Status: Eliminated
Artist: Halie
Song: Better Things
Started: Qualifier 1
Finished: Qualifier 5
Halie is giving us good vocals, telegenic presence, and this lovely and cute staging accent everything. Better Things is a good pop track, as well. #AmericanSongContest
Only in Missouri do Americans actually love their families, it is an interesting dynamic #AmericanSongContest
Missouri had so much potential for something fun and stand-out between Kansas City and St. Louis but here we are #AmericanSongContest
#Missouri #AmericanSongContest Proud of you Hailey you did are home state Proud awesome song @kellyclarkson @SnoopDogg
She has a such a calming and beautiful voice. Definitely onto better things, you go girl! #halie #AmericanSongContest
not a bad song for Missouri. but a few technical issues for me on some of the notes. I know, maybe nit-picky. but that makes a difference between win and also-ran, imho. #AmericanSongContest
Really disappointed the Missouri representative on #AmericaNSongContest isn't a good singer. So many amazing StL artists to choose from and they picked someone from way down practically in Arkansas. Two different worlds. Bummer.
Okay I love Halie's staging as well #AmericanSongContest
Missouri was cute! I wonder how that song will do with the jury. #AmericanSongContest
here's fact for you: missouri was meant to be represented by brett seper but he withdrew so now we have halie with this lovely song! #AmericanSongContest
She's stiff from nerves she loosen up she really can win the crowd over . I feel the lyrics she's saying #AmericanSongContest but I'm feeling the lyrics Halie
Halie's singing Love #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Act 5 - Show 5 Missouri HALIE Better Things this song was a very good song but do not get the girl in the halo act my score - 6
Loved Halie's performance. I thought she should rank higher. #americansongcontest
We're so PROUD of you Halie!! HOMETOWN GIRL! #AmericanSongContest
Welp, Missouri previous won another NBC talent show. High jury placement incoming. #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Missouri is split west and east. Not north and south. Come on now.
Has Missouri ever tried singing outside of that fluorescent circle? That may help. #AmericanSongContest
This is really sweet. #AmericanSongContest #Missouri
Yes, HALIE lives in Nashville now. Drink. #AmericanSongContest
I really like Halie's singing and the song she's singing. #AmericanSongContest
I like Halie's outfit #AmericanSongContest
Thought I'd love Missouri, but poor kid is so nervous it's shaking her voice and making her pitchy. I can tell she's really good, but she needs to calm down here. #AmericanSongContest
Missouri is sweet, if forgetful #AmericanSongContest
Missouri doesn't quite cut it when I've just witnessed actual aliens #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Halie's song hit me hard. Been there, it made me cry.
Can someone ask Halie where she got that pink power suit?? Obsessed with her whole look #AmericanSongContest
Halie is so pretty #AmericanSongContest
For a whole segment about Missouri, how was there no mention about Kansas City? #AmericanSongContest
LET'S GO HALIE! #AmericanSongContest
Is that Diana Rouvas's ring from Aus Decides?! #Missouri #AmericanSongContest
Missouri's ring is giving Romania 2014 vibes, anyone else? #AmericanSongContest #Eurovision
Guess the Eurovision staging for Missouri. I'm saying Romania 2014 (because of the circular thing that isn't a piano) #AmericanSongContest
Missouri could never. #AmericanSongContest
Hey Halie, Missouri doesn't just have STL...there is KC too #AmericanSongContest
"on to better things" describes my feelings towards Missouri #AmericanSongContest
Missouri #AmericanSongContest
halie girl #americansongcontest
Where have I seen this staging before... #AmericanSongContest #Missouri
Missouri: category is karaoke? #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest Missouri
Fofinha a musica de Missouri #AmericanSongContest
Those jurors suck. Missouri should not be that low. Guess they're not looking at good songs but all the hoopla on stage. #AmericanSongContest
Oop Missouri last, her vocals flopped deserved #AmericanSongContest
What? Missouri in last place so far for the jury??? What??? Really??? I'm in shock! She's one of my favorites tonight #AmericanSongContest
Why are people complaning about missouri being tanked. Shes like the 13000th entry to be a country song #AmericanSongContest
So young yet so talented, Halie has the tears STREAMING #AmericanSongContest
I believe #Missouri is next on #AmericanSongContest represent!
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