Status: Eliminated
Artist: courtship.
Song: Million Dollar Smoothies
Started: Qualifier 1
Finished: Qualifier 2
Enjoying the silliness and fun from Oregon. Great staging and catchy song #AmericanSongContest
Courtship has a catchy song with smooth vocals and a fun stage presence. Nice start tonight. #AmericanSongContest
Courtship performance of Million Dollar Smoothies felt like a fun EuroVision performance in the best way possible! I'm intrigued to see more! #AmericanSongContest
Song 1: Oregon. This feels very, very Portland. It's also really catchy? It's fun. #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Act One - show 2 Oregon courtship. Million $ Smoothies the song is good just like the great Orggon indie music scene and the persentation was great My score (and remember it my own opinion) 7
Oregon's Courtship are bringing us a catchy, colorful and modern entry with Million Dollar Smoothies. #AmericanSongContest
oregon with a very fun song and interesting staging. 6.8/10 #AmericanSongContest
i love courtship. i discovered their music last year so when i saw them on the lineup i was super excited. i can't wait to see what they bring! #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest- Oregon? One of my college friends is from Oregan, and yes her family does have have Chickens lol.
OR: courtship seem like fun guys. I was expecting more tbh. #AmericanSongContest
Amazing song, courtship. Now I want a smoothie. #AmericanSongContest
Wow that was def the best song and performance thusfar #AmericanSongContest #courtship
Courtship's song is so fun #AmericanSongContest
Okay this song from Oregon is pretty catchy, but still all lip syncing !? #americansongcontest
Well, that was fun. And VERY Oregon. #AmericanSongContest
Oregon's song is a lot of fun and so it was that staging!! Really goofy and cool indie-pop #AmericanSongContest
Oregon better qualifies #AmericanSongContest
I got California vibes instead of Oregon lol #AmericanSongContest
Oregon has the besttttt staging #AmericanSongContest
If Courtship were the ones dressed as smoothies it'd be a memorable classic. #AmericanSongContest
i am coming out as an oregon stan. i am not taking feedback at this time #AmericanSongContest
anyone who says oregon has a good song, needs their ears checked, desperately #americansongcontest
Courtship just made a new fan! That song is gonna stay in my head all week. #AmericanSongContest
Lol, can these two boys be any more Oregon #AmericanSongContest #OR
oregon was catchy i'm not gonna lie #AmericanSongContest
That was the best possible song to come out of Oregon? #AmericaSongContest
I wouldn't expect states like Texas and Florida to appreciate courtship. Too many MAGAts. #AmericanSongContest
Oregon, no money. no problems! #AmericanSongContest
Well, while I bask in the justice that was done for Wyoming, let's prepare for courtship. #AmericanSongContest
we're only one song in but i already know that oregon is going to be my favourite tonight! #AmericanSongContest
Ok Courtship that was cute #AmericanSongContest
Oregon is cute. #AmericanSongContest
Oregon was cute tho! #AmericanSongContest
Omg Courtship are so cuuute #AmericanSongContest
Oregon was cute. #AmericanSongContest
Oregon really said 'prop vision'. Second one off the bingo card tonight (after result robbery)... #AmericanSongContest
Not feeling this song from #Oregon and these dudes are an opening act for Weezer & have 100 millions streams on spotify #AmericanSongContest
I didn't like Oregon's entry upon first hearing it, but this is cute and campy #AmericanSongContest
Watching #AmericanSongContest and I did NOT expect like to Oregon's song as much as I did. Sounds like a song that goes viral on TikTok
I suddenly want a green smoothie! #courtship #americasongcontest
I never expected them to drag Oregon live on tv but here we go #AmericanSongContest
OMG Oregon what #AmericanSongContest
The only way this act could be more Oregon is if they threw in a Gravity Falls reference. #americansongcontest
Oregon. No. #AmericanSongContest
As someone who visits Oregon very year before covid this is very Oregon. #AmericanSongContest
opinions on million dollar smoothies #americansongcontest
Oregon is kinda obnoxious but the staging is kinda great?!? #AmericanSongContest
Oregon... #americansongcontest
Oops. No one sang. #Oregon #AmericanSongContest
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