Status: Eliminated
Artist: Macy Gray
Song: Every Night
Started: Qualifier 1
Finished: Qualifier 2
Twitter: @MacyGraysLife
Instagram: @macygray
What a timeless, memorable anthem from Macy Gray, The California Jet Club and Maino. So uplifting, so damn good. A masterpiece. And an established name that went all in with her song A great performance as well. She would win the jury if they would be fair. #AmericanSongContest
A lovely performance by Macy Gray. Colorful, good vibes, and nice vocal performance! #AmericanSongContest
Macy Gray has consistently deserved better than she has been given through the American music industry. I want ONLY THE BEST for her. #AmericanSongContest
Macy is iconic. And I'm loving how colorful this performance has been! #AmericanSongContest
Every Night has to be one of the best songs yet!! I just love the message the lyrics are sending!#AmericanSongContest
Macy Gray can STILL GET IT!!! AMAZING!!! Love #AmericanSongContest
Such a pleasure to see Macy Gray perform, it felt like a revival with the performers on stage. I hope to catch her on her next tour! The Revival of Macy Gray! #AmericanSongContest
This song is too we are the world for me or something. Macy is a legend but feeling medium about this Also, nbc really needs to mix the vocal track lower than the live vocals fix this by the end of the comp please #AmericanSongContest
I kind of love how Macy Gray love looks like anyone you would meet in Canton #AmericanSongContest
I really hope @KarenHuger will be casting her vote for Macy Gray for Ohio tonight!! Love #RHOP #AmericanSongContest #OH
They're really stringing out Ohio. It better be good. #AmericanSongContest
Really love this Macy Gray song so uplifting #AmericanSongContest
Okurrr Macy Gray OHIO nailed it but was not expecting anything less she is a platinum seller...professionally known...the song is catchy danceable #AmericanSongContest My home state cant loose
Love the feel-good energy from Macy's song and her signature voice. Seems to be lots of freestyling on stage! #AmericanSongContest
Macy for the win represent OH! #AmericanSongContest
Yall need to get your production in line. They messing with the whole shows sound. When you do it to a legend like macy you make your show look like a joke #AmericanSongContest
I know Macy will do good vocally but please let the song be good, please. #AmericanSongContest
Song 11: Ohio. This is such a feel-good crowd-pleaser. It's messy but it's a fun bop. It sounds like it could be in one of those medication commercials tho tbqh #AmericanSongContest
America's Eurovision counterpart is hilarious bc you have Joe from Alabama competing against f*cking Macy Gray lmao #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest seriously? Yes I Love Macy but how @HawthorneHgts
Macy's dress is looking gorgeous #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Macy's dress is adorable! She came to slay tonight!
Macy's dress is adorable! #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest seriously? Yes I Love Macy but how about @HawthorneHgts
Macy Gray Did Amazing Tonight Luv Her Song #Americansongcontest
We will see if Macy's still got it. Hoping the answer is yes! #AmericanSongContest
Macy Gray is an icon and a legend!!! #AmericanSongContest
Macy Gray ily #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Besides the things mentioned in that video about Ohio as far as what it's known for, I also think of the Drew Carey Show since that took place in Cleveland lol.
Michael Bolton didn't get the cool spot last week, but Macy Gray gets it this week. The last spot last week won jury selection #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Snoop Dog's Nephew helping out Macy? That's cool.
US Vrgin Islands... Thanks for participating #AmericanSongContest Please Ohio, be next... I can't watch much more of Kelly and Snoop
We love you, Macy Gracy from Ohio! #Ohio #AmericanSongContest
OH: yes, bring on Macy! This is a fun way to finish the night. Chaotic but fun. #AmericanSongContest
MACY GRAY WE LOVE YOU #AmericanSongContest
Macy Gray = legend #AmericanSongContest
Macy Gray just gave us the most Macy Gray Eurovision performance possible. Loved Ohio!! #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Oh I remember Macy Grey! Her song, I Try, it's iconic!
Ohio is being represented at the inaugural #AmericanSongContest by a music legend: Macy Gray. And they're closing tonight's show!!
quite excited to hear Macy Gray's song actually #AmericanSongContest
macy gray is on here so i just want to take a moment to recognize the song she and ariana grande did that deserves far more appreciation than it gets #AmericanSongContest
Miss Macy Gray is gonna bring that win home for Ohio #AmericanSongContest
Ohio closing I hope that means we're serving #AmericanSongContest
Waiting for the legend Macy Gray #AmericanSongContest
Ohio will be proud. #AmericanSongContest
I love Macy Gray's voice but Ohio is serving Senhit and Flo Rida ten years into the future #AmericanSongContest
Drunk Macy Gray is iconic. I knew staying up until 3am would be worth it #AmericanSongContest
I walk like Macy after a few too many beers #AmericanSongContest
Ohio. Wait we have waited for this? It's a no from me. Does Macy even want to be there #AmericanSongContest
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