@courtneyact #CBBWinner #CBBFinal #CBB
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She never wavered and emerged in second place #CBB #CBBFinal
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She walked out of the House of Commons eight years ago, and now she's leaving the #CBB House as your RUNNER UP! Congratulations Ann Widdecombe! #CBBFinal
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Shane J @courtneyact educated the House, educated the nation, and is now YOUR #CBB WINNER! Congratulations Shane J @courtneyact! #CBBFinal
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Looking sharp @shanelynchlife #CBB #CBBFinal
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Beautiful inside and out @jess_impiazzi #CBB #CBBFinal
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We love him for a reason and no matter what, he's been a great housemate! Give it up for @shanelynchlife finishing in third place! #CBBFinal #CBB
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Will we get a cuter picture tonight? #CBB #CBBFinal
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Leaving the House in 4th place it's glamour girl @Jess_impiazzi! Show her some love #CBBFinal #CBB
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First to meet @EmmaWillis this evening and waltzing out in fifth place, it's @Wayne_Sleep! #CBBFinal #CBB
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How fabulous does @emmawillisofficial look tonight! The #CBBFinal is starting now on @channel5_tv! #CBB
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@emmawillisofficial is gonna be standing up there in a bit! Leave a in the comments if you're watching with us tonight. 9pm @channel5_tv #CBBFinal
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@rylan's ready, are you? Join us tonight at 9pm on @channel5_tv for the #CBBFinal
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Are you rooting for Shane L tonight!? Send us the emoji you think describes him the best! #CBB
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Lovely Jess has been a ray of sunshine in the #CBB House and had made it into the Final! Does she deserve to be crowned the winner? Get voting and find out if she has tonight at 9pm @channel5_tv
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Just five hours to go until tonights live final! #CBB #CBBFinal
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@courtneyact never fails in giving us the Courtney facts! Shane J has been inspiring, incredible and iconic. But will he take the #CBB winner's crown tonight? Find out at 9pm on @channel5_tv
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Ann's journey in the House has had its ups and downs, but certainly hasn't been short of hilarious moments! Has she done enough to WIN #CBB? The only way you'll find out is by watching @channel5_tv tonight at 9pm!
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What a series! Who will take the crown tonight? #CBB
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Finalist Wayne Sleep has been such a delight in the House! We'll all miss his tap dancing, sweet words and hilarious moments. Is Wayne your winner? Tune in tonight at 9pm for the #CBB Final on @channel5_tv
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Your Friday night starts here... It's the GRAND FINALE of #CBB tonight! Get some mates round, get some pizza in and get @channel5_tv on at 9pm
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