Barbara Nice

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final 5
Twitter: @BarbaraNice
Instagram: @barbaranice_
What a natural! Doing Kings Heath & Brum proud, well done for making so many people smile - piggin' brilliant @BarbaraNice #BGT2019
Watching Britain's Got Talent really enjoyed the Semi Finals This week Barbara Nice is Nice Fun a good laugh and good fun dancing #BGT
I LOVED Barbara Nice! I thought she was hilariously funny. Bloody brilliant. #BGT
What a natural! Doing Kings Heath & Brum proud, well done for making so many people smile - piggin' brilliant @BarbaraNice #BGT2019
#BGT2019 @BarbaraNice what a brilliant woman You are. Amazingly funny. Please give this woman her own show.
Omg barbara nice oh I love her !! She fab and funny #BGT @BGT
That daredevil guy was fucking incredible. As it's based on the vote of the British public though, I thoroughly anticipate that Barbara act to go through instead #bgt
@BarbaraNice absolute genius act on @BGT loved every minute of it, so funny #BGT
After years seeing the totally fab @BarbaraNice on the Birmingham circuit it's fabulous to see her doing her thing on #BGT2019 #BGTSemiFinal
Omg @BarbaraNice is brilliantly funny #BGT
Its funny watching @BarbaraNice on #BGT and thinking that I was a part of that stage diving act when she did @Trapdoorcomedy in Manchester - blummin excellent act!!
#BritainsGotTalent your so funny Barbara so down to earth wish you were my neighbour you would cheer anyone up.
Love Barbara! (Janice Connolly). Fantastic at #Tramlines last year! #bgt
#BGT #BarbarasGotTalent absolutely smashing @BarbaraNice Piggin' brilliant as always. What a
Loving Barbara, very funny & got the audience participating #BGT
I love Barbara Nice, she's just so hilarious #BGT
Barbara needs her own show fucking hilarious #BGT love her!
@BarbaraNice bloody brilliant Barb. Here's to seeing you in the final. Smashed it. #BGT @AmandaHolden
Barbara is hilarious. Best act of the night. #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
@BarbaraNice Smashed it. I knew you would. I'm punching the air. Bliddy nora Janice, Royal Variety in sight. That'd be truly awesome. #BGT
How fantastic was @BarbaraNice hope she is in the final #BGT #BritainsGotTalent
Come on @BarbaraNice! #BritainsGotTalent Best thing about last Christmas - made me laugh when I didn't feel like it @OldhamLibraries #comedy #liveatthelibrary
knew i recognised her from phoenix nights! holy mary! loved her in the ladies night episode! sweet jesus! #BGTSemiFinal #barbaranice #BGT2019
After that intro I would like to see @BarbaraNice sitcom please. She's pigging brilliant. #BGT2019 #VoteBarbara
I love Barbara nice, but she just said a joke I've been doing on the circuit since 2013 about supermarkets. It's here into 6.50. Either we have the same mind, or she's seen me at the fringe and nicked it: @BGT #BGTSemiFinal #BGT2019
Barbara Nice. Good ole fashioned light entertainment; she's done this before surely? Best so far tonight #BGT
@BarbaraNice Just wanted to say thank you Barbara-My son loved your performance tonight and was dancing along to you...#bgt
Barbara Nice Easily the best in the show tonight. By a mile #BGT Finalist #BritainsGotTalent
Comparing Barbara Nice to Peter Kay..... erm not quite! Don't insult a legend #bgt
Please..Vote for #MrsBarbaraNice #BGT2019 #HolyMary #StockportHousewife and all round lovely lady@BarbaraNice
Oh Simon come on, Barbara's great #bgt
Barbara is such a natural. Love her. Just done a proper belly laugh. #BarbaraNice #BGT #itv
All those moaning about barbara nice that was liquid comedy, brilliant confident performer #BGT
#BGT I have big hopes for Barbara Nice to save the night!!
Barbara Nice is gonna be last isn't she? A NICE finish to the end of the Semi Finals, per chance? #bgt
Patiently waiting for Barbara Nice on I'm in need of a good laugh #BGT
@BGT omg I'm crying laughing at Barbara #BGT
Barbara Nice once again backing up the point that women are as funny as a terminal illness #BGT
Was Barbara funny? #bgt
Barbara Nice, about as funny as a Bailiff on Boxing Day #BGT
Barbara Nice is this funny! #BGT
Barbara Nice is about as funny as the titanic #BGT
No Simon, I have a feeling the public are NOT going to love Barbara Nice! #BGT #BritainsGotTalent Not judging by the comments on twitter!
So proud of Kings Heath's very own @BarbaraNice on #BGT2019 tonight. Adam and Alara are spending their pocket money to call and vote ten times for you, Janice!
Sorry but I just don't get Barbara... sure she's a lovely women. But there's definitely better acts #BGT
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