Scarlett Lee

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Final Pt 2
@OfficialScarLee and @leonalewis Winners single duet was absolutely phenomenal!! Incredible! This will go down as one of the best in #xfactor history so magical! Scarlett needs to win this x we need a Christmas song as our winners single x
Oh my GOODNESS!! That was the best duet I have ever seen on @TheXFactor! @OfficialScarLee is my winner & @leonalewis just proved, again, why she deserved to win so many years ago! Sensational. #TheXFactor #XFactorFinal #XFactorUK
Wow incredible! Scarlett saves her best till last... Is she going to win the #XFactor? @TheXFactor
Scarletts performance wowwww sooooo incredible!! A duet with Leona Lewis too this is perfection Her vocals are stunning #xfactor #xfactorfinal
YASSSSSS! A duet. @OfficialScarLee youve got this honey boo. That was a superb duet along with the lovely @leonalewis. Two talents that SMASHED IT. Scarlett for the win! #XFactor
I havent watched #xfactor for a few years now, but Ive just caught the end of this years while waiting for #imaceleb to start. Its so nice to see contestants being happy for each other - Scarlett must be gutted not to win but still was first to congratulate the winner
Im incredibly protective over @leonalewis songs, I mean her talent is another level and its hard to meet - and tonight @OfficialScarLee absolutely smashed it. Goosebumps and smiles throughout that performance - my faith in the show is restored #XFactor
@TheXFactor Scarlett makes my hair stand on ends. Such a lovely girl with and outstanding voice! Amazing #XFactor #ScarlettLeeToWin
Scarlett to win The X Factor SHE IS INCREDIBLE This is her moment Truly a lovely girl with a lovely voice She has got it all... The voice The looks The personality SCARLETT HAS THE X FACTOR @OfficialScarLee #XFactor #XFactorFinal #TeamScarlett
@leonalewis and @OfficialScarLee just KILLED IT!!!! We have to VOTE for Scarlett to win @TheXFactor. #OneMoreSleep could be the perfect winners single since #AMomentLikeThis #XFactor #XFactorFinal
I am still shook. Like if @OfficialScarLee doesnt win after that performance there is no justice in the world. Omg I am fan-girling all over the place right now. Havent been this excited since @leonalewis actually won!! Best duet ever. #TheXFactor @TheXFactor
What a performance by Scarlett and Leona for a winners single in time for Christmas magical, honestly incredible! #XFactor
Omg. I have goosebumps all over my body. @leonalewis and @OfficialScarLee just topped the best duet to ever happen on @TheXFactor. Soaring ahead of Alexandra and Beyonce. I am shook! Love you Leona!! Welcome home girl! #TheXFactor #XFactorFinal
Thats the duet Ive been waiting for @OfficialScarLee & @leonalewis were absolutely outstanding!!! I really hope the British public are behind her as I am, she deserves to win this!! #XFactor
WOW!! @OfficialScarLee and @leonalewis - that was off the chart! That is what you call a winners single. Amazing x #xfactor #xfactorfinal #ScarlettLee #scarletttowin
Me voting for Scarlett to win #xfactor after that amazing duet with @leonalewis
But like we all know Scarlett should win yeah..good. #XFactor #XFactorFinal
And that's why @OfficialScarLee deserves to win this year, incredible duet with @leonalewis #XFactor
You can see in Scarletts face just how grateful she is, I hope she wins #XFactor
Leona and Scarlett just made everything! That was incredible, she has to win now!!!! #XFactor
SCARLETT TO WIN THAT WAS INCREDIBLE #xfactor @TheXFactor and it made me feel all crhistmassy
Come on Scarlett voted over 10x tonight for you to win come on lass #xfactor @OfficialScarLee
Scarlett was amazing to be honest i want her to win #XFactor #XFactorFinal
Wanted Scarlett to win, but we get another amazing performance of this, so thats something at least... #XFactor #XfactorFinal
That was brilliant! Scarlett can win this. #xfactor
@OfficialScarLee is amazing. Definitely my winner!! #XFactor
I got so so emotional with Scarlett Im a sobbing mess. I love this girl @OfficialScarLee #xfactor
Omfg if @OfficialScarLee does not win the #XFactor there is something wrong she gave me goosebumps love her
Yes @SimonCowell you have heard some great winners single aka Cannonball- @LittleMix Dimelo - @RakSuMusic ft @wyclef & @NaughtyBoyMusic Hopefully next @OfficialScarLee and @leonalewis #XFactorFinal #XFactor
Just tuned in to watch the #xfactor and saw @leonalewis and @OfficialScarLee singing, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Gave me chills!!! SCARLETT. TO. WIN.
Wow! Another amazing and faultless performance Scarlett!!! #xfactor
Thats the duet Ive been waiting for @OfficialScarLee & @leonalewis were absolutely spectacular!!! I really the British public are behind her as she deserves to win this!! #XFactor
@leonalewis is SO stunning #XFactor @OfficialScarLee for the win!
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