Status: Eliminated
Artist: Alisabeth Von Presley
Song: Wonder
Started: Qualifier 1
Finished: Qualifier 1
Wow! I was on @ALISABETHVP promo woo hoo!! That made my night!!! Yeah I know I'm Mr. Cedar Rapids Famous lol!!! Amazing phenomenal job at #AmericanSongContest You for sure got my vote!!!
I think I'm liking this styling, I am not a "pink" fan but I think it actually works. HER energy is great. and we are getting something LIVE #AmericanSongContest Okay Iowa, you might have won me over.
Ahhh!!! So excited to see the beloved @ALISABETHVP on the big stage!!!! #AmericanSongContest Y'all she used to be my dance coach wayyyy back in the day and I've loved following her journey ever since
Great showing from Iowa! Thank you for the great performance Alisabeth Von Presley! So excited to cheer for my state! #AmericanSongContest
Iowa Representative Alisabeth Von Presley Was Different But In A Good Way! I Love How She Owns Her Own Coffee Shop, Pretty #Awesome #AmericanSongContest @nbc
Waaaaaargh ok Alisabeth! This flippin woke me up Epic keytar moment! I'm a fan. Loud and in your face, but not superficially so, itms. A strong qualifier imo #AmericanSongContest
Alisabeth von Presley definitely has a strong stage presence. Song is alright. It is catchy. Keytar gets bonus points. #AmericanSongContest
Song 7: Iowa I love a good girl band with a lot of energy. It was much at times and maybe she sounded out of breath, but this song was made to be performed in front of an audience like this #AmericanSongContest
The Iowa girl sounded awesome. Real fun song #AmericanSongContest
Loving Iowa's intro package. Alisabeth is soooo adorbs and colorful. A vibe! #AmericanSongContest
Well that was a fun song! I wonder if @ShannaNelson is watching because it might make a good #Jazzercise routine song #AmericanSongContest
Okay Wonder might have risen a few places in my ranking after that AMAZING performance! She has an amazing stage presence wow!! #AmericanSongContest
Ok. She's a great singer. I wonder if someone choreographed that for her because the routine with the song was awesome!! #AmericanSongContest
Iowa was cute. Alisabeth's energy was reaaaally good!! #AmericanSongContest
Okay, I like this song from the #Iowa contestant, @ALISABETHVP. #Wonder #Woman That was fun! #AmericanSongContest
Waaaaaargh ok Alisabeth! This flippin woke me up I'm a fan. Loud and in your face, but not superficially so, itms. A strong qualifier imo #AmericanSongContest
iowa is definitely good live...but the song itself is not that great #AmericanSongContest
It's kinda funny how we have an artist called Alisabeth Von Presley in the same heat as someone doing an Elvis sound inspired song #AmericanSongContest
Iowa was great. Love #AmericanSongContest
Funny how I thought I'd be able to take a nap while my girlfriend is playing on live tv so that I can be awake when she gets out of the studio and comes home. P.S go watch #AmericanSongContest and vote for @ALISABETHVP PLEASE.
Please go vote for this all-around powerhouse that I am fortunate enough to call a friend, @alisabethvonpresley. You can vote on TikTok, the NBC App, or at #americansongcontest #avp #iowa
Okay y'all. I don't know how folks will feel about lip-syncing performances when they can click over to #AmericanIdol and get live vocals. Idk... Wonder how the demo will take this/how it could affect overall winners? #AmericanSongContest
Amazing energy from Alisabeth. #AmericanSongContest
I'm having a real fun time watching #AmericanSongContest and I like this woman from Iowa
Iowa brought the Keytar! WINNER MOVE! #AmericanSongContest
About Iowa... I love her energy #Americansongcontest
Could this be the coolest Iowa has ever been #AmericanSongContest
IOWAAAAAAAAA idk if that was Gaga and Pat Benatar but that was still pretty freakin amazing #AmericanSongContest
I LOVE her energy onstage! And here comes the keytar! #AmericanSongContest #Iowa #AlisabethVonPresley
Anyone else feel @ALISABETHVP's song Wonder sounds like @ddlovato's confident or Supergirl by @SuzieMcNeil? Or am I overthinking it cause all these songs are about being strong, independent Woman? #AmericanSongContest
I wonder how Americans will react to a format which we are so familiar win #AmericanSongContest
Go Iowa! Love her energy! Love #AmericanSongContest
Iowa had such a great strong presence, loved all that kick ass energy #AmericanSongContest
She's beautiful. #AlisabethVonPresley #AmericanSongContest
#AmericanSongContest #ASC2022 #CoolCats Alisabeth is the coolest
Iowa had a keytar solo...That's a win in my book. Contest over. #AmericanSongContest
Alisabeth trae un tema pop muy bueno y su estetica es muy top #AmericanSongContest
Song 7 of show one of #AmericanSongContest Alisabeth Von Presley repping Iowa OK song with but the live ack was great with a lot of pick my score 7 out of 10
Iowa gets bonus points for the keytar #AmericanSongContest
I love Alisabeth Von Presley #AmericanSongContest
Iowa was good!!!!! #AmericanSongContest
I'd heard about @ALISABETHVP Keytar so I'm very excited for this #AmericanSongContest
Shining Glitter Cookie is proud to represent Iowa in the #AmericanSongContest!
that felt pretty Eurovision. Good job, Iowa! #AmericanSongContest
oh gosh alisabeth served so much Love #americansongcontest
This energy from Iowa was just what it need to elevate this song even more. #AmericanSongContest
Another good song, from #Iowa this time. Most of these have been pretty good so far. #AmericanSongContest
Best overall package for Iowa #AmericanSongContest
We love you, IOWA #AmericanSongContest
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