Shan Ako

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Week 5
Twitter: @ShanOfficially
Instagram: @ShanOfficially
@ShanOfficially @TheXFactor another classy and simply Fantastic performance from Shan, beautiful effortless and that high note at the end was just pure perfection like Scarlet certainly a finalist for me #xfactor
@ShanOfficially You sang your song just as it was intended. Beautiful, Classy, full of soul and on point. Well done #XFactor Much love x
Omg first note you sang @ShanOfficially this song is perfect for you! Smashing it! The tone in your voice is pure Amazing #xfactor
I'm emosh.. So proud of my girl! Phenomenal.. @ShanOfficially She is a born superstar. #XFactor
Honestly @ShanOfficially you gave me goosebumps you are incredible you have my hole family and friends votes everyone must vote!! #XFactor
Shan: Good vocals. Great arrangement for the band in that song. And the screen behind her felt like a Bond intro. Nice. #xfactor2018 #xfactor
Shan singing another ballad. Does this show actually care about what theyll release outside of the show or just want sounds good for the TV? Again, amazing vocal tho. #XFactor
WOW @ShanOfficially that was absolutely incredible! Without a doubt the perfect song choice tonight! #XFactor
#xfactor #Shan is AMAZING like words can't describe how talented she is defo one of my faves
Loving the song choices this week - are you? @ShanOfficially looks stunning and sang 'Summertime' beautifully. #XFactor
WOW @ShanOfficially you SMASHED it BIG style tonight! #BigBandWeek #XFactor #BOOM #ShanAko to win @TheXFactor!
Shan is so bloody amazing! And she looks incredible! #xfactor
WOW @ShanOfficially That was amazing Best girl left in the competition #XFactor
Shan is INCREDIBLE shes my winner ! #Xfactor
Shan this is amazing wonderful performance with the big band #xfactor
INCREDIBLE @ShanOfficially !!!!!!! Love u sis #xfactor
Shan could literally sing anything and make it classy. #superb #xfactor
Shan! Outstanding on #xfactor Thank god for Big Band week bringing decent tunes!
Apart from the obvious talent & star quality.. Shan is one of the kindest, supportive people I've ever known. She deserves to go all the way. #Proud #XFactor
#Shan is fab but she's just not quite been doing it for me the last couple of weeks... The Irish fella has had his best week so far though...he's still rubbish but he's an improving kind of rubbish #XFactor
Love Shan but nobody will ever sing that song better than @leonalewis #XFactor One of *the* all-time best #XFactorUK performances.
@ShanOfficially incredible performance on @TheXFactor and you look gorgeous #XFactor
I loved Shan tonight. It was a smooth classy performance #xfactor2018
Shan just won the entire show with that performance! Amazing! #XFactor
I really want to like Shan, I think she has a great voice - all I see is Simons second chance at trying to make Fleur East happen #xfactor2018
#XFactor oh i love shan She s so consistently good
Omg I'm in love with @ShanOfficially's voice Brilliant! #xfactor
Shan is out of this world, effortlessly incredible #XFactor
Standing ovation for Shan and right too she is another girl with a incredible strong voice. #TheXFactor @TheXFactor
Shan is great but @leonalewis did the best version of Summertime #XFactor
That was pretty cool! Used a matching band vibe which was pretty good.. Better than anyone else other than shan tonight by miles ... #XFactor
Shan looks incredible. Yellow always POPS on melanin! She is also SLAYING this song. YES #XFactor
#xfactor @ShanOfficially you just did it again. You SMASHED it. We are STILL looking at the winner
Ok I loved Shans performance of summertime but Leona Lewis did the best version I have ever heard back in 2006 #xfactor
Woah, @ShanOfficially one word...INCREDIBLE #xfactor
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