Mentions ... To Win   Positive Sentiment Negative Sentiment   Total Sentiment
Real Like You 302   116 112 147 74 1,000 46   18 19 40 21 152   1,218 225 560 449 1,042 697 4,033 -67 27 -22 -32 -21 -11 -222   1,151   538 417 1,021 686 3,811
Unwritten Rule 216   67 93 60 25 1,000 21   7 10 15 7 97   517 124 133 271 364 233 2,394 -131 46 -31 -53 -75 -39 -606   386   102 218 289 194 1,787
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actually love @reallikeyou0 already!!! #XFactorTheBand
Unwritten Rule will be so successful! You don't have to win to do well so I'm so proud of you boys you smashed it and deserved to win but you now have the platform to go on to bigger and better things Love @UnwrittenRule1 #XFactorTheBand #unwrittenrule
So much is happening in this photo but why that dude in the white shirt looking at the dude in the middle like a snack. #XFactorTheBand #unwrittenrule
Pleased for @RealLikeYou0 & although it was nice to see the girls celebrate with their family, it kinda ruined the ending of the show/performance. #XFactorTheBand #XFactor
I'm not a massive fan of @TheXFactor XFactor but the girl band who just won the final are amazing, simply because they sang an original song, and that takes balls man. Good luck for the future of #reallikeyou Well done girls #XFactorTheBand #GrandFinals
The song was amazing! Well done girls #reallikeyou yous deserve it! #XFactorTheBand
#XFactorTheBand Well Done To Real Like You 4 Winning The X Factor The Band's
Nicole channelling her inner Mortitia Adams #XFactorTheBand
Amazing performance and vocals from @daltonharris on tonight's #XFactor - & congrats to Real Like You on their win... #XFactorTheBand
THEY DESERVED TO WIN THIS!!!! #reallikeyou #XFactorTheBand
#RealLikeYou is basically Jess Foley and five backing singers. #XFactorTheBand
All teary now cause of you girls . That was beautiful to watch and congratulations Real Like You. You have made every single girl who's been dreaming of singing proud. Now they can feel like they belong and can do it.#XFactorTheBand #reallikeyou
Massive congratulations to Virginia, a former pupil, for winning #XFactorTheBand as a member of @RealLikeYou0
Congratulations to @RealLikeYou0 So amazing, so young, so talented #RealLikeYou #XFactortheBand
#XFactorTheBand Well done Vicky for winning #reallikeyou
I have better sounds coming out my arsehole than Halle's singing in #RealLikeYou #XFactorTheBand
I'm not crying, you are.... The girls were awesome to be fair. The best I've seen The X Factor in a while. Congrats @RealLikeYou0 #XFactorTheBand
Congratulations ladies @RealLikeYou0 there was never any doubt that you'd win. Don't change, stay level headed, look after each other & always make time for your fans. Most of all, ENJOY IT. Looking forward to hearing your music #XFactorTheBand
YASSSSSSSSSSS so happy they won @RealLikeYou0 @TheXFactor #XFactorTheBand
What a fab song I want to buy already #xfactor #reallikeyou