An emotional goodbye from our amazing and inspirational host, Emma Willis #BBUK #BBUKFinal
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18 years, 327 housemates and the GREATEST fans in the world Let's raise a glass to #BBUK #BBUKFinal
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Watch the moment Cameron left the #BBUK House as your WINNER! #BBUKFinal
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Here's the moment Emma Willis announced the FINAL Big Brother champion! #BBUK #BBUKFinal
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Yes, Daddy! Akeem has become your 2018 #BBUK RUNNER UP! Show him your love in the comments! #BBUKFinal
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He's been on an incredible journey and now Cameron is leaving the House as your #BBUK 2018 WINNER! Send him some love in the comments! #BBUKFinal
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Watch the moment Emma announced our fourth and third placed finalists! #BBUK
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She was the mother of the House and now Zoe is leaving in THIRD PLACE! Give her some love in the comments! #BBUKFinal #BBUK
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He wanted to get involved, so he got involved! Now Cian is leaving the House in FOURTH PLACE! Give him some love in the comments! #BBUKFinal #BBUK
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Our wonderful host Emma Willis joined us earlier today for her last chat ahead of tonight's Final. It's going to be emotional - but most of all it's going to be loads of fun. Join us from 10pm on Channel 5 #BBUK
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Rylan's feeling all the love and wants *you* to tune in for The Final at 10pm tonight - and Bit On The Side afterwards at 11.20pm! #BBUK #BBUKFinal
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A snapshot of Zoe's time in the Big Brother House #BBUK #BBUKFinal
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Zoe pranking Akeem by pretending to be Big Brother is still one of our House highlights Could Zoe go all the way and be the last housemate standing? #BBUK #BBUKFinal
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A snapshot of Cian's time in the Big Brother House #BBUK #BBUKFinal
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Date night has never been so much fun! Cian and Zoe's date is up there among our House highlights Will Cian be laughing all the way to the end and become your #BBUK winner? #BBUKFinal
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A snapshot of Cameron's time in the Big Brother House #BBUK #BBUKFinal
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"I feel awkward and uncomfortable. I don't quite know how I'm gonna say it." Cameron coming out has gotta be a House highlight Do you think Cameron could be crowned the #BBUK winner tonight? #BBUKFinal
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A snapshot of Akeem's time in the Big Brother House #BBUK #BBUKFinal
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Remember Akeem meeting his visitor from the outside world? It's definitely going down as one of our highlights! Will he be top dog tonight and become your #BBUK winner? #BBUKFinal
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Tonight, we're going out with a bang! After 53 Days in the Big Brother House Its time to crown A WINNER! 10pm. Channel 5. #BBUK. #BBUKFinal
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What a year its been! But were you watching closely? Put your superfan badge to the test and take the ULTIMATE #BBUK quiz of 2018! The quiz is split into three sections: #CBB: Year of the Woman #CBB: Eye of the Storm Big Brother 2018 http://big
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The wait is almost over! Tonight, Emma Willis will crown the #BBUK WINNER! Whats been your favourite moment from the series? #BBUKFinal
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