Tommy Ludford

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Six Chair Challenge 3
Twitter: @Iamtommyludford
Instagram: @tommyludford
Oh boy!!!! I love Tommy!!!! Look how confident he is. The boys really great this year. #LouisTomlinson #XFactor
So sorry for Tommy but I think it was the right thing to do. Such a powerful team Louis has, he's deffo winning this year. #XFactor
Tommy is great but he really REALLY sounds just like Ed Sheeran #xfactor
A big welcome back to @Louis_Tomlinson s senses for getting ride of tommy #xfactor
Tommy was so so good what is Louis doing #XFactor
I LOVE TOMMY, WIG FLEW #xfactor #SixChairChallenge
i really liked Tommy :( #xfactor
Gutted @Louis_Tomlinson let Tommy go, I loved his voice #xfactor
The #XFactor is rigged if @Louis_Tomlinson picks that Scouser in his final 3. End of. Cannot believe @Iamtommyludford is gone. Joke.
Tommy should take the mic and stamp his feet til he gets to sing again. This is some bag of staged bollocks! #XFactor #SixChairChallenge
tommy i knew it #xfactor
Nahhhhhhh ASIF he got rid of tommy #xfactor
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