Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Week 4
Twitter: @mdsofficial
Instagram: @MDSofficial
Eating a Chinese watching #xfactor with the family, oh my god @mdsofficial were fantastic Everyone agreed, best of the night by far! Loved that!
Misunderstood were great today! Love everything they do. I thought the song choice was brilliant! #XFactor
I love misunderstood I think they have massive talent and could go places, great song but perhaps not the best one for them but obviously something has been going on with Robbie being away ? #xfactor
Misunderstood aren't as good because they're covering songs, theyre best at writing their own and that's what they excell in They're awesome #XFactor
OH GOD I looooooove how they "misunderstooded" this song! They are two incredible artists and I really love them! @mdsofficial #XFactor #xfactor2018
Misunderstood are another amazing, underrated act. Just wow #XFactor
#TheXFactor that wasn't misunderstood best performance for sure... but I still love them and hope they go through
I just love @mdsofficial they make me smile everytime I look at them and they are soooo good! Looking forward for their performance tonight #xfactor
So #misunderstood are pretty good, so they're guaranteed not to win #XFactor
good performance but should of been with more pace but a rather good performance from misunderstood however the groups will NOT win #xfactor
Another Great performance from @mdsofficial really showed off their vocal again and a great song choice well done @nilerodgers for the song choice #xfactor
#xfactor #Thexfactor what are the judges talking about?? #misunderstood were brilliant! Wow!wow! Wow! Singing, dancing etc #IDisagreeWithSimon
I wish Misunderstood had a better name. I keep expecting them to be a girl band. Love a bit of mesh though... #XFactor
Nyle #Maniac well done you #Misunderstood perfect song for the guys #XFactor Lived it .....
@TheXFactor #XFactor That was the first @mdsofficial performance that I have liked. Well done.
Have to say I agree with @Louis_Tomlinson critique again, he always has it spot on & is honest with all the acts without being horribleNot a good week for @mdsofficial I usually really like them but wasn't feeling that one! #XFactor #XFactorUK
they are very talented but definitely not the best night for misunderstood #XFactor
I love @mdsofficial definitely one of my faves #xfactor
Simon would have had an entire show of The Greatest Showman songs is he could. As for Misunderstood, they weren't bad at all. #xfactor
#xfactor2018 misunderstood are by far the best act on that show and will 100% win or Im suing
WHAT are Louis & Simon on about?!?! Misunderstood were brilliant! @TheXFactor #XFactor
was hoping @mdsofficial was gonna break into the @MarkMcCabeIE version of #maniac2000 it wud of been EPIC #XFactor #maniac
I actually really liked misunderstoods performance? By far my fave performance of theirs #Xfactor
Just watching #thexfactor & see @SimonCowell is still@trying to a#encourage ballad style musicians and nobody of diversity as usual. Loved #misunderstood actually doing the hard work rather than being manufactured!
Honestly misunderstood deserve to win xfactor #xfactor
Misunderstood are amazing! #xfactor!
I love all the black acts this year. They all have so much talent . I love what Misunderstood have done to this song #XFactor
Misunderstood to win!! #xfactor2018
Misunderstood just absolutely smashed that, so much better than the original #xfactor
Misunderstood are brill. Really brill #xfactor
@mdsofficial to win #XFactor
And thats how you do #movieweek on #XFactor awesome #misunderstood
Misunderstood!!.....that was amazing!! #xfactor
It wasnt great misunderstood sorry I agree with Louis and Simon #xfactor
Oh I thought that was the best misunderstood had done. #XFactor
I freaking adore Misunderstood #xfactor
@Louis_Tomlinson @CowellOnline they were just singing a song to suit the theme for tonight. They are still themselves. I thought it was a great performance. Great work.@mdsofficial @TheXFactor #xfactor
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