Dave And Finn

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @K9Finn
Instagram: @k9finn
Wow Finn and Dave were amazing the bond between them is so sweet massive congratulations on #FinnsLaw #BGT2019 #BritainsGotTalent2019 #BGTFinal2019 please vote for them to be your winners
Emotional start to #bgt lovely, brave Finn & #flakefleet school, it's inspiring teacher & joyous children.. guaranteed by the end I'll be swearing to never watch it again & public voting usually ends in a state of emergency but the good bits are great
Awwwwwww wow, well done Dave and Finn I just love him so much he is so cute and he is just amazing. #BGT @BGT
Finn to Win BGT!!!! Please vote for something worthwhile this year. Finn has true talent, true love and true loyalty, and just shows the reason why all animals should be treated with love @K9Finn @finnforchange @rickygervais #BGT #FinnsLaw #FabulousFinn
Really hoping @K9Finn wins #BGT he's absolutely incredible ! #FinnsGotTalent #FinnsLaw Service animals are truly unsung heroes of the world. They go above and beyond to keep people safe xx
Honestly say what you want about #BGT but Finn's law being passed is absolutely the best thing to come out of it. Dave should be so proud of himself & Finn for their courage and what they and other handlers & their incredible animals do to protect us #FinnsLaw
It's amazing that finn's law has been passed through this show, it's a brilliant law that protects animals who put their lives on the line assisting the services. Finn's story Is incredible and Dave's act is amazing, what a way to spread the message #bgt
Dave & Finn are amazing, had to get the tissues out. Hope they can win but even if they don't they have achieved great things #AnimalsMatterToo #FinnsGotTalent #FinnsLaw #BGTFinal #BGT
@K9Finn Omg That was amazing Fantastic Finn and Dave Yes you are winners already #FinnsGotTalent #BGT
#BGT at the end of the day of who you want to win is what they're actually going to do with the £250k ? For the good of others or self! Great for finalists to get tv time & further there career but for me it's @K9Finn
The VERY best of luck to our friends Dave & @K9Finn tonight on #BGT!! We are all supporting you both to WIN WIN WIN!! #GoFinn #GoDave
How incredible that since @K9Finn and Dave's first audition, they've had #FinnsLaw passed and it becomes official next week! I cried like a baby! Amazing! #FinnsGotTalent #BGT
Wow well done Dave & Finn. Finn you looked calm and composed just like dad. Well done @K9Finn @finnforchange #BGT
Well done Dave & the incredible @K9Finn for an amazing performance and for all your hard work getting #FinnsLaw passed to protect service animals #BGTFinal #BritainsGotTalent #FinnsGotTalent #FinnItToWinIt
How emotional what a beautiful reaction on #BGT to @K9Finn so moving, the best thing now would be for Finn to win
@K9Finn #FinnsGotTalent #FinnsLaw #BGT well done Finn and Dave you have our 10 votes. You are true winners, Finn you are a legend, thank you for your service, past present and future
I love @K9Finn and I hope he goes on to win but whatever happens the fact Finns Law has been passed is amazing news #BGT #FinnsLaw
Good luck to the legend that is @K9Finn on @BGT tonight.... and his book is amazing too! #BGT #FinnsGotTalent
Never really watched #bgt but I'm so glad I'm watching it tonight. Seeing @K9Finn up there with Dave has made me so emotional. When we met them they were just starting their journey, and now #FinnsLaw is an actual law and they're smashing it on BGT. Incredible #FinnsGotTalent
Absolutely LVE Dave and Finn. Get really emotional watching them. Such a wonderful and loving bond they have Dave and Finn to WIN #BGT #BGT2019 #BGTFinal
Dave and Finn are 100% my winners! They are incredible! Finns story is totally heroic! Finns law is well and truly needed! #BGT
Good luck, @K9Finn! I hope you win! #FinnsGotTalent #BGTFinal #BGT
@K9Finn Whatever happens tonight on the #BGT show, with #Finnslaw coming into effect on 8th June, you've won already. Well done! Extra biscuits to beautiful Finn
It's not always about talent, it's about people' Simon Cowell #BGT2019 Well there is a very special person & his incredible heroic dog #FinnsGotTalent @K9Finn #VoteFinn
Are you watching #BritainsGotTalent? We love Finn, the magic (and heroic) dog! We agree with David Walliams, that with the introduction of #FinnsLaw, you are a winner already! #FinnToWin #FinnsGotTalent #GoodBoy
Finns Law is so important, I'm so glad the recognition is finally there and is all public knowledge, it's a beautiful development and Dave and Finn should be so proud regardless of tonights results #BGT
Finn is absolutely amazing ... best act of the whole show... what he's been through and what he stands for deserves the win! #BritainsGotTalent #FinnsGotTalent #Finnslaw
The only hashtag important about tonight is #FinnsLaw !!!!! Love Dave and Finn, I remember waiting to hear good news about Finn when the accident happened, & they are the most deserving winners!! #BGT
Dave & Finn such special act love Finn so adorable and clever! #bgt
#BritainsGotTalent finn you are amazing my God Dave you are also amazing always make me feel emotional your acts think it's the amazing bond you two my winner
.#BGT has been great this year but it has to 5 voted from me for #FinnsGotTalent - good luck @K9Finn
OMG #BGT Fingers, paws & everything crossed for Dave & Finn. Everyone's totally fabamazilicious but there's only one winner. Has to be Dave & Finn. Enjoy your evening everyone. Please vote for Dave & Finn Thank you so much#FabulousFinn
Dave and Finn were massively underwhelming, compromising a clever act for sentimentality. They had Top 3 potential, but I think they've just blown it. Can't deny they have an incredible bond though. #BritainsGotTalent #BGT #BGTFinal
#BGT #BritainsGotTalent Dave and Finn. First off, Finn is gorgeous. Secondly, Simon making faces at Finn was funny. Thirdly, Finn was looking at that biscuit like I do chocolate... I enjoyed their performance.
As for who I want to win the #BGT final? @K9Finn is my favourite. An inspirational story, they live around the corner to me and they have made history with the introduction of Finn's Law! #K9Finn #FinnsLaw #Finn
@K9Finn Congratulations on your amazing performance on #BGT and of course for all of your hard work in ensuring that #FinnsLaw is passed. You did it!!! We love you Dave and Finn
Wow amazing. Love Dave and Finn. #BGT
Evening everybody! I hope you're all having a great weekend! #BGT Voting's open guys! Don't forget to vote for @K9Finn on @BGT You get five free votes on the app, I've used mine! #FinnsGotTalent
and finns law is SO important, dave and finn are both heroes themselves. incredible pair #bgt
Crying at Dave & Finn, hope they win #bgt
Not being a #BGT fan, I had no idea Finn was in it! Just watched him on YouTube. He's bloomin fantastic. Hope he wins. Please vote for him #FinnsGotTalent #FinnToWin
Just caught up on Dave and Finn as I fell asleep earlier and they are amazing! What an incredible dog #bgt #BritainsGotTalent #BGTFinal
That was amazing, huge well done to Dave and Finn @K9Finn he really has got talent. #FinnsGotTalent #BGT
I really hope Dave & Finn win tonight just love their act!! @K9Finn #BGTFinal #BGT
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