Danny Tetley

Status: Eliminated
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Semi-Final
Twitter: @Danny_Tetley
Absolutely love Danny hes amazing really hope he goes on to win this @TheXFactor #xfactor2018 #xfactoruk #teamdanny
@danny_tetley wow just fab #xfactor massive well done people vote for you
Danny is just amazing. Vocally and as a person. I love him and hope he's in the final #xfactor
Love Danny really hope he goes on to win Now! #xfactor
Danny Tetley - all I could think of during that performance was how great hed be as a drag queen. His voice is so theatrical, but I cant see him as XFactor winner 5/10 #xfactor
Ive said it before and I will say it again, Danny is a lovely guy and has a great voice but pure #xfactor
loved danny tetley he was brilliant #xfactor
#XFactor #DannyTetley is not an XFactor winner. Great voice, but club/ship cabaret. Maybe #BGT too. X
#xfactor2018 Robbie Williams "Simon 4 faces ago" lol.. DannyDanny Danny..... #DannyTetley To win!!! Xxxx
Vote @danny_tetley So proud he is from Yorkshire and brilliant performance you need to get through to the final #XFactor
Amazing performance @danny_tetley lots of luck from us xx #XFactor
Danny gotta love him #Xfactor bless him
Oh dear, is Danny off key? Love him but it doesnt sound right #XFactor
Can we be real for a minute. Let's look at the success stories from #xfactor. Males always struggle. The only person to have been remotely successful to date is Olly Murs. The boys this year are decent. Danny Tetley unfortunately may just end up on a cruise ship like Sam Bailey.
That was amazing Danny Tetley Never give up at the first hurdle #XFactor
He's the winner remember I told you #xfactor danny
@danny_tetley gets all my votes #xfactor #winner
Danny Tetley doing his Les Dawson impression on #xfactor was brilliant
Ive really warmed to Danny throughout this series - I hope he makes the final. #XFactor
Danny for the win peeps #XFactor
Danny we arent looking for a karaoke singer though... looking for a superstar #XFactor
Don't believe Ayda when tells you ur a winner Danny. If it came down to one her husbands acts and you, she'd probably send you home! #xfactor #xfactor2018 #xfactorliveshows
I use my free votes to vote for Danny every week. Youre welcome #Xfactor
Don't believe Adya when tells you ur a winner Danny. If it came down to one her husbands acts and you, she'd probably send you home! #xfactor #xfactor2018 #xfactorliveshows
Winner #DannyTetley #XFactor
Sorry Danny is never going to be a pop star, he hasn't got the #xfactor he's a great singer that will do an album of covers
Danny's story is quite possibly one greatest underdog stories ever #XFactor
Do we think Danny Tetley is a big old Bottom? #dannytetley @dannytetley #XFactor #xfactor2018 He likes a teabagging!
Fair play suits Danny YEAH #XFactor
Danny Tetley must be the first joke act to win and kill off #XFactor. #TheXFactor #XFactor2018 #XFactor2018
Danny would be great on that new Titanic they're building. #XFactor #xfactor2018
Gave my 5 votes to @danny_tetley Best performance tonight by far #Yorkshire #xfactor2018
Danny Tetley needs the love tonight #xfactor
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