Dalton Harris

Status: Winner
Started: Auditions 1
Finished: Final Pt 2
Twitter: @harrisdalton
Instagram: @realdaltonharris
Amazing #daltonharris such a worthy winner his performances each week was just brilliant. The winning song he smashed it that voice thou so beautiful. @TheXFactor #TheXFactor
Flashback to 2015; Eleanor was very fortunate to meet @Louis_Tomlinson & @LiamPayne. Now a huge #XFactor fan & by listening only, she says #DaltonHarris has an amazing voice!. She wants everyone to vote for @harrisdalton to WIN! #XFactorFinal 2018 #Winner #eleanorsvoice
YESSSSSS @harrisdalton WELL DONE!!! Well deserved !!! @Louis_Tomlinson well done youve been an amazing mentor Im so proud !!! #XFactor
Ive been Team Dalton since day! I hope he wins, hes so humble and grateful and unbelievably talented Dalton to Win! #xfactor
@Louis_Tomlinson what a legend having the winning act as his first time as a judge @harrisdalton probably the best singer Ive seen, 100% deserved to win, looking forward to the music youll bring out @TheXFactor #xfactor
Massive congratulations @harrisdalton My mum loved all of your performances in the series. She called it from the start that you'd win. Good luck #XFactorFinal #XFactor
@harrisdalton congratulations on winning @TheXFactor you deserve it so much your voice is incredible your career will be amazing #TheXFactor #XFactorFinal
Well Done #Dalton Best guy won ... hands down #deserved #XFactor #winner
All the X-Factor finalist are good but Dalton is the clear winner with his consistency and potential international success #xfactor
Wowow no words for @harrisdalton and @JamesArthur23 absolutely amazing! Has to be the winner #xfactor smashed it!
Congratulations @harrisdalton a very worthy winner of the X Factor......made even better by having @JamesArthur23 on the winners single #XFactor
Bloody love this leona lewis xmas song. Would make a great winners single but dalton has to win #XFactor
Im so fucking happy Dalton won #XFactor, couldn't be a better winner hes such a genuine soul
That was surely a winner backing the new winner... @JamesArthur23 @harrisdalton just spectacular singing and a beautiful song #xfactor2018
Ugh wow I adore @harrisdalton so much I hope he wins because he is an incredible person inside and out #XFactor #XFactorFinal
that was amazing... i literally have goosebumps. dalton never ceases too amaze me. im literally speechless. @harrisdalton you did amazing dalton!! im so proud of you!! #xfactor #xfactor2018 #xfactorfinal
Disco and soul legend, @nilerodgers just declared his support for #DaltonHarris to win #TheXFactor saying "Every performance of Dalton's has been flawless." #Dalton #XFactor #XFactorFinal @harrisdalton
come on dalton!! he deserves to win so much hes such an awesome guy and his talent is unreal #XFactor
Dalton is gonna win, I have no doubt in my mind. People love him and he has an incredible voice. #XFactor
Dalton is seriously on another level. Im so so happy, he deserves everything good in this world, hes such a lovely guy and an amazing singer #XFactor
CONGRATULATIONS @harrisdalton you deserved this win over anyone! so incredibly proud and happy for you!!! you and @Louis_Tomlinson make a killed team #XFactor
Ive only watched a couple of episodes of #xfactor but I could see straight away that @harrisdalton was the true winner & only one out of the finalists who deserved to win!
Well done @harrisdalton so proud of you worthy winner #XFactor
I really hope dalton Learns how to smile in the next hour if he wins .. #smile #xfactor #xfactorwinner @Louis_Tomlinson
Congratulations to @harrisdalton !! He deserved to win ! Im also very proud of my baby @Louis_Tomlinson HE IS THE BEST JUDGE IN THE WORLD #XFactor
Lol no but All jokes aside I deffo deffo think this is the worst series of #Xfactor theyve ever had, but Dalton winning could save it and make the series credible so fingers crossed Britain dont embarrass me again and do the right thing. #xfactorfinal
#JamesArthur on #Xfactor #XfactorFinale singing with my winner #DaltonHarris. james Arthur is that winner who every year comes to sing and we relive his winning moment. Such great talent
Dalton is just so pure and genuine throughout the show and his vocal is constantly great in all performances, even better & better. He really deserves to win this. #xfactor
Okay but how amazing were James Arthur and Dalton Favourite winners single in a while #XFactor
I stg if @harrisdalton doesn't win I will sue, he's literally the most talented and beautiful and humble person. He def deserves it #XFactor
Best winners single? #xfactorwinner #XFactor #xfactor2018 #daltonharris
Imagine Dalton going on stage with Harry Styles! THAT would be amazing! One suit greater than the other and two beautiful voices blowing us away! #XFactor #TheXFactor
aw so happy for Dalton!!! wow & a massive congrats to @Louis_Tomlinson first time judging and he has the winner! #xfactor
Last masterclass of the series right there! Well done Dalton xx #XFactor #xfactorwinner
#xfactor for goodness sake the shark song seriously?! The most irritating children's song ever and the worst earworm anyone can ever have and WHY on the start of The X Factor ? I just don't get it! Turned over good luck #Dalton you're my winner fabulous voice!
The moment the winner was my smile grew bigger and bigger !!! I am beyond proud and happy for dalton @harrisdalton #xfactor
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