Here's the moment your #CBBFinal winner Ryan left the #CBB House!
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The votes are in and your #CBBFinal winner is Ryan! #CBB
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He's been courageous and his laugh has been contagious... Make some noise for your #CBB WINNER, Ryan Thomas! #CBBFinal
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She entered as the President but she's leaving as your #CBB runner up! Let's hear it for Kirstie Alley! #CBBFinal
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We've seen how he walks out of the club, and now we're seeing him walk out of the #CBB House in 3rd place! Congratulations Dan! #CBBFinal
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Ready for #BBUK? Here's a snippet of your new housemates, on Friday one of them will be given an advantage and it's up to you who gets it! Have your say in our poll on the app or at
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He was the calming force in the House that everybody went to for advice. Now finishing in 4th place, it's Nick Leeson! Congratulations #CBBFinal #CBB
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Leaving the #CBB House in 5th place, it's Sally Morgan! It must have been written in the stars #CBBFinal
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She was the Scouse in the House and now she's walking out in 6th place! Show some love for Gabby Allen! #CBBFinal #CBB
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What an amazing series it's been! We've loved bringing you all the highlights online - and we've loved all of your comments too! Here are some of our favourites... #CBB
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The #CBB Live Final is almost here! Before we all find out whos taken the crown, heres our lovely Emma Willis with her thoughts on the finalists and all the action coming our way, tonight from 9pm on Channel 5!
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Sally was the sweetest Celebrity Big Brother pet and her mouse-catching skills were pretty paw-some too Will she have the purr-fect end and become the next #CBB winner?
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Ryan pranking Gabby at bedtime was absolute gold! Will he be laughing all the way to the end and become your #CBB winner?
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Nick's unknown commitment to the housemate's secret task to get his step-count up was 100% Will he be the last to step out of the House tonight? #CBB
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There was no cuter moment in the House then Kirstie calling for Gabby like she was a lost kitten Could she become the second American to win #CBB?
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Gabby stepping up to the task giving the housemates (and us) all the lols as the one and only, Gobby Gabby Could Gabby go all the way and be the last housemate standing? #CBB
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Dan's striptease for Kirstie is hands down one of the hottest highlights from the house Do you think Dan could be crowned the #CBB winner tonight?
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After 26 days in the Celebrity Big Brother House... It's time to crown A WINNER! Tonight. 9pm. Channel 5. #CBB
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