Felix Shepherd

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Six Chair Challenge 2
Twitter: @felixjshepherd
Instagram: @felixjshepherd
Hope Felix does good #xfactor
#XFactor at last a judge with guts well done Louis Tomlinson Felix will have his day Im sure xx
@replies #xfactor GO Felix! Not because you have to prove but because you are a WARRIOR! #SixChairChallenge dont give up!!!!! You are amazing!! #myman
Does Felix not get 6 other chances like some of the others? #xfactor
Everyone else gets 8 different chances to redo their audition yet Felix is sent straight off #XFactor
All of the 2nd chances and they let Felix walk straight up? #xfactor
#Xfactor WHAT THE FLIP!!! I'm sorry but Felix is amazing.... Louis needs his head checked out seriously...
Come on, Felix was one of the best of the category, and you ditch him?! Im so gutted. #XFactor
Sounding more like Felix the cat there mate #XFactor
so felix better be the surprise act or whatever another judge can pick from other category to the finals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #XFactor
Press the damn buzzer thing for felix!! Please!! #xfactor #SixChairChallenge
Where is the consistency on #Xfactor? You give that old fella a 2nd chance, yet nothing for Felix
Ooh no I am gutted I was a fan #felix #XFactor
Im fuming! I loved Felix !!! #xfactor
Felix actually sounded like a cat #XFactor
Um couldnt they let Felix sing another song like they did with half of the other contestants? #XFactor
You're joking right, Felix gets a no?? #xFactor
This bloke Felix looks like a cotton bud, why does my Mrs watch this? #XFactor
Saying bye to Felix is like saying to bye To @benjisrealmusic all over again #XFactor #notoverit
#XFactor oh no Felix
I reckon Felix would of got a chair if she was in the right category. #XFactor dont @ me.
nooo my baby felix #xfactor
aw Felix, so wanted him to get through #xfactor
give felix the biggest damn chair #XFactor
I swear to god if he does not give a seat to felix.. #xFactor
Felix was one of my favourite auditions cant believe hes gone, but I reckon he will come back next time and prove em wrong #XFactor
I bet they bring felix back in.... #XFactor
Felix isn't through *switches over* #xfactor
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