Northern Mariana Islands

Status: Eliminated
Artist: Sabyu
Song: Sunsets And Seaturtles
Started: Qualifier 1
Finished: Qualifier 3
This song is so chill and the staging is so serene, it's just such a nice sweet relaxing vibe #AmericanSongContest #NorthernMarianaIslands
Northern Mariana Islands is the most underrated song tonight, i really enjoy it and Sabyu seems like such a nice person #AmericanSongContest
Sabyu's song sounds so beautiful and soft but it hits sooooo hard. It brings me back to the very best Jack Johnson tracks. Really non-competitive and will most likely be dead last, but what a fresh air of musical excellence this is. #AmericanSongContest
Northern Mariana Islands wisely looking at the ASC and going "this is a great opportunity for a tourism push." -B #AmericanSongContest
I'm thoroughly enjoying @SnoopDogg on America's singing show or whatever it's called. Lots of talent. Seriously. I just can't remember what the show is called. I love the diversity. Okay now! Northern Mariana Islands #AmericanSongContest
The Northern Mariana Islands don't get any love 99% of the time but I'M ROOTING FOR THEM TONIGHT!!! #AmericanSongContest
Ahh I found Sabyu because he did beautiful mashups of nujabes songs. Looking forward to him #americansongcontest
Sabyu, We love our fans... #AmericanSongContest
Beautiful staging! #AmericanSongContest #NorthernMarianaIslands
BTW the Northern Mariana Islands has the best flag #AmericanSongContest
This is just so soothing and so different from everything else in this contest. I am giving 10 points to Sabyu, for sure #AmericanSongContest
A guitar ballad that I stan from the Northern Mariana Islands #AmericanSongContest
Sabyu was very chill. I loved the staging #AmericanSongContest
The Northern Mariana Islands was cute. It was really cute!! Pure chill and pure vibes y'all! #AmericanSongContest
Your family should support you like Sabyu's family. #AmericanSongContest
Sabyu from the Northern Marianas better give. #AmericanSongContest
Sabyu is kinda cute #AmericanSongContest
I'm really NOT looking forward for the moment when Sabyu and the Northern Mariana Islands gets inevitably and criminally underrated. #AmericanSongContest
Sabyu, will you take me back home with you? Thanks. #AmericanSongContest
So hyped for Northern Mariana Islands!!! #AmericanSongContest
Ok to be fair, I had to look up where Northern Mariana Islands are and now I see it's north of us so GO GO GO! #AmericanSongContest
The staging matches the whole vibe of the song. Loving this from Northern Mariana Islands #AmericanSongContest
If the jury had any guts, they'd send Sabyu through tonight. Really simple and soulful. I dig it. #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Song 11 - Show 3 Northern Marianas Islands Sabyu Sunsets and Seaturtles give credit where credit it due it a decsent perfromace i give a extra point for the background setting and yes the AI 3D Turtles My Score - 6
Hope they don't show us the jury votes like that ever again. That was a terrible idea. Though at least we know who we need to focus our votes on. Poor Sunsets and Seaturtles song. It is so underrated :( #AmericanSongContest
Now I want to go to the Northern Mariana Islands #AmericanSongContest
Loving the exposure that the Northern Mariana Islands is getting right now. Seriously most AMERICANS don't even know it exists #AmericanSongContest
Yeah, we know Northern Mariana Islands will be last with the jury, let's be real #AmericanSongContest
My heart is so full watching Northern Mariana Islands #AmericanSongContest
My man was a lil nervous. But you can see he relaxed Sabyu Northern Marianas #AmericanSongContest
Song 11: Northern Mariana Islands. This is so cute Sunsets and sea turtles?? Sign me up. I miss the island vibes of the West Pacific and this took me there. #AmericanSongContest
Sabyu reminds me of older Bruno Mars' music. I like it. #AmericanSongContest
That Sabyu song was chill. Like I-want-to-relax-by-the-beach-with-a-drink-chill #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Up Next Northern Mariana Islands so where is the U.S. territory
SABYU! #AmericanSongContest
It is 11:43 AM in the Northern Mariana Islands right now. -B #AmericanSongContest
Sabyu from the Northern Marianas #AmericanSongContest
yeess time for the northern mariana islands #americansongcontest
Next up is song #11 - Northern Mariana Islands. #AmericanSongContest
Sabyu, where can I sign up to get that necklace? #AmericanSongContest
10 votes cast for #Sabyu of the Northern Mariana Islands. #AmericanSongContest #SunsetsAndSeaTurtles
Sabyu song is a WHOLE VIBE #AmericanSongContest
juries... put the northern mariana islands in first now or else #americansongcontest
Sabyu from Northern Marianas on American Song Contest right now ... with "Sunsets & Seaturtles" ..... #americansongcontest
Northern Mariana Islands: We've found our Tom Dice from this year's #AmericanSongContest. Kinda cute, not competitive enough though.
I wanna go on a beach in Northern Marianas and listen to Sabyu's ASC entry NOW #AmericanSongContest
even kelly saying that sabyu stood out... she's so right #AmericanSongContest
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