Giovanni Spano

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Week 4
@TheXFactor @GiovanniSpano5 I think that was his best performance so far!!!!!!! I can't believe how much of a genuine lovely man he is and them vocals tonight were AMAZING!!!! Well done Gio!!! #teamgio #XFactor #xfactor2018 #giovannispano #gio2win
Omg @GiovanniSpano5 that was an amazing opening to the show ! You are the greatest showman,amazing talent beautiful human .... love love love you #TheXFactor
I wanna make people happy...... You make me MORE than happy, constantly amazes me. Never fails to make me smile. A TRUE legend you have a MASSIVE place in my heart. @GiovanniSpano5 you are EVERYTHING @GiovanniSpano5 #Teamgio #xfactor2018 #Giovannispano
@GiovanniSpano5 to win ! sounds amazing and puts on a great show every week #XFactor
louis smiled so much when he gave gio praise and ayda was so thankful for it that WAS SO SOFT I LOVE HIM ? #xfactor
A little late, but Gio done amazinggg!! I love the Greatest Showman #TheXFactor #XFactorUK
Love @GiovanniSpano5 Perfect song for him, total showman! I loved him from the beginning, long hair rocker dude...what's not to like?! #XFactor
@Louis_Tomlinson Adore you & your feedback is generally great & on point but I don't get why you're starting to be a fan of Gio. I still don't like him at all! Too musical theater instead of strong voice! #xfactor
@GiovanniSpano5 Superb performance, Gio! Well done! @TheXFactor #xfactor
Giovanni needs to win this show he is incredible #XFactor
GIO!!!! Thats how you open #Xfactor ! Perfect choice! Im glad there was no Circus just Gio with that Rock voice belting out Greatest Show!
Im crying Gio is excited about having Louis on his side, youre a good one, you can stay #XFactor
Now I know who is my favourite this year. Bravo @GiovanniSpano5 #MovieNight #XFactor -- Giovanni Spano is in his element with The Greatest Show | Live Shows Wee... via @YouTube
Congrats to Gio - you were fantastic ! Our GREATEST SHOWMAN @GiovanniSpano5 @BatTheMusical @DominionTheatre @TheXFactor #votegio #Xfactor
I just love Giovanni he makes me so happy, what a NICE guy #XFactor
Just caught your performance on +1 @GiovanniSpano5 let's be honest you should be given the winners recording contract now, you put on a performance, you are the only contestant that performs their song everyone else just sings, supporting #TeamGio to win #xfactor #Rockstar
Brilliant opening to Movie Week by @GiovanniSpano5! Love the energy and difference he brings to the show every week #XFactor #Week4
Gio is the BEST ok I want him to win #XFactor
#XFactor only Gio could open the show like that. A perfect showman. Awesome.
Perfect song choice for Gio. Hes not your typical top 40 fodder, so I dont see him having mainstream success... but hes a real showman with a half decent voice. #XFactor
Gio is more then a performer hes a true class act and I love him hes funny, he is everything he sings about and he feels it. Love love love him #XFactor
Gio to win, he's the only one bringing any banter. Actually a good singer as well #xfactor
Wow I actually like Gio tonight, Well done #XFactor
Get @GiovanniSpano5 to the #XFactor tour I need to see this legend live so fucking awsome
Just caught your performance @GiovanniSpano5 it was amazing, you are the Greatest showman #teamgio #xfactor
AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING so proud of you @GiovanniSpano5 you are an amazing person with a massive heart of gold #teamgio #XFactor
Giovanni singing the greatest showman has made my night. He is such a performer. Amazing #XFactor
Calling all my U.K. armies to vote for Giovanni on the X Factor when the lines open. 5 votes free on the app! I WANT THAT DUDE TO WIN SO BAD IDEC HES PURE TALENT. #XFactor #BTS
Well for me Gio has won this week with another amazing performance #XFactor
Oh my goodness! @GiovanniSpano5 You are a true rockstar! That was amazing! I adore you! #XFactor
Gio loved it well done man #XFactor
Perfect way to started the show!! Gio was amazing! #XFactor
@GiovanniSpano5 excellent song choice, fantastic performance - once again you rocked that stage #xfactor2018 #xfactor #teamGio
What a nice bloke gio is good for him sticking to his guns with loving rock , #XFactor
#gio #XFactor we all love him in our family he is awesome
Im OBSESSED with how Gio looks completely SHOOK at the end of every performance. Its too funny. An icon! #XFactor
Gio just won that for me because THE GREATEST SHOWMAN #XFactor
#xfactor I actually start to like Gio. I really can't hold a grudge against anyone who loves Louis lol
#xfactor one clear winner here. The ONLY one WITH talent @GiovanniSpano5
Omg @GiovanniSpano5 I absolutley loved that!! You did your job and made me happy #XFactor #TheGreatestShowman
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