Colin Thackery

Status: Winner
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
As much as Colin Thackery is a very sweet man with an amazing life story etc.....can we please have a winner whose life and future career can be changed with the amount of money and the opportunities gained from winning a show like this #bgt #BGTFinal2019
Ok ok ok..... #ColinThackery is a lovely man, a proper gentleman and a genuinely nice guy.....but.....please, this is not it ? He's a certainty to win this years #BritainsGotTalent , and good luck to him, but I'm a little bored of how the winners are chosen
Colin is lovely, sweet and should absolutely be honoured and treasured for his bravery and contribution to this country. HOWEVER that doesn't automatically make him the rightful winner of #BGT #BGTFinal #BritainsGotTalent2019
Oh #Colin you've made me all all teary now! Whether you win or not you've made your beautiful late wife & nation proud. You fought for your country as a 15yr & now stand with your medals at 89. You're my winner sir, hope you sing for your Queen #bgt
Colin. Well done. But I hope he doesn't win. It's about talent and there are people in the final with more talent than him. Well done for getting up there and giving it a go etc etc etc #bgt
Colin Thackery deserves to win, simple as. He's done this for his love of singing, his wife's memory and his pride/respect for our military. Outstanding bloke. #BGTFinal #BGT
I kind of want Colin to win because he's a nice old man who fought for his country, but on the other hand we need something a bit more exciting to win a talent competition. #bgt
Colin will win as people generally love patriotism although the school kids were great and I didn't expect to like them , I think this final is much better than last years #bgt
My Cryometer says Colin will win #BGT by at least 6 hankies - but BGT doesn't prove Britain's got talent - it proves we have some thoroughly nice people - every act was superb
I really hope #ColinThackery doesn't win #BGT Yes it's sentimental but there are other acts way more talented!! And they could use it to start a good career!!
89 years young, Chelsea pensioner, served his Queen and country for 25 years.. If Colin Thackery doesn't win #BritainsGotTalent, i will riot!!! What an incredible, beautiful man!
Colin is amazing, i have so much love and respect for the older generation, they are the reason we have our freedom #BGT #BGTFinal his wife would be so proud
I would love to see Colin get a golden chance to perform on the RVP but would like to also see another contestant have the rest of their life changed by winning tonight. #BGT
Colin Thackery is going to win this which will be kind of nice but not the most talented by any means. #BGT
I be disappointed if Colin wins after all the great acts this series however so many poor acts in the final tonight... sympathy should not win only talent #bgt #BritainsGotTalent
Really hope Colin wins. He is the only one i thought deserved it. Seems like a lovely man #BGT #BGTFinal
If Colin doesn't win I want a refund on all the time I've spent watching #BGT He's the best I absolutely bloody adore that man
PLEASE dont let Colin Thackery win @BGT I think hes a lovely guy but hes not better than the others and its just more British nostaligia. Lets have something that actually makes us suprised or amazed!!! Look at @AGT for the standard we should aspire to!! #BGT #BGTFinal #BGT2019
Colin to win #BritainsGotTalent an amazing man and thank you for your service.
I reckon Colin will win tonight and would be a worthy winner #BGT
And to my knowledge Colin doesn't have social media? How amazing if he could win it without that. Special man, let him have his little moment #BGT
Best of luck to Colin Thackery in this evening Britain's Got Talent final. A few members of the Mounted Regiment are there cheering him on! #mountedregiment #ColinThackery #BGT #BGTFinal
If it wasn't for #ColinThackery and his comrades, we would all be doing a different kind of salute! #Respect #Incredible The emotion gets me every time! #BGT
Colin Thackery needs to win #BGT2019 !! Honestly he always reduces me to tears because it's so beautiful! Please please please vote for Colin Thackery #ColinThackery #ColinsGotTalent Vote on the app for free!!!!!!
Colin should win this tonight and not only that they should end the show forever as completed once he has won it. There's no need to go further. He's nailed it. #BGT
Hope Colin wins such a lovely old man he deserves it #BGT
Wow Colin! Congratulations on such a wonderful performance....get voting everyone! #BGTFinal #BritainsGotTalent #ColinsGotTalent
Gotta love Colin! #BGT #BGTFinal2019 I hope he wins
OMG I absolutely love Colin Thackery I hope he wins #bgt
Colin's good, but it's better if he doesn't win. #BGT
Colin better win tonight , makes me so happy #BGTFinal2019 #bgt
Please let Colin Thackery win Britain's Got Talent #BGT I have so much respect for him the nation has fallen in love
Colin is what Britain's Got Talent is all about. I think he's definitely got a chance of winning it, if not he's in the top 3 #bgt
I just love Colin on Britain's Got Talent absolutely brilliant! #bgt #colin #BGTFinal2019
PLEASE don't let the sympathy vote Colin win #BGT #BGTFinal
#BritainsGotTalent Come on PLEASE vote for COLIN THACKERY to WIN!
Beautiful way to end it. Well done, Colin Thackery. #BGT
Come on Colin! A great story, inspirational man and group of people and someone I really want to see at the RVP! #bgt
Colin Thackery gets my vote, quite simply an incredible man; he makes me wonder what I could do to also serve my country even just a fraction the amount he has or be half the man he is. #BGT #BGTFinal
89 years of age and having a performance like that is amazing! I salute you Colin, thank you for everything you've done for this country! #BGT
Colin's my winner brilliant #BritainsGotTalent
There have been a few good acts tonight on #BGT but they have saved the best till last C'mon Colin @RHChelsea #Mywinner #Meltsmyheart
If Colin doesn't win #BGT I will be amazed. Hope that £250,000 goes to the Chelsea Pensioners
Britain don't fuck this up, no one deserves to win this more than Colin!!! #BGTFinal2019 #BGT
all 5 votes to colin. He's got to win bless his heart #bgt #BGTFinal
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