Molly Scott

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Week 3
Twitter: @mollyscottXF
Instagram: @mollyscottmusic
Really love molly, think she has great potential and thought that was a great performance but shes improving and think she can be great and maybe the staging wasnt right but her vocal was excellent!! @mollyscottXF #XFactor
@mollyscottXF best performance to date was good to see her having fun tonight! #XFactor
Dang #Mollyscott That was awesome - I loved it me mate #xfactor2018 @TheXFactor me too @SimonCowell - She Did a Belting Job
Cheer up Molly, crack a smile youre being praised #XFactor
Molly Scott - great way to open the show. I love Mollys voice but feel like she was holding back a little. She needs to feel the performance and let go 7/10 #xfactor
I don't know if i'm a fan of this performance #XFactor Molly is good - however she comes across too OLD
So for Molly to win, her eyes need to glow... got it. #XFactor
@mollyscottXF is great but needs better direction! @SimonCowell and his people need a re-think of the Styling and song choices #xfactor
I really liked Molly, thought it was a great performance #XFactor
Molly was amazing tonight !! #xfactor
molly honey, loved the song choice but didnt like your performance... you can do so much better! #XFactor #TheXFactor
Molly was good but had no SASS ... she wasnt giving it everything ... the performance itself was dull however her voice is great ! #xfactor2018 #XFactor
He's tweeting again! What a real legend AlexAshmore95 is... RT xxxmagsxx: Is it just me or did it seem like your woman Molly was miming that performance on #xfactor took the mic away from her mouth but yet her voice was still going? #xfactor2018
That was amazing!!! :) #MollyScott #LiveShows #XFactor
Well done molly #Xfactor
That was stunning, Molly! #XFactor
@mollyscottXF did a fab job #XFactor
i really really hope #molly sings a lot better than last week. #xfactor
Im behind but did Molly have a good performance this week? #XFactor
loved Molly! #xfactor
Cant connect with molly there does not seem 2 be that drive and passion that some of the other acts have #Xfactor
| Louis thought that Molly's creative was a little too old for her and Ayda agreed #XFactor
Molly were great #XFactor
i like molly but emily middlemas did it better in 2016 #XFactor
Im not the biggest fan of molly #xfactor
Pleased we have Toxic at normal tempo but vocally that was not the best from Molly. #XFactor
Molly was great #xfactor
I don't think Molly's vocal was as good as it usually is! #XFactor
@mollyscottXF love your performance on @TheXFactor #XFactor
come on @mollyscottXF #XFactor
molly sounded better than the previous weeks but... nah #xfactor
Performing in front of millions of people on a Saturday night is less scary than this @mollyscottXF? #XFactor ... if it's in front of "Robbie Cowell" we're not too sure
Molly... You're usually better than this. #XFactor
that was a horrible way to open the show. I'm sorry but #toxic is amazing and she made nothing special about it. Its like a margarita without lime and salt #xfactor2018 She doesn't have the xfactor #mollyscott
Why is Molly dressed like a packet of crisps? #xfactor
That was an awful version of a brilliant pop song #Molly #XFactor
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