Ben Hart

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Grand Final
Twitter: @ItsBenHart
@ItsBenHart Phenomenal performance on #BGT- absolutely captivating! Loved the story behind it. Now that's what you call talent! I wish you all the best.
Ben Hart. I love him. So mesmerising to watch. What a storyteller. I loved it. A worthy winner. #bgt #bgtfinal
#BGT #BenHart is mesmerising. His story telling is amazing. Presence stunning, magic.... well, just pure magic and his eyes ... oh my goodness me. You, for me are the best magician ever!!! #Stunning
WOW! I absolutely love @ItsBenHart He is so mesmerising, magical and mysterious! Definitely a winner in my opinion! #BGTFinal #BGT
Right, I just love@ItsBenHart. He deserves this so much. He fascinates me. I could just sit and watch him forever. Not to mention his eyes are mesmerising. Hes my winner #BGT
Ben Hart is actually watchable, so likeable & I thought he was amazing tonight #BGT #BGTFinal
Really hope @ItsBenHart wins #BGT he is phenomenal! I definitely want to see him live! xx
Ohhhhh I just love Ben Hart!!!!! He's the besttt he better win! #bgt2019
@ItsBenHart Captivating and engaging, just want to see more. Brilliant run on #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Absolutely love @ItsBenHart , such talent and charm, professionalism on another level, reminds me of old magic and magicians #BGT Winner in my eyes!
Literally mesmerised with @ItsBenHart the magic in his eyes is so special. Would love him to win #BritainsGotTalent
Loved Ben Hart! Amazing magician and storyteller, the minister for magic won't be pleased that he's made himself known to muggles though! #BGT
Enjoyed all the acts so far on #BGT2019 Final. Libby & Charlie had so much spring with no shoes! Amazing. And Ben Hart was mesmerising. What did you think of his close up magic skills @steveallenshow never seen that trick before, and he has alot of charisma. #BGT
Ben Hart reminds me of a sexy David Blaine.. Something so creepy and magical about him but I'm mesmerised by his beautiful face #BritainsGotTalent
Brilliant #BenHart on @bgt his presentation and engagement and ability to own the stage and tell a story - amazing. #bgt
@ItsBenHart #BGT2019 you're amazing . Best of luck for tonight
Ben Hart is bloody amazing, massive chance of winning. #BGT
I hope you win @ItsBenHart You have my 5 votes. Such a consummate entertainer. Love your shows. Xx @BGT #BGTFinal #BGT2019 #BGT
VOTE BEN HART! hes incredible and deserves to win!! #BGT
Whether he wins tonight or not, would pay good money to see a full length @ItsBenHart show! What a storyteller and stunning magician! #BGT
Think Ben's got a really good chance of winning this tonight #BGT
Three acts in and finally someone that isn't shit. I think I want Ben Hart to win. #bgt
#benhart is amazing one of the best magicians I've ever seen... unreal!!!! #BGT #BGTFinal #BGT2019
Yet again Ben hart has blown me away. The story telling and the production was amazing and the actual magic was outstanding #BGT
WOW I love this guy, I would watch his show, he is compelling to watch and brilliant magician #BGT #benhart
Ben Hart is my absolute favourite though, I think he's brilliant and so captivating #BGT
If you dont win #BGT @ItsBenHart then there truly is no hope. That was amazing. You are amazing and I hope you win. I also wish you would reply, but you're a busy guy.
Ahhh totally want @ItsBenHart to win #bgt! Absolutely amazing!
Seriously I would love too see Ben Hart win this thing. Think he's hands down the best magic act I've ever seen #BGT
There's your winner right there @ItsBenHart. Incredible! #Bgt
I'm literally captivated by @ItsBenHart every single time! Mesmerizing act, hypnotic presentation! Absolutely brilliant! #BGT
Was hoping he'd do something bigger but I liked that, really is mesmerising and I am a little bit in love with Ben Hart #BGT
I love Ben! Hope he wins #bgt
The coolest magician ive ever seen with the cutest eyes and smile #BenHart #BGT #BGTFinal
Time for gorgeous eyes good luck #benhart #BGT #BGTFinal #fantasticmagician
Now that is beautiful magic! My winner #BGT @ItsBenHart
I did enjoy Ben's magic #BGT then again I'm a fan of magic... Love it
Beautiful magician for the win #BenHart @BGT #BGT #BritainsGotTalentFinal
@ItsBenHart TO WIN!!!! AWESOME #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Ben is fantastic he's my winner #BGT
Well done, @ItsBenHart, on spending most of the act talking about your granddad then using a prop to detract from how simple the card trick was (basic child's beginner magic set stuff). No doubt you'll win @BGT. #BGT #BGT2019 #BGTFinal
I loved Ben Hart's act. I think it takes skill to perform magic and engage an audience without needing bells and whistles to keep them interested #BGT
Ben Hart needs to win #bgt he is amazing.
Excellent performance from @ItsBenHart making #Winchester proud. Wouldn't he make a great Dr Who?! #BGT #BGTFinal
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