United Vibe

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Week 3
Instagram: @vibe.five
If United Vibe are actually doing Bleeding Love I hope they do it well because its such an amazing powerful song! #XFactor
United Vibe should have just sang the ghostbusters theme tune. At least they could go down the joke contestant path. Sort of like jedward. But not as appealing #XFactor #xfactor2018
Maybe if United Vibe were given songs to sing BY GROUPS like maybe Take That or One Direction?? Members of which are judges?? They might be able to sing better and work out the harmonies. I dont think theyre amazing, but its hard for 5 to sing a song meant for 1 #xfactor
I hope united vibe unite sooner rather than later , their all seem so lovely but Its just not working #xfactor
but is actually there somebody who likes United Vibe? lol #xfactor
I fully agree with Louis and not just because I'm his fan. United Vibe don't really sound or look like a group. #XFactor
Dunno about bleeding love, but my ears are definitely bleeding now thanks to #unitedvibe #XFactor
@robbiewilliams, why dont you make United vibe sing boyband songs? Tonight would have been the perfect chance for some #everybody #xfactor
I just saw a group of lads on #Xfactor called United Vibe.....interesting choice of name given they appeared to have no musical vibe whatsoever, nor were they united. Ideal moniker apart from that...
Oh great here come United 5 to bring the standard down #Xfactor
Heres the thing about united vibe and why they are not the new 1D - the audience grew up with 1D whereas these boys act and look like theyre grown.That they are talented is undeniable, but they lack chemistry, like ability and relatability #XFactor #onedirection #unitedvibe
United Vibe: Don't. Legit had goose bumps. Not the good kind. #xfactor
Hahahaha its so funny that Robbie thinks that people are gonna trend united vibe. #XFactor He should be a comedian.
United vibe loved your version #BleedingLove #XFactor
United Vibe take on Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love | Live Shows Week 3 | The X Factor UK 2018 #XFactor
United Vibe are not that good but they're the most talked about so of course they're going to make it through #Xfactor
Don't know about bleeding love, but these make my ears bleed! #unitedvibe #XFactor
United Vibe sounds like something youd find on special offer in Anne Summers (apparently) #XFactor
Im feeling sorry for United vibe. I just dont think they know who they are or who they want to be. They need to figure out what will make them stand out. Thought the performance this week was much better. #XFactor
Im sure United Vibe are nice boys and they work hard but I agree with Louis and Simon tonight #XFactor
#unitedvibe loved it lads!!! Keep going!!! #XFactor
A ja lubie United Vibe lol #XFactor
Oh good, United Vibe are on the #xfactor now #XFactorUK
my mam reckon that united vibe should change their name to good vibe #XFactor
Nevermind bleeding love, my ears are bleeding #XFactor #unitedvibe
My theory is that they were trying to make United vibe sound less hideous and Mia-times it... #XFactor
united vibe sound so good already! #XFactor
Whoa, if the sound had've been like this for United Vibe they would've sounded tons better #XFactor
used to love bleeding love.......not anymore #XFactor #unitedvibe
#xfactor Their best week so far, Simon?! What?! United Vibe were terrible....again. Yeah they're not going to change their name because they saw what we suggested!
Bless them and everything but United vibe are just not ready. They need a bit of time to work it out. Xxx #XFactor
united vibe done so well tonight im so proud #TheXFactor
I dont know one person that likes united vibe #thexfactor
United Vibe will be better as solo artists #xfactor
I can't believe that X Factor have let United Vibes butcher Bleeding Love #XFactor
The lines are open now!! Everyone vote for #unitedVibe 09020505103 6505103 +5 free votes in the app!! Vote vote vote #XFactor #VoteUnitedVibe
United Vibe much better this week.... @vibe5OFFICIAL #XFactor
Hmm this is such a safe song, they did an okay job #TheXFactor #UnitedVibe
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