodwin.. never been so on edge in my life but INCREDIBLE #bgt
How sexy is Jonathan Goodwin as well total fitties on this years #BGT
@TheDaredevil TO WIN #BGT
Wow!! I actually thought the show could've been pulled of air for the stunt going wrong then Well Done Jonathon #BGT #BGTFinal
Ok @TheDaredevil definitely deserves to win. #BritainsGotTalent
Of the acts so far, Jonathan is by far, the winner #BritainsGotTalent #BGTFinal
He's tweeting again! What a real legend AlexAshmore95 is... RT BGT: Never underestimate the power of a bobby pin... TheDaredevil #BGTFinal #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
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