Maria Laroco

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Judges' Houses 1
Twitter: @MariaLaroco
Instagram: @msmariamaureen
I hope that Maria wins and becomes a global star. I'd love to see her headline Madison Square Garden via FaceTime.... #XFactor #XFactor2018 #thexfactor #JudgesHouses #JudgesHouse
Aw man, I was kinda hoping for @MsMariaMaureen to go through, but I hope she gets a second chance as a wildcard or gets a chance year on the X Factor & she goes through to the live shows. #XFactor
@MsMariaMaureen Good Luck With Your Future #xfactor
maria had a california dream. she is a good girl, i hope she can make it through. #XFactor
#MariaLaroco has the advantage of no live audience, but I like her, has a lovely voice #XFactor
Maria has a good voice, but not sure shes ready for this. The others are better I think #xfactor
Maria is amazing she needs to go through! #XFactor
maria to win !!!!!!!!!!!! #XFactor
Maria was really good - I like her tone and the vocals were undeniably good BUT she wasn't in front of the crowd (which wasn't her fault) so the passion didn't really shine through for me which is unfortunate #XFactor
Aww Maria #xfactor shes so good
Maria always delivers on her vocal! Smashed it! #XFactor
Even from another continent, Maria still managed to sing the roof off these girls are all SO good! #XFactor #JudgesHouses
Maria will probably go through next year so it's all good #XFactor
Maria can't make it so she's singing on Skype lmfao #XFactor
I hope that girl Maria goes through. #XFactor
So unfair for Maria - her voice was amazing !!! #xfactor
Im so sad Maria didnt make it through like shes so damn good #xfactor
I feel bad for Maria she couldn't even be there with all the girls and she got the news over the phone #XFactor
noooo I'm so sorry for maria :(((((((( i'd have loved to see her in the lives #xfactor
Omg I'm so sad.. I love Maria #XFactor
Im also not too keen on Maria either! #XFactor #JudgesHouses
Feel for Maria having to phone it in but nearer than having to leave the competition like Ivy Grace did #Xfactor #SixChairChallenge
Oh I like Maria too. #xfactor
Maria couldn't perform cos she couldn't get a visa more like she wasn't aloud to enter America #xfactor #JudgesHouses shes a pretty Filipino
Have they shown the bit with Maria yet? #XFactor
Who is Maria?! #xfactor #JudgesHouse
Maria singing in Skype... I can't #XFactor #JudgesHouses
no for maria then #xfactor
So the best singer Maria was kicked out but they changed the rules for the average lesbian who couldn't sing ? Yh not virtue signalling at all #MariaLaroco #xfactor
Maria wont be then aww #XFactor
why was Maria not physically present in the #JudgesHouses #XFactor #ITV
Give Maria the wildcard #XFactor
maria when simon said she didn't make it through #XFactor
Maria shouldve got through #xfactor
Maria clearly acting and knew full well she wasnt through #XFactor
Maria Laraco shouldnt be allowed to sing.. all of the other girls have to sing in front of those high people in music yet shes allowed to perform at home , a visa shouldnt be an exception , shouldnt of gone through to judges house if thats the case #XFactor
Well Maria didnt get through because shes not there, simple #XFactor
Maria shouldnt have had a chair in the first place #XFactor
#XFactor Oh Mariaaaa.
I wanted Maria to go thru! #XFactor
Kinda sad Maria didnt make it i was rooting for her since auditions #xfactor
#JudgesHouses #Xfactor Maria didnt make it?!
I dont think Maria can go through tbh so its down to 5 #XFactor
I cannot believe hes got rid of Maria!!!! and also he said your through to the finals, no its lives @SimonCowell #TheXFactor #XFactor
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